Hello Darkness my old Friend

Apologies to those of you not old enough to remember the opening line of the the song “sound of Silence”; I heard this on the radio today for the first time in years and it resonated in a way it never had before. This has been (and still is) my world for the past few month, but I’m making a special effort to wish all of you happiness and peace of mind for this time of year.






19 thoughts on “Hello Darkness my old Friend

  1. Thanks Jayne.
    Sending you lots of good wishes for a Happy Christmas & hopefully a stress free New Year, you deserve both.
    Let us hope that 2016 brings us all some good news & not all the negative ones we have been subjected to in 2015.

    Keep STRONG Jayne & sending you virtual (((( HUGS )))) this Christmas!!

    Hilary xxxx


  2. Yes, this resonates with me, too, Jayne 😦
    I hope so much that the light shines brighter for you soon – and that you have peace, joy, and happiness as you go through these next few weeks and months πŸ™‚


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