Humans redundant, not likely

via Humans redundant, not likely

Just a Taster – Go and READ, THINK, WEEP and then Just BE – Wonderful Post……

Are human beings becoming obsolete? Not likely. Are machine taking over? From what? Humans? That makes as much sense as mechanical bears taking over from real bears. If we think we are smarter than nature, we have another think coming, a very long hard think.

Before we do anything stupid and allow the machines we make to take over, other than in work, I rather think we would do well to rediscover what it means to be human and learn to simply enjoy life again. You know, that life which we are each inalienably born to and which is our human right.

Right now, that’s going to involve a struggle, we’re already in that struggle and it is costing many lives, but if we are to come through this very challenging time, we need to be as creative and engaged and playful as we can possibly manage.

Below are two videos, one on play, the other on creativity which I hope will drive into your synapses and fire you up and inspire you, because right now we, the human race, need inspiration because no one now knows what the future holds. It’s open to both good and bad ideas. We need the ideas that are life supporting and life respecting and urgently need to act on them for all our sakes.

Gandhi was right – “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

KOG. 22 March 2018

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