IDS plan to kill social housing in 4 years

Before anyone dismisses this as just another of #IDS ‘fag-packet’ ideas, read Joe Halewood’s take below: and to quote his closing point “ please stop calling this the ‘daftest policy’ you have ever heard. Stop saying you are speechless at this etc, and grow a set of balls and tell IDS and this government (and the next government and the one after that) to go f**k themselves and to start dealing on your terms.”

The Times and Daily Telegraph have a story today – the latest hare-brained idea of the tyrannical despot called Iain Duncan Smith.

If you have worked for a year you get your council or housing association property given to you for nothing!!

Yes seriously!

The plan is outlined here in an article in 24Dash:

Iain Duncan Smith is keen for the party to include a pledge in its election manifesto to give people who have managed to stay in work for a year a free council or housing association home. As part of the deal, the recipient would no longer be allowed to claim housing benefit, and would have to pay out 35% of the proceeds if the house was sold within three years of the handover.

The rationale it then says is this:

According to Tory thinkers, money generated by the policy would be used to build new homes, while the cash saved on housing benefit would outweigh any other concerns.

Ok, leaving aside ‘according to Tory Thinkers’ – if ever an oxymoron in itself – what would this mean?

Take the Smiths, Wayne and Waynetta Smith who live with their 4 children in a council house in London.  They pay rent of £130 per week and the property is worth £500,000. They get £500 per week in benefits and housing benefit because of the cap and that is shortly to reduce to £440 per week should the Tories not be voted out in May

Wayne and Waynetta approach a bank to say advance us £25,000 and in year one they sign off completely and receive not a penny in benefits.  They then ask for £7k per year for each of the next 3 years to cover the HB they have lost but they sign back on to receive welfare benefits.  They put up the property as collateral.

The bank says ok we will give you £50k – £4k more than they asked for on day 1 and charge you 25% interest per year.  After 4 years the bank are owed £122k by Wayne and Waynetta and the house is now worth £600k.  So the bank force the sale of the house and get their money and Wayne and Waynetta are still left with nearly £400k in their pocket

OK I now that is a bit far-fetched as the bank would charge more than 25% being totally greedy bastards!

Note too the same principle works in depressed low rent areas ‘oop North.’


But where are the old the sick the disabled and the supported going to live?  Well it just so happens the banks and their friends have bought a lot of ex social housing properties which they lease back to councils en masse at 5 times the rent they were charging four years before and the Housing Benefit bill goes from today’s £24 billion per year to about £100 billion per year

AND of course the private sector gets their hands on and now owns a further 4 million plus properties and can charge what they like for them and can do whatever the hell they like to their tenants as they have no security and there is no regulation of the Private Sector landlord at all.

READ the rest at : IDS plan to kill social housing in 4 years.

12 thoughts on “IDS plan to kill social housing in 4 years

  1. Private house owners are not liable for the Bedroom Tax, but owning a house makes the state think your wealthy because of the value of bricks and mortar, when it’s not worth anything unless you sell it, and then where do you live?

    But being a private house owner means you are liable for all the maintenance, things going wrong at the worst time, dodgy cowboy builders, and needing to pay monthly budget direct debits to spread the risk of the boiler going, the roof tiles flying off, water leakage between your garden gate and front door, and so much more and more. And you can be sued if a workman is injured on your property, so need legal cover as well.

    And then the state half inches your state pension to pay for MPs’ £100 million expenses each year and their £74,000 pay rise this year.

    You can get your state pension payout and stay in your job.

    This petition is about to be delivered mid-March,
    before parliament shuts up shop for the election,
    and would force Labour’s Miliband and Balls
    to formally say before parliament
    if Labour will revoke the Coaliton’s Pension Bills 2010-2014
    that will leave the poor, now saddled with a house they can ill afford to keep,
    even less without Housing Benefit (that can be cut even aged 66).

    And my further information about the flat rate pension con, under my petition, in my
    WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT section, at:


    • Hi all, I used to work for Bristol Care and Repair as a Technical Officer and the 90% of the charity’s assistance was to do work that home owners over the age of 65 could not either do themselves or afford to pay to have done by a builder. The point here is that the a lot of pensioners who own their own home can not afford to maintain it. Note these home owners date back to a time when home ownership represented a small percentage of the population and at time when people were more likely to have a work pension. Also the properties they bought are, in general, lot more durable than the ones built by modern builders. I used to have responsibility for 23 new housing building sites so I have some experience as to the quality of modern building techniques.

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  3. Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    Jaynel reports how IDS plans to give council houses away free to people, who have managed to stay in work for a year. She points out that this will leave council house stocks absolutely empty within four years, and leave the poor, unemployed and disabled with absolutely nowhere to live. Except for the private sector landlords, who have just bought up a whole lot of council house stock cheaply, and who will then make a killing raising the rents.

    my guess is that this will also be a bad bargain for those, who do get given their houses. Thatcher sold off much of the council house stock in the 1980s, because many of them were facing massive repair bills. Many people, who now occupy council houses could face serious problems having to maintain the houses themselves. Not forgetting also that the rent included council tax, which will now have to be paid separately.

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  4. All IDS want’s to do is annihilate the poor, elderly, disabled, jobless, long-term sick, unemployed and anyone else who is vulnerable.
    The way this lot in “government” have ruined this country it’s going to take decades to repair and bring it up to any kind of standard. It’s always the poor that suffer, always has been, always will be.

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