£20BILLION more Cuts! To fund another £93BILLION in Corporate handouts?

The Mirror today reports that George Osborne is to slash a FURTHER £20 BILLION from almost every Govt. Dept, including of course, the DWP in November’s budget.

The question I believe the Nation ought to be asking is WHY, particularly when in one year he granted Private Corporations  nearly FIVE TIMES this amount in Corporate Welfare? 

In 2013 alone £93 BILLION was given away to Private Companies, including a  £FIVE MILLION government grant to AstraZeneca; supposedly to develop its research and development centre at Alderley Park, Cheshire. In just five months, the same company closed the plant along with 2,100 jobs; I don’t suppose this has anything to do with the project being in Osborne’s constituency?

To this end I’ve stated a petition on Change.org demanded Osborne STOP using OUR money to finance Private Corporations and to REPAY it into Public Services. I have no expectations of this happening but maybe if the people knew precisely where their direct and indirect Taxes were being spent, they might just recognise the only reason for the Tory Austerity budget was to further enrich themselves and their friends?

If you want to read more about how Corporate Welfare works, Aditya Chakrabortty spells it out.

Come on people let’s spread the TRUTH, we might just wake the people up – and What have we left to lose?


18 thoughts on “£20BILLION more Cuts! To fund another £93BILLION in Corporate handouts?

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  2. Reblogged this on Notes from the north and commented:
    Some people sadly see the financial situation oddly as the fault of imigrants, rather than see the current financial situation stemming from the 2008 -9 crisis which began in the US caused by bankers and city traders and spread throughout the world. It’s quite sad really, but I doubt those who hold those views will ever change their mind. I can be quite stubborn, however, it’s pretty clear that imigrants didn’t cause a worldwide financial mess, and that gamblers in the city and bankers are more rsponsible for what is happening, in particular in Greece than imigrants. It’s a shame that the right wing ideologies are allowed to flourish, and that working class people not particularly right wing aare believing the distractions and fear mongering by politicians.

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  3. Holland is experimenting with a Citizen Income that replaces benefits, by having an automatic and universal money for living costs.

    This would money into people’s hands to help the economy, and wipe out all the cruelities, starvation, and massive amount of form filling, by wiping out the need of the state and private admin of benefit, so closing most of DWP, shutting all 750 Jobcentres, ending all the fit for work assessment centres, and ending all the work programmes / workfare.

    With the Citizen Income, all that funding would be released, to make possible the Citizen State Pension, all the same amount irregardless of National Insurance Fund contributions (being half inched by government anyway).

    Paid at 60 equal to men and women. That money would pour into high street businesses and create jobs, as it is the mature who shop in town centres.

    We then continue onwards with a merger of District Nurse / Carer role, by another experiment in Holland of them helping care in your own home without needing any managers at all. So can give far more than the quick 15 minute visit.


  4. On the day this government sells 5% of its shares of RBS to get £2billion – at a loss to tax payers (ME) – I receive notice that my local council claim I have been overpaid housing benefit. This arises as the DWP now carry out a project called ‘Real Time Information’ – how many of you know of this? – whereby they compare all the details they have on you.On the one hand they lose us money via such sales above and they waste no time at all in cliaming back any potential overspend – they want it all ways me thinks

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