TV on Tuesday: Celebs in the Workhouse

As the Beast points out in this Excellent post, several bloggers (including myself) have considered how the continuing decimation of Social Security via the Infamous Welfare Reform Act will possibly result in Workhouses returning the Britain. Now we have another 5 years of #Tory rule – can anyone disagree?

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The past five Tuesday evenings, the Beeb has been showing the series 24 Hours in the Past. This is pretty much a reality TV show with an historical slant. Instead of being thrown into a jungle and then made to survive, or compete against each other to produce the finest cakes or dishes, each week the programme’s cast of celebrities are required to go back to a certain period in history and do some of the nastiest, dirtiest or most unpleasant work from the period. It’s like Tony Robinson’s 2004 Channel 4, The Worst Jobs in History, but with a crew of six as the unfortunate Baldricks forced to labour and grub for their living like the inhabitants of Victorian slums. Or the rookeries of 18th century London. Or whatever.

This week, however, they reach the very nadir of poverty and desperation: the workhouse. The blurb for the…

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