TV on Tuesday: Celebs in the Workhouse

As the Beast points out in this Excellent post, several bloggers (including myself) have considered how the continuing decimation of Social Security via the Infamous Welfare Reform Act will possibly result in Workhouses returning the Britain. Now we have another 5 years of #Tory rule – can anyone disagree?

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The past five Tuesday evenings, the Beeb has been showing the series 24 Hours in the Past. This is pretty much a reality TV show with an historical slant. Instead of being thrown into a jungle and then made to survive, or compete against each other to produce the finest cakes or dishes, each week the programme’s cast of celebrities are required to go back to a certain period in history and do some of the nastiest, dirtiest or most unpleasant work from the period. It’s like Tony Robinson’s 2004 Channel 4, The Worst Jobs in History, but with a crew of six as the unfortunate Baldricks forced to labour and grub for their living like the inhabitants of Victorian slums. Or the rookeries of 18th century London. Or whatever.

This week, however, they reach the very nadir of poverty and desperation: the workhouse. The blurb for the…

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3 thoughts on “TV on Tuesday: Celebs in the Workhouse

  1. Ignorance pervades our society, and poverty breeds poverty, when desperate people become desperate they don’t look for rational arguments.

    It really is time for radical opinion to organise itself around a few basic principles and facts:

    We can afford our public services.

    The deficit is a lie.

    Neo-Liberalism is destroying the world economy.

    A small minority are dictating to the majority.

    All the major parties are Neo-Liberal, supporting them means more austerity, we must vote for change, that means looking at the alternatives and rejecting outright the major parties.

    The overriding position that Neo-Liberals take, is that we do not have money, it is earned from the private sector, that is an utterly false premise. The private sector does not create the money we need to survive on, it is issued by the Bank of England and the private Banks issue it as debt. 97% of all money in circulation is issued as debt.

    The private Banks create money out of thin air every time they make a loan.

    Put simply, Gordon Brown found £375 Billion to bail out the Banks, when the whole world Banking system had crashed, we found that money, printed out of thin air, to save the Banks, but when we ask the governments to do the same for public expenditure, suddenly we are broke.

    This Australian academic explains in detail how money works, and that throughout history money has been used by a tiny elite to serve their purpose, not people as a whole.

    We need to understand it is not the private sector that creates money, if that were true we would in fact only have a limited amount of money available, and those that save money would stop other people having money, money is therefore created out of thin air by the Banks.

    What has been denied generation after generation is that this is what actually happens, and what we need to understand is that the Bank of England does not have to issue money as debt through the private Banks, but should issue it directly through the treasury and into public services, we could also create industries and protect our environment as well as essential welfare.

    We have the money for our public spending, and any politician that tells you otherwise is lying to you.

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    Money is created by farming and forestry and mining as the wealth of a nation. That is our history.

    We traded goods between ourselves before we had money, that began in trading skins and fur from hunting and then trading from arable and livestock farming. Craftwork from forestry relied on that.

    Creating money by printing it is as will of the wisp as believing money is made by the financial world as a source.

    There is physical wealth of a nation, not just high finance.

    Currency is backed by gold reserves.

    Who am I? Someone with a Commerce O Level.

    And someone who spend their youth watching the whole spectrum of historical re-enactment groups all in one place again and again.

    Wealth kept at the top and not shared is not capitalism but feudalism. That is the UK today.


    They say we cannot afford the welfare state.

    Yet Welfare State is more than paid for by the poor.

    75 per cent of all taxes come from stealth tax and VAT.

    So the poor pay a 90 per cent tax rate.


    The Tories and Liberals (now called Lib Dems) and New Labour now just as Tory, believe in the Workhouse mindset about the poor.

    The poor are portrayed in a way that really is libel and slander.

    And the big parties wasted tens of billions of the tax taken from the starving, on welfare admin just as they did with the workhouse.


    Help bring a new, unqiue way that would change everyting and do something more than just what we’ve done in the past.


    The Swans – Stop Work capability assessment and No Sanctions

    The Swans – Stop Work til you die As No State pension


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