Just What is The F***ing Point???

So you SPEND #JSA on compulsory Interviews – Refused #DHP as Council determines you CHOSE to spend #JSA on things other than Rent!!

THIS is the cycle of #Oppression #Gov have Created


I am on the Work program, it is now almost double figures the amount of interviews I have not had help to get to, I’m either told A) too far B) not far enough and on one occasion was told I’m getting too many interviews and it’ll reduce their profit to help me get to them!!! I’m now using all my benefit, I’ve had to travel 3 times over the past 7 days over 2 and a half hours each way for an assessment,a group interview,another assessment an individual interview and a group test, I have no money left now to pay rent,am on emergency electricity @1 day left, Little food, and can’t pay Council Tax, I applied for help from my council as they do crisis loans now, only to be told I don’t fit the criteria as I “CHOSE” to spend my benefit getting to these interviews…

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30 thoughts on “Just What is The F***ing Point???

  1. I was on ESA Work Related and experienced similar things. Luckily the Disability Specific Jobcentre worker was really kind and explained how to fight the system and kept updating the computer to say I was appealing so I didn’t have to attend meetings. One day I’d just sat down and she asked how I was, I said “the usual but my IBS is playing up”… Her response was “right, we’ll get this done as soon as possible to avoid your embarrassment. Has anything changed? No, right, I’ll fill in the rest, you can go”. If it hadn’t been for the genuine compassion she showed it’s unlikely I’d be here now.

    That was back before things got even worse at the DWP so I can only imagine she’s probably been pensioned off for being too human.

    Stay strong, fight and get on to your MP’s office, I’ve found they often have staff specially trained to ‘beat the system’. That’s if they’re Labour, I imagine many LibDems & Tories wouldn’t try to help us poor and/or crippled scum.

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  2. Please, come May 7th use your vote! If the Tories are elected for another 5 years the victimisation we have seen so far will be seem like a picnic compared to what the swines have waiting up their sleeves. It may seem useless but if all the victims of the savage Welfare Reforms voted against this Government we could put them out of office for good!

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  3. This system is completely broken and people should not be made to jump through hoops like this, it’s playing russian roulette with peoples lives to manipulate their figures……….Can you go to your MP? CAB, Citizen Advice Bureaux. This is appalling….

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  4. Yet another pitiful whinge..but of course ut’s always easier to blame other when your life has turned to crap! Instead of crying…do something about it; be grateful as well for the wonderful job this Government are doing in getting Parasites & Scroungers back to workAlso….spare a thought for those of us that go to work, to pay Taxes, to keep you in free money. Be grateful for what you have, the World does not owe you a living!!


    • I do spare people who work a thought.
      I wonder why on Earth you are not more grateful.
      I had to give up a brilliant career a few years ago due to incurable illness. I live with it and am happy enough despite everything. But for instance I write this having just got back from hospital for the umpteenth time. I am exhausted and in pain.
      However I cannot understand the attitude of those who pose as selfless martyrs for working. You are LUCKY. You have your health. You have a job. Neither is secure nor a given. You should be praising your lucky stars every single day. Try to appreciate what you have. You never know when you might lose it.

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    • Dear Wendy,
      I do hope you or anyone in your family are never ill, lose their job or become disabled through no fault of your own.
      We do all need to be grateful for what we have, but people need to be treated with dignity, compassion and fairness in whatever circumstances they find themselves.
      Everyone pays a lot of tax – oh I forgot – except the very rich and corporations who somehow manage to get away with it.
      Perhaps these are the people who need chasing rather than those who find themselves unable to cope for many reasons beyond their control and yet get hounded in this vicious downward spiral.
      With love.

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    • Wendy don’t know why you’re here as obviously you have no compassion and hate the sick/disabled and jobless with a passion. It’s always easy to blame others for having to pay tax!Instead of crying….do something about it, be grateful you are not a cripple or been sacked as your company has been downsized. This government is doing a wonderful job of providing free staff and tax breaks to multi national corps, so who are the real parasites and scroungers?. Yes we do spare the odd thought for those that pay taxes (as many of US have in the past). Infact I spent 20 years as a nurse finally being a higher rate tax payer- before being diagnosed with an incurable debilitating condition). Be grateful for what you’ve got (health and a job). You will get no compassion from me for the fact you work and earn enough to pay taxes (a large proportion of those getting benefits are on poverty wages so hardly scroungers

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    • Judging by the latest Tax Avoidance (Dodging) figures, the vast majority of Parasites and Scroungers are in employment, quite often as MPs.
      As regards this Government supporting workers: After April next year, less than half the people reaching Retirement Age will receive the New State Pension. In fact, under “New Rules”, many will find they do not even qualify for the old, Basic State Pension. Not a great reward after 40+ years of graft! Of course, the effects of this outrage will not be truly felt until after the General Election; if the effects were apparent before then, the Government knows it would lose thousand of votes and would definitely lose next the Election.
      If you really believe the present Members of Cabinet care about anyone but the other members of the Millionaires’ Club then I feel sorry for you, because, when they finally get around to clubbing you over the back of the neck you won’t even see it coming! Think you’re a Tory? You have to have a least £2000,000 in the bank plus an inflated Property Investment Portfolio before you become anything less than a pleb., to this lot. Belittle and ignore at your peril!

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    • Ian and Betty it’s you isn’t it luvvies. Now I claim my £5 for spotting you and you can come put from under the sofa.
      I really do hope that his comment is tongue in cheek because to think otherwise would be just too depressing. If you are for real just take a trip to the jcp or the food bank, open your obviously closed mind and listen to the genuine misery that is being inflicted.

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    • No the world does not owe me a living, how ever Approaching my Sixies, having worked all my life as others have too, and paying a lot of money from my salary into a system that had no choice to opt out of, believing that it was my insurance (NI), should I become ill. I would prefer to work instead of being part of this hate campaign that this government started by segregating the haves and have nots, cleverly concealed behind a smoke screen of the Those who work and those on Benefits. Those on Benefits (cleverly worded by the powers that be to twart people unabled to look past this statement People on benefits by the way include; Pensioners, hard working people who are not paid a living wage and so have to claim from the government from the pot called benefits,This in the world order keeps ordinary decent people under the control of government who in turn help the rich in this capatalistic country get richer, it is a situation that they have created and continue to comment in such a way that benefits are handouts. they are not.! for me personally it is not. What sort of society would your perfer to live in Wendy Tripp Hutton, get informed get a life and help those less fortunate than yourself.And stop your flailing ingorance shine brightly.

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    • If you had a kid with a disability would you want him her to read comments like yours?As far as humanity is concerned you are the waste of space.Your taxes are being reaped to pay for others to live a way better standard of live than you they are called Conlibs.

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  5. This video was made in 2010 about a senator who says what the big agenda is all about, see if he was right and just how it maps out today:

    None of this is happening by chance, the Neo-Liberal agenda is about promoting the interests of the wealthy at the expense of the rest of us.

    The Banks create money out of thin air every time they make a loan, the Government and Bank of England does not have to borrow a penny from anyone or anywhere, when politicians tell you we are broke, they are actually lying to you.

    This short video explains how money is created and that it is the same in the USA as it is in Britain, Canada, Australia and Japan.

    Henry Ford said this in the last Wall St crash:

    It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.

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  6. Hilarious.. the hard working tax payer shouting about the scroungers and feckless unemployed and not really disabled disabled.. Enjoy your superior feeling little ones because there is a crash coming the like of which hasn’t been seen before, the closest was the industrial revolution but that will look like a walk in the park on a sunny day.
    Technology is a wonderful thing but the rate of it today is exponential, this means that the more it advances the faster it advances and at the moment the advances in technology are aimed at automation of manual labour, this includes administration processes and over the next twenty years unemployment WILL increase and millions not thousands will be replaced by technology. Now let’s see you ignore that as much as you ignore the disabled today.

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  7. Privatization is one of the few political projects that enjoys bipartisan support: Conservatives cheer the rollback of the state, and liberals like to claim that the virtues of the free market are being used towards the egalitarian ends of public policy. The fraud and waste that often come with outsourcing these services has been well-documented. The private management in Iraq and the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, and the lobbying efforts of corporate prisons have all provided horror stories of what happens when cronyism guides decision-making on behalf of the state. But privatization as standard government practice has problems that go far beyond the abuses of any single incident.

    Rather than solving problems with government, privatization often amplifies those issues to new extremes. Instead of unleashing market innovation, it often introduces new parasitic partners into the decision-making process. Instead of providing a check on the power of the government, it allows the state to circumvent constitutional and democratic accountability measures by merging with the private sector. And ultimately, the practice replaces the set of choices and constraints found in democracy, with another set found in the marketplace. Today’s political conversation is blind to these problems out of a mistaken faith in the efficiency and fundamental equality of markets, contrasted to the ineffectiveness and corruptibility of the state.

    Privatisation is Criminalisation

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    • The Work Program exists for one main reason, to get you off the Unemployment Figures. It also provides a multitude of opportunities for the DWP to slap you with trumped-up Sanctions. Finding you a job is way, way down their list of priorities!

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      • Very true.  Off the unemployment figures, DWP slap you around and save money by sanctioning you but a chance for the private companies, aka politicians and their buddies to make a lot of money.I’m 70 in August and I am standing for the first time for the county council elections to get out there and try and make a difference.  People like Victoria Prosser are standing up and saying the truth and the reality if you do not own a house, have a fat job or pension or have rich, rich relatives.There is nothing wrong in being rich – but everything wrong if you are doing it on the backs of the poor.I think we do have the opportunity in this election to expose the truth while we can.  Let’s get out there and ask questions and stand up for the poor, sick, elderly, disabled and all those who are being robbed.  The NHS for example.  Daylight robbery. x

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    • Thanks, Jayne! I’m standing in rural Herefordshire up against tory landowners. I am going out to arrange meetings in the village halls and talk to groups of women and the elderly etc.
      A lot of people will find they are not registered and cannot vote because of the new system. The last date to register is 21st April so CHECK! (you should have received a polling card if you are registered but you do not have to have a polling card to vote if you have mislaid it).

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  8. The Coalition Government has done nothing but line the pockets of themselves, their relatives and their broker/financier pals. By way of Media Vilification, distorted figures and downright lies they have not only sought and found Public Approval to victimise the Sick and Disabled but they have virtually blamed this group for the 2008 slump!! And the Public actually believe this tripe!
    If all the People affected by this Government’s “Welfare Reforms” used their vote and voted against the Tories, we could put the Murderous Millionaires Club out of office for good!!
    May 7th, ForGod’s Sake, Use Your Vote!!!

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