Call on the Royal College of Occupational Therapists to withdraw from sponsorship deal with Capita

Please read and share this post, this letter requesting the college of OTs withdraw from their sponsorship deal with Capita. is an opportunity for you to add your support. As PIP claimants, Disabled people I feel this is an important request and the more of us sign the greater the likely impact. Hoping this campaign achieves its goal.

The Royal College of Occupational Therapists’ 2017 conference, taking place on Monday and Tuesday this week, has been sponsored by Capita, one of the private companies contracted to carry out Personal Independence Payments assessments.* I have written an open letter to the Royal College outlining why I think this is a terrible idea. I am collecting signatures for it until the end of the day onFriday June 23. After that I will email it to the Royal College and also publish the list of signatories here.If you are a disabled person / service user / survivor / healthcare professional and would be willing to put your name to the letter below, please contact me with the name & title you would like to go on the letter (e.g. I will sign as Rachel Rowan Olive, PIP claimant & mental health service user).

Please get in touch to confirm even…

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