Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing A REAL Analysis of ALL Party Pledges on Housing @gordonlyew1 READ before you VOTE #Election 2015

Here is something that we all should remember checkout this:

For well over a decade many have shared the view of truly affordable and rent-able housing which both previous and present governments kept on promising with just a handful are being built but nmtot enough to cater for demand and supply . Many who can recall during the 1970s council housing came to end and in its place came the dreaded Thatchererite policy to sell off council housing at discount prices in the hope many would take up the offer under the guise of right to buy scheme but in reality those who could afford to purchase their council house did so whilst the many who could not were left behind which is true of today.

The Right to Buy scheme is a policy in the United Kingdom which gives secure tenants of councils and some housing associations the legal right

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6 thoughts on “Affordable Housing

  1. Thatcher’s “Right to Buy” Policy defeated the very object for which Council Houses were originally intended ie., the supply of affordable housing to rent not buy! The result is Councils now have Council House Waiting lists running into thousands with many people having little or no hope of ever receiving their own, suitable, rented property. Surely this deficit needs addressing with great urgency!

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  2. ‘Set up to fail’

    CAB clients’ experience of mortgage and secured loan arrears problems
    This report was written by Peter Tutton and Sue Edwards



    The so-called big parties believe in something that is not the truth.

    Maggie Thatcher said that the problem with
    socialism is that eventually you run out of other’s people’s money.

    The big parties are stuck centuries into the past.


    Today 75 per cent of all tax from people to government is from stealth indirect taxes
    embedded in our every day lives we pay ever day,
    as well as VAT, even on food in supermarkets.


    People on benefit, people in social housing, people on the state pension, working poor,
    poor pensioners that come from the working poor – all these on benefit – are more than paying for THEMSELVES in a round robin of funding.


    Social housing provides jobs to building contractors and maintenance firms, who in turn pay business taxes and employment taxes.


    The poor of all ages shop on the high street, providing taxes and providing business with profit to be able to pay business rates to cash strapped councils.


    Not so if nil benefit, coming with Universal Credit replacing most other benefit even Pension Credit, and nil state pension, coming with the flat rate state pension from 2016.
    See under:


    It is the Tories running out of other people’s money from privatisation that has cost more than nationalised and government run provision, and the impact of welfare and pension reform that saves nothing but just transfers cost.

    You cut public sector jobs and then pay more for the private provision, who oft time pay no corporation tax.

    Then such as entirely privatised Barnet council, cuts wages so people could fall out of the welfare state and state pension by being below the Lower Earnings Level to get automatic National Insurance credits and so have nil NI history, especially by being part time.

    And the cuts in helping the vulnerable
    impact the NHS with the
    huge rise in malnutrition hospital admissions,
    kids suffering Rickets so affecting their bone development and
    more vulnerable disabled, chornic sick and pensioners ending up Accident and Emergency and in
    bed blocking as no social care for care in their homes.


    There are parties for the poor that are the sole way that Labour could form a majority government this year.

    But they are getting nil media coverage.

    Because we are stuck in the past in believing we still live in a nation that will ever again
    have ONE PARTY governing the UK parliament of the all the UK nations.

    Not even TWO PARTIES in coaliton will reach sufficient seats to form a majority government ever again in the UK.

    Too few people vote and this will just reduce further each election.

    We are headed for the most severe hung parliament in UK history, and this will remain the case for each election from now on.

    The small parties listed on me little, voter (not a member of anything) personal website, is to help blogs to begin to promote natural allies to Labour, so that a multi party coalition ( its called support and confidence, I believe) can form an unassailable majority government.

    To stave off the unreported mass and growing social unrest that is occuring throughout the UK, where people join in their thousands and tens of thousands, when membership of political parties and voting is in terminal decline.

    Hope to bring in Russell Brand’s evolution, and stave off revolution.

    In this Vote or Starve election for the half of the UK’s population who are now poor, and threatened ever more so by the so-called big parties.

    The small parties on me website offer something to Labour, it cannot get by itself.

    So voting for a small party in England in a Tory and Lib Dem Marginal is not a wasted vote.
    It is a vote for food money.


  4. Margaret Thatcher’s 1982 cabinet papers called “the longer term options” outline in detail how they intended to dismantle the state. This is in fact Neo-Liberalism something we called Thatcherism, New Labour are Neo-Liberals and this extract from Gordon Brown’s 2006 Mansion House Speech shows the depths of their duplicity.

    Note how closely involved in the liberalisation of the City Ed Balls was.

    Back in the sixties and the seventies council rents cost one fifth of the average take home pay, today a mortgage will take a full wage to pay. New Labour refuse to build proper council houses because it forms part of their growth strategy, and they support the Banking system that relies on the creation of debt to make their profits.

    An audit committee reported a number of years ago that private build cost more than double of a direct labour force (council Builders) but still continue to use the private sector, it is not rocket science to understand all this but does expose Ed Miliband’s duplicity.


    • Ah yes but at least the 10,600 people who died less than 6 weeks after their WCA Support was withdrawn and the 1,300 who died within 6 weeks of being declared “Fit to Work” might have stood a better chance under Labour. But, I admit, it is one way to solve the Housing Crisis for the poor, kill them off.


  5. It is a bit lengthy I grant you:- MY PRIMARY SUGGESTONS FOR THE LABOUR PARTY


    All NHS, Railways, Water Services, Energy Services, i.e., all Public Utilities must be returned to public ownership.

    The employees of these services must be paid a good salary, and the profits ploughed back into maintenance improvement and salaries. The higher salaries paid to the employees will not only benefit those employees but ensure that the tax on their salaries is used for the betterment of the public as a whole rather than as profits for the few. (See my note below on DWP)

    Private enterprises must also be encouraged and taxed fairly and no enterprise of any sort should be allowed to reduce or escape taxation through any means. All foreign companies operating in the UK should pay tax in the UK.

    The DWP should be entirely overhauled and rearranged so that people in need of its services are treated with respect and dignity. The Labour party must ensure that proper help, both financial and physical, is available to better the lives of the sick, mentally ill and their carers, as well as those unemployed through no fault of their own. In this respect the profits from Nationalised industries, together with those which have been handed back to private ownership, will do much to assist the finances needed to give proper attention to those in need, as well as to the general running of the country.

    Private landlords should be encouraged but controlled so that their rents reflect the true value rather than exploitation of tenants who are not being given any favours but quite the reverse as they are the customers without whom the landlords would have to seek alternative engagements!

    There are many current MPs who do an excellent job but I feel that such a position should only be held by those who are devoted to such work and who hold no other jobs, or directorships etc. In future MPs should be paid a higher salary than at present to attract those who are willing to undergo proper investigation as to their potential and ability to devote their full time as MPs.


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