Statistics don’t LIE Politicians Twist them and the Media swallow the Spin

Today I came across two articles, once again calling into question the behaviour of Politicians and Government Departments when using statistics; it is clear from these that  “Once again, DWP has shown itself to be a master in statistics manipulation and in the use of selective figures” this was on sanctions; and on pay and living costs “an act of statistical trickery to change the landscape of pay bargaining in the UK for the worse.”

This persistent misuse of data and the ensuing Spin’ fed to the media by the likes of IDS, is precisely what we have been saying this for the past 2 years; and it is the reason for our petition TO: KATHRYN HUDSON PARLIAMENTARY COMMISSIONER FOR STANDARDS to :

“Use the full Powers of the Commission and investigate Iain Duncan Smith Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, for his regular use of untruths and the persistent deception misleading of The House of Commons, Select Committees and the Media”

If this isn’t enough to convince you it is time for the people to respond, the Guardian’s editorial today produced their view on Welfare Reform – their verdict  “In Dire Straits” ; this is summarised with the opinion “Mr Duncan Smith’s department is in clear breach of commitments it has given, and the sanction is upheld“.

If you agree it is past time for IDS to answer for the total chaos in the DWP – Support us by signing Do it Today before its too late – Because Does anyone really think IDS will be here after May??

#IDSTimeForTruth  #IndictIDS

12 thoughts on “Statistics don’t LIE Politicians Twist them and the Media swallow the Spin

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  2. In amongst the statistics, is the straightforward fact that the poor, in or out of work, all adult poor ages from 18 to grannies, disabled and chronic sick losing benefits, now have more power in 2015 than at any other general election.

    The pundits say there will be a low voter turnout, which gives small parties their best chance.

    See how the poor could utterly change government and end all the benefit cruelty and hunger in the UK today:


  3. Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    Jaynel is asking for your support in petitioning the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards to sanction IDS for his persistent and egregious lies and abuse of statistics. Please do so. As Mike points out, as many as 51,200 people a year are dying because of his policies. For someone, it could be a matter of life or death.

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