ESA: ‘The fiscal fire starter’

Take a LOOK at the FACTS behind #IDS LIES from #NewApproach
Have him #Indicted before #Election 2015

New Approach

A flame between two thorns

ESA: ‘The fiscal fire starter’

Chancellor Osborne has one heck of a problem…

IDS is burning a hole in the Treasury budget and no one can put out the fire.

In his final budget, Osborne delivered what you’d expect any Tory chancellor to deliver, the promise of tax cuts with a personal allowance of up to £11,000 by 2017/2018, beer duty cut by 1p a pint and cider by 2p, 2% cut in excise duty on scotch whisky and other spirits while wine duty frozen, Petrol duty frozen, first £1,000 interest on savings income to be tax-free for basic rate taxpayers and a £500 allowance for 40p tax ratepayers, plus enticing annual savings limit for ISAs increased to £15,240.  That’s not to mention a “fully flexible” ISA which will allow savers to withdraw money and put it back later in the year without losing any of…

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One thought on “ESA: ‘The fiscal fire starter’

  1. Past Tories dumped the unemployed on Incapacity Benefit, this one has dumped those who should be pensioners on the JSA / ESA. Those over 6- (women in particular) have contributed to the NIF surplus, but have state retirement age raised. Especially those aged over 60 (or 55?) with incurable conditions should not be in WRAG or even Support group. If given pensions, they would be free from the tyranny of WCA, sanctions etc.

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