#UKIP ally believes we disabled are contagious

The content of Tom Pride’s excellent post has enraged me enough to actually write; I’ve been away from the computer after a nasty fall which left me virtually unable to use the keyboard for almost a month. This in turn aggravated my Depression; ergo I’ve been quiet, but reading that a friend and ally of the vile little excuse for a man Farage, thinks “disability an “epidemic” infuriated me enough to blog.

Epidemic is defined by Collins as:


  1. (esp of a disease) attacking or affecting many persons simultaneously in a community or area


  1. a widespread occurrence of a disease   ⇒ an influenza epidemic
  2. a rapid development, spread, or growth of something, esp something unpleasant;

This clearly suggests the leader of the Polish “New Right” Party Janusz Korwin-Mikke, views us disabled people as being contagious, and that we are all out to spread our various “impairment of normal physiological functions” like a plague; infecting the regular ‘normal’ people , we come into contact with.

These comments occurred after the paralympics in 2012, along with further equally noxious opinions such as the lack of African teams indicated our “epidemic” hadn’t yet reached this continent resulting in “the blacks will soon conquer the world and slaughter us“; ‘us’ presumably being the Rich White Man.

Given this I propose we pestilent disabled, unite with our black comrades to remove these psychotic Fascists, and rather than slaughter them, remove them to some safe place where they can undergo the psychiatric therapies they desperately need.

Read Tom’s piece to here for more justification of my suggestion.

33 thoughts on “#UKIP ally believes we disabled are contagious

  1. Could you re-word the beginning of this, please Jayne? If you read the headline and the first sentence, it sounds as if you are suggesting that Tom Pride’s blogpost enraged you, and that he is a UKIP ally – which followers of his blog will know is ridiculous. On WordPress Reader you are only given the first few words of a blog post:
    #UKIP ally believes we disabled are contagious
    Tom Pride’s post has enraged me enough to actually write; I’ve been away from the computer after a nasty fall which left me virtually unable to use the keyboard for almost a month. 225 MORE WORDS

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  2. The adrenaline of rage. I’m very familiar with this. It’s exhausting, long-term but it’s also frequently the only source of strength and sense of power I have. I really hope you are properly recovering from your fall, darling. Bad enough to have chronic health problems – accidents are extras we can bloody well do without, eh? xXx

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  3. And if what we read in the MSM is to be believed (?), but also picked up by the steady & reliable Mike at Vox Political, Ukip are already setting up a coalition with the Tories behind the scenes just as they did with the LibDems last time. Indeed as Mike points out, there is no real difference between Ukip and the right of the Tory party. It’s all very reminiscent of the 80’s when the BNP and other fascist groups were effectively moribund because the Tory party policies covered their agendas.

    Indeed I would go so far as to say that the EU Polish Group’s views on disability would not be out of place in the DWP at the moment, considering the outcome if the leaked info on slashing benefits and carers benefits for many of the most vulnerable, including the frail elderly come to pass.

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  4. I read that article via Tom’s blog and as a disabled man myself, I am outraged and disgusted. These people are dangerous and if they ever get anywhere near power, we might just find we have a curfew, so children are less likely to see us…. or maybe they will just cart us off on a freight train somewhere.

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  5. Un bloody believable. . How do they get away with this type of language? It’s like going back 30 years!
    Sorry to hear about your accident, best wishes for a speedy recovery x

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  7. Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    Jayne here examines the comments of the Kippers’ Polish ally in Europe, Janusz Korwin-Mikke that the disabled are a ‘disease’ and an ‘epidemic’, and his paranoid fears of Black Africans overrunning Europe to massacre rich Whites.

    And because the Kippers and Korwin-Mikke are so afraid of both the disabled and Blacks, and hate both, she proposes that they should ally to unseat the Fascists. It’s a policy I think we all can agree on and thoroughly support.

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  9. A few flaws with this article.

    Let me help.
    UKIP have no alliance with Congress of the New Right. They aren’t in the EFDD.
    UKIP took one Congress MEP who had never commented on the disabled.

    As for Janusz Korwin-Mikke. He ceased being leader of Congress of the New Right in January this year.

    Oh and I am a disabled UKIP member for the record.

    Next time you feel tempted to commit slander. At least attempt to do a little bit of research!


  10. Hi Jayne just a point on the diagnostic approach to the Polish neo-Nazi I would suggest he is not psychotic but of psychopathic personality type. Lacking in the ability to empathise or feel compassion for humans and animals. They are often cold emotionally and think only of self. The more dangerous ones are capable of killing as a means to an end. they often have a history of torturing and killing animals when a child.
    Psychotic people on the other hand can not be held responsible for their actions as they suffer from invasive voices (auditory hallucinations) which tell the suffer to do things that they would not normally do when well. Hallucinations can also be visual. sensory, taste disturbances. They can be delusional with fixed ideas like convinced someone is out to kill them or following them (paranoia). The best way to describe a psychotic attack is it is like living a wakeful dream where everything happens at random and can change suddenly.
    These idiots in Poland are psychopaths who would if given chance do exactly what the Nazis of the 30s did. In the history of that period the first victims were the disabled both mental and physical. After they had taken out all the trade unionists, socialists etc who stood up for them.
    Farage needs to answer for his contact with this vile man.
    Ironic that Britain’s entry into WW2 was triggered by Hitler’s invasion of Poland and these vile ideas still emanate from there.
    Glad to hear you’re feeling better and remember there are millions of good people in the world. God bless

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  11. Please consult UKIP disability spokeswomen Star Ethridge before spouting your bigoted and completely bizarre opinions about a political party of all people for all people.


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