Tories Only tell you what to Spend if you’re Poor

Mark Harper the Minister of State at the Department for Work and Pensions was on Radio4 Today this morning, talking about Cameron’s promise to protect pensions; in his discussion he stated “we can’t tell people how to spend their money“!

Where then does this leave the vow from IDS that he is “testing prepaid cards, onto which we will make benefit payments, so that the money they receive is spent on the needs of the family”? ‘Given the total contrast between Ministers statements, who can we believe, Harper’s – we trust the public or Ids – the poorest must be told where to shop and what to buy’?

Maybe the Tories believe that only people who have retired can manage a budget? Or is it, much more likely in my opinion, the pensioner promise is more about the Conservatives feeling worried they might lose their traditional voting base, by means testing the additional support such as the winter fuel allowance?

Either way this is yet another example of how the Tories are actually expanding the gap between the bottom and the the middle of the financial pyramid, with One rule for those with the least need and completely the Opposite for those the most vulnerable’ regardless it is Real Tory Hypocrisy in Action .

20 thoughts on “Tories Only tell you what to Spend if you’re Poor

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  5. …Cameron’s promise to protect pensions; in his discussion he stated “we can’t tell people how to spend their money“! …

    Protect pensions, now there is a laugh.
    1993 end of law guaranteeing pensions.
    1995 law no-one knew about to rise retirement age.
    Now people seeing final salary pensions left will lose about 10 per cent of value.
    Works pensions lost when firms went bust, because of the 1993 law.
    Most of the cashing in of pensions will be lost to a tax grab.
    Annuities practically valueless over the years.

    Maggie Thatcher lost link of state pensions with average wages.
    So now state pension is lowest pension of all rich nations bar poor Mexico. The state pension is about 4 per cent lowest income (according to Institute of Fiscal Studies) so far, far below the breadline.

    Pension Bills 2010-2014 (flat rate pension) cutting value of state pension even further or then
    leaving huge numbers of men and women with
    See why, under my petition, in my WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT section, at:

    The abolished State Second Pension in 2016 (from 2002, before then was called the State Earnings Related Pensions Scheme) that topped up the state pension, was mainly in public sector opted / contracted out from since 6 April 1978.

    Then such as councils put up the scheme of the Additional Voluntary Contributions, that were not anything of the sort.

    They were private pensions, which when went bust such as Equitable, lost all that money.

    People losing all value of bust private pensions had no law to help them.

    So for not paying the full standard rate of 12 per cent National Insurance contributions each year, but 10.4 per cent that meant not opted into SERPs / S2P, I now lose £165 per week top up to the state pension I was denied since 2013 (born from 1953) at 60 (530,000 women so far).

    As well as the £113.10 basic state pension I would have had for a year in my case which I lose as the flat rate pension demands a rise to 35 years NI record, when 30 years of NI contribution gained the full state penson.

    So lose 6 years payout and 5 years value = 11 years.

    But then as far as I can see I lose all state pension for life from something going on between SERPs opt out and NI history.

    Women older than me get hit first by the flat rate state pension in 2016, whereas the government has been saying that it only affects women born from 1953. Wrong.

    The women born from 1953 do not retire til 2019-2020.

    Then of course there huge numbers of men and women on too waged in life to have ever had a works and private pension, only reliant on the state pension in old age for any food and fuel money. Tough as far as the politicians are concerned.


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