Asking a Question, the Challenge open to us all

UPDATE – received replies from both  and @realbritainros and positive conversation – THANKS to both

I know I’m not alone in becoming more ill, month by month, particularly hard is the growing feeling of defeat; don’t get me wrong I’m still striving, hence this post but…the slowness of publications speaks volumes.

I still try to read the news every day, I still work to support people with their disability issues through DEAEP, but the feeling of proverbially banging my head increases; when reading the columns of those journalists I still value, they also seem to feel fighting the Tory onslaught is futile.

What brought this home is the Mirrors 16 of the scariest things we just learnt about benefits reform, it writes of Sanctions, Hunger, Homelessness, Health, IT (crap systems) Debt and touches on Tory Lies; yet it fails to mention the ever-lengthening list of people who have DIED through Benefit Reform?

This is despite the growing evidence of what we all know, these deaths ARE related to said government Policy – “Nearly 90 people a month are dying after being declared fit for work ” according to DWP figures, “One in five benefit-related deaths involved sanctions,”also from DWP stats and when a Coroner finds “Suicide was ‘triggered’ by ‘fit for work’ test“, the proof surely is conclusive.

Yet this loss of countless lives fails to makes the scariest things – Why?

Have we all become so inured to these deaths, the fact Benefit Reform Kills is no longer news; or is it more like the reasons purported for the Lords U-Turn last night? Are the press so afraid of backlash from the Tories, they report the data that affects the smallest group, especially when they are the scroungers?

I’m fully aware this is nothing new, but each time another journalist goes for the ‘softer’ option is another kick to my seriously depleted energy; as is every scrap on social media with us targeting each other – and the question why bother continuing, screams in my head.

This is not a request for neither do I need sympathy for my personal position; I’ve accepted its unlikely I’ll be here to witness the end of the fallout, which has to follow the demise of the cruellest and most brutal Government in the past 50 years. However, hopefully in 15 years or so, my grandchildren will be privileged to live as young adults in a world where, having a warm home with a full cupboard, won’t depend on them winning a lottery. This is my reason to keep on banging my head, to scrape up enough energy to occasionally write, or most importantly keep challenging.

Given this I’ve asked the article writer via  and @realbritainros who promoted this piece, WHY the 16 Scariest things don’t include DYING? Now Will You?

42 thoughts on “Asking a Question, the Challenge open to us all

  1. Do not give in but cry out this isnt human they are killing us daily by their aktion t4 were denial of benefits abuse by those who should be helpjng neigh its a plan to rid themselves of all sick disabled and mentaly ill even the unemployed yet on it goes untill that day the rest wake up to the fact they been culling the stock jeff3

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  2. Reblogged this on Brightonredhot’s Weblog and commented:
    I would like for someone to take up my campaign to put a stop to disabled and sick people being deliberately culled off by Cameron and Smith and the job centres and the corrupt DWP, if this was to be 100% genuine then Smith and Cameron would not be hiring the private firms if both ATOS and now Maximus who are both basically being told to lie about genuine disabled people and their health just so as they are then bullied and harassed back to work when their family Drs have said that they are not fit enough to work, this should be classed as a criminal act if anyone tries to do this and they should be charged and arrested for it, the only person or people who should be able to change our medical health records is our own genuine family drs who we have to rely on when we are ill, this government by doing this with their private hired firms of both ATOS and Maximus are basically calling our family Drs the liars but it is not our family Drs who are taking our lives wrongly, it is these private hired firms and their glorified pen pushers who are doing this by lying to the DWP, this Is the reason that so many innocent disabled people have died since the days of the coalition government, this is also why so many people are getting their benefits back when they appeal but these corrupt firms should not be doing this job in the first place when they just are told to lie about a disabled person and their health, what gives inhumane sick twisted vile monsters like IDS the right to overrule genuine family Drs decisions legally, this surely can not be legal especially when these disabled people are dying after being wrongly being put back to work because this government have set targets that they have to meet, where is it that targets now mean more to this government than disabled people do, the same with these sick benefit sanctions that these vile monsters at the job centres, are totally power hungry and are deliberately targeting disabled people and bullying and harassing them just to get them sanctioned for a minimum of 4 weeks that can leave a family into being totally destitute as not everyone who is sanctioned will they help, this is truly sickening and should be made illegal as this is also killing people off once again because sick targets must be met then on top of this we have the sick and twisted bedroom tax that hits about almost 60% of disabled people, yet another reason to see that this sick and twisted government with Cameron, Smith, Patel, the job centres and the corrupt DWP are all involved in these sick acts of this tory government who want to cull us off, this is the reason that disability hate crime is now so high. It is no good me doing a petition myself about this because I would not be able to get people to read and sign this to put a stop to innocent disabled people being culled off and for all those responsible for these sick acts to be brought to justice, if it carries on then vile IDS will continue to kill and commit both manslaughter and murder on disabled people as well as to carry on with tho disgusting disability hate crime that our own government is doing on all British disabled people.

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  3. Back in March of 2008 my then partner died of a massive heart attack. I pounded on his chest for over 20 minutes because the medics Sat Nav sent him the railway crossing way instead of over the fly over. A few months prior he had filled in a then ”new” back to work form and scored 2 points for depression. He also wrote in the space for an additional comment ”I could die of a heart attack”. They immediately stopped his benefits. By this time he’d had three open heart operations in his lifetime, completed numerous courses and a degree. He could only get a job in a warehouse. Extremely bad for his health. They would send a health and safety person out every few weeks to ensure his legs and arms still worked. They NEVER checked his heart or blood. The Police Detective off the record said they (H&S) were less than useless. After his death on 27th March 2008, I contacted ALL the major papers warning that this WILL happen to many many others. I even contacted a Midlands News journalist who at the time appeared to be sympathetic to my cause. I heard nothing, no one was at all interested. I relive that day over and over as I see the life leave his eyes, over and over and over again. The world lost a good kind man that day.

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  5. Keep up the good work Jayne. I am just where you are now with my health, not been online for almost two month due to serious deterioration of health. I think I would have shaken off this mortal coil if not for my granddaughter, hadn’t eaten for a week couldn’t get to kitchen, couldn’t keep my eyes open I think due to Morphine. I managed to get intouch with my 18year old granddaughter who lives miles away, she has been with me for two month looking after me, she is in full time college and travels 2 hours a day on 2 buses to get to college 2 hours to get back. I can’t claim anything for her, but I am trying to give her £30 a week out of my disability as well as paying £20 a week bedroom tax. This corrupt, thieving, lying, traitorous bunch of businessmen playing at being politicians will not be happy until they have culled all of us. Work does pay, in one way or the other, it has left me virtually crippled, with a government intent on killing me off. Stay well flower look after yourself, as long as I can stand I’ll keep kicking

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  9. Just got a response from Julia

    Julia Rampen
    Oct 21

    @HilarySmith8 See below responses. I’m reporting on a specific set of reports form charities etc. Ask them why they didn’t mention it.


  10. Linked back to this blog (thank you) on as it was one I wanted to incorporate into another rather than reblog.

    Sorry that you’ve been so ill; I know you didn’t write the blog for that, but sometimes people need reminding that we are in fact very ill; we wouldn’t have received benefits in the first place if not.

    I’m trying to mix some encouraging things in my blog as well at present, but we do need to keep this issue in the forefront of people’s minds as well.

    Jayne, do look after yourself now, and I do hope that you will recover enough just to be ‘normal ill’. I too am on my way out. On top of everything else I have a heart condition now (and I believe it was caused by all of the stress over the last 5 years, government caused of course), but consultants are fighting between themselves saying that it’s something else; if not for my G.P. prescribing the medicine they should have, I’d be dead now. I can’t see me living on though without some intervention apart from pills. I’ve decided to try my best not to get distressed or anxious as this obviously impacts on my health, but it’s really hard when you hear people’s stories above me here in the ‘comments’.

    All the best, to everyone here.

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  12. It seems to me that the picture is becoming clearer everyday – disabled people and the ‘work shy’ were targeted deliberately, being in the weakest of social positions, for the abuse, propaganda and lies of a UK government that is now out of control. Into the mix has come the council house tenants, people on family credits, low earning families, young people and pensioners. We are all targets for the vile abuse and financial penalties of a Government of millionaires who are only ‘nice’ to their friends. Look at the extravagance lashed upon the Chinese this week – all at tax payers expense – lavish, thousand people banquets, dragging out the royal freeloaders.

    This group of people, many millions, are seen as the reason the country has apparently overspent and is in debt. Not the bankers, not the financiers, not the government. It is all our fault and we must be punished. The tories are out of control and there is nobody to stop them The labour party isn’t at the races. Charities have been bought out by the government. The only people to be able to fight this henious criminal exploitation, robbery and murder is the very people who are being victimised. Not a particularly satisfactory position to be in. I don’t expect anything to happen as a result of the so-called, secretive UN investigation. What we need is someone to bloodywell shout the abuse from the rooftops and round up all those responsible and put them on trial. It ain’t gonna happen

    Meanwhile the stress continues, the worry continues. I’ve just reached state pension age and have been bombarded with mail from DWP and HMRC – 9 letters in a 3 days, telling me this, telling me that, my tax code, expectation re changes, the bloody lot. I am not going to be much better off for reaching this stage in my life because they take all my bloody money. They will not let the poor be anything other than poor. I wish to die now and after a series of events at home this last week or so, I just want to die now. I have had enough. I know have talent, I know I have a very small group around me who care, but I’ve had enough. I see no hope for my sons or my grandchildren in a country that has become obsessed with wealth, obsesses with celebrity and in order to maintain that has become a nazi playground for dictators around the world. The only extremists the people of this country need worry about is this tory government and its friends. If the UN is worth its salt it will charge all of them with crimes against humanity. There’s no wonder we are all shattered – it’s becoming a fucking lifestyle.

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    • Jeremy! Please reconsider, I feel for you and please remember you are not alone, we are all here for you, shout loud it does help to get things off your chest and knowing other do care helps. Something has got to give as we can’t go on like this, frightened of our own shadows BUT slowly and surely information is getting out to the general public and Jeremy Corbyn is on our side and he is a glimmer of hope in what is otherwise the dark turmoil of despair that a lot of people are finding themselves.
      I post all the information & breaking news that I can on Twitter & Facebook plus other places and have found that on Facebook people are starting to take note because in the past all my posts seemed to be going unnoticed/unread but the last few weeks I have been getting responses & my posts are now getting shared, so please don’t give up hope there are a lot of people fighting the best way they can by spreading the word. Mike on Vox Political is fighting the DWP tooth & nail to get the true death statistics of claimants & he will eventually succeed & he wont give up until they produce the full figures..
      So you see there are a lot of people like Jayne & Mike fighting for you and the rest of us.
      Have faith Jeremy xx

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      • As Hilary says Jeremy it is tough no one knows that more then myself with all the battles i have had with the DWP over the past 35 years where my weight went down to 6 stone and I’m 6’2; so that will tell you that this fight with the DWP in my case will last a lifetime and I’m 60 now

        a lifetime under the control of the DWP as i say has been a nightmare the past 6 years very difficult under house arrest because of looking so ill and although my weight is now today 8 stone i still suffer from excessive tiredness of 18 hours a day and with many health condition’s not being able to eat or drink properly

        My wife is my main carer now as a lost my NHS one to cutbacks but she has to work full time as a carer in a end of life nursing home so when she at work i have to keep very quiet no tv nothing apart from the computer

        As Hilary says, we have a great person in mike and have to fight each day as it comes together and hope and pray for a miracle

        Personally, i would have rather lived under house arrest in Burma as i like the people and the weather but alas that never happened and got burdened with the mindless soulless DWP

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