From Terror Stricken to Rage – Thanks Theresa May

Imagine for one moment you have been subjected to the most draconian cuts in income, been subject to the most vile rhetoric from those responsible for supporting you and withstood being abused when you leave your home. Further more you have witnessed thousands of yours peers die as a result of these experiences; if you can do this you have a small idea of what my life, along with 13 million or more others disabled people in Tory Britain. And this is a mere snapshot of the ever growing pressures many of us find ourselves going through.

Much of these burdens began whilst a certain Iain Duncan Smith, with his loyal sidekick Esther McVey was in charge of the Dept for Work & Pensions; so imagine Awaking to the fact is BACK caused immediate Panic Attack.

An hour later the terror has settled and I’m now Furious and Disgusted, quite simply this  promotion for #McVile is the Biggest F”*K You @theresa_may could give people; and therefore I urge everyone to use their fear to galvanise them into ensuring 2018 sees the back of the Tories, because #TogetherWeCAN

There is a petition on 38 degrees –  you hopefully will support

To: Prime Minister Theresa May

Sack Esther McVey

13 thoughts on “From Terror Stricken to Rage – Thanks Theresa May

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  4. Had a tooth out yesterday couple hours later I see McVile is back at gas chambers (DWP) heart started thumping, then anger and the words F you. Just gone through a PIP nightmare reckoned might get 8 years from the official 10 until next assessment, chances are now I know it will be a lot less with her in charge. Never have I come across someone without a heart so cold and naturally vicious as ‘her’ We must keep each other’s spirits up and continue fighting xx

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    • From one pip survivor to another, (“congratulations” is inappropriate, but can’t think of a better word) , my “date” is 2023. I might make it, might not. I won’t get my state pension until 2020. So i have determined to make use of whatever time and strength I have to fight these b’stards to my last breath, and intend to make a new will to ensure should I go I will leave my legacy to help that fight carry on. We are the most unlikely warriors, but that’s what we are by necessity now.

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  5. You hit the nail on the head. The disabled community has been through hell, and this marks yet another episode of assault and battery. Is it any coincidence, too, that the roll out of the “catastrophic” UC with its further cuts to disability benefits, and the not inconsiderable mass starvation of the un/working poor, will be over seen by this shameless, sociopathic bimbo?

    This appointment – along with extending H*unts remit to further neglect those in need of care – shows there is no intent to change the policy of democide, and to inflict more harm. Just because they can, and chose to put the money “saved” into their own pockets.

    Damn them. Damn them all and their voters too.

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  6. PIP “re-assessments”, are not mandatory, or required by legislation, they are simply DWP Policy. Hence, when these “re-assessments” start to come around, I for one will challenge the need for any “re-assessment” of my situation in 2026, if I am still around ! !

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