#DWP Decision Makers Crying for Help or playing the #Tory Blame-Game?

Out of respect for you, I APOLOGISE in advance for my language because I’m LIVID

The ever excellent Benefits and Work website reveal welfare rights workers are experiencing DWP Decision-Makers calling up benefit claimants “‘in tears’ or ‘sobbing’“, pleading with them Not to appeal following a Mandatory Reconsideration !! HOW THE FUCK DARE THEY??

These unqualified low grade civil servants may well be genuinely feeling sorry for themselves, worried at how their bosses will react at their figures.. but, borrowing the much quoted line Frankly..I DON’T GIVE A DAMN.

If the Decision Maker truly feels sympathy for the vulnerable person who’s life they’re ruining, then they should do the decent thing and RESIGN and join the ever growing list of ‘Whistleblowers’, otherwise they have no right to attempt to push their agenda onto you or I. This behaviour is is keeping with the actions of their Bosses – we’ve witnessed plenty of pseudo-psychology tactics from the #DWP already and I can’t help feel this is yet another attempt to persuade us how to think?

IF anyone experiences this type of behaviour from a DWP employee I hope you’ll do one thing in return, Laugh and take tell them exactly how high to jump – and then APPEAL.

Yet another reason to STOP THE SPIN from #IDS & Co #ImpeachDWP

26 thoughts on “#DWP Decision Makers Crying for Help or playing the #Tory Blame-Game?

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  2. Reblogged this on Christopher John Ball and commented:
    As ever, Jayne hits to the heart of the matter. And if the claimant does agree not to appeal after a mandatory reconsideration? What is in it for them? NOTHING! Just when you thought Iain Duncan Smith’s DWP couldn’t stoop any lower – WHAM! they do just that. Let us not forget that the Mandatory Reconsideration was an invention of Iain Duncan Smith’s offices as a response to the high number of Appeals being won. Did Iain Duncan Smith and Esther McVey think ‘Perhaps there is something wrong with the initial process if so many people are winning appeals. Perhaps the original decisions are wrong and the process flawed, let us look at this and put it right?’ Oh no! Not Iain Duncan Smith, not Esther McVey – no, they introduced the Mandatory Reconsideration process to delay any appeal. Whereas before you had the right of appeal now you have to go through the Mandatory Reconsideration time wasting, pain causing, fear inducing nonsense before you are allowed to appeal. And now we have DWP staff calling claimants to try and stop that via the use of emotional blackmail. Of course DWP staff are immune to the distress and hurt exhibited by many disabled people as they go through this awful process. They turn their faces away from that and yet expect sympathy from us. And David Cameron has the nerve to say he needs no lessons on how to look after disabled people!

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    • Not forgetting the fact that Decision Makers were set targets, sorry, ‘expectations’ of “80% of decisions to be adverse decisions’ in April 2013 – when Mandatory Reconsideration was only brought in for ESA & PIP claimants in April 2013, & even before it was extended to all other welfare benefits in October 2013. See link below (pts.25/26/27) = evidence submitted to recent Work&Pensions Select Committee on Sanctions by PCS. Mandatory Reconsideration was nothing but a con to restrict/discourage appeals from the start (you can`t set such restrictions & stack the odds in an Independent Tribunal Appeal setting, so lets muck people around – they might not bother with the 1st Tier Appeal after a negative outcome re: Mandatory Reconsideration). Lying, conniving b******s.

      Click to access PCS%20(SAN0161)%20300115.pdf

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  3. If your ever fool enough to give them your phone number in the first place more fool you. Don’t ever fall for the bullshit of it’s the quickest form of contact. If they ever got my number I would just tell them SEE YOU AT THE TRIBUNAL, or my first question would be, ARE YOU THE DECISION MAKER WHO MADE THE DECISION?if they say yes then just tell them you’ll be demanding they attend the tribunal along with the HCP who did the assessment in cases of ESA/PIP.
    Tell them the only option they have is to reverse the decision or be prosecuted as most sanctions or benefit decisions made by them won’t hold water.
    Every time I contact the DWP it always involves a complaint, either the benefits I get have altered or been stopped, I always get my way within 48 hours, that’s because I demand (request) the info used.

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  4. I can’t say I’ve encountered such a tactic yet, and they’d get short shrift if I did.

    It’s as obvious as the day is long that there are deep problems cultural problems within the DWP.

    The correct approach, which I as a professional representative, would deploy is to make a careful note of the conversation. Back it up in writing with a complaint to the relevant DWP office as it is in breach of acceptable standards in decision making and illustrative of staff being stressed due to implementation of targets. All of which undoubtedly compromises the decision – making in the case.

    Then copy the lot and include it in your written response to HMCTS at the formal appeal stage, make a submission on why it undermines the Secretary of State’s response and apply for a direction from the judge for the relevant decision – maker to be called to the Tribunal (using their powers of summons if required) so they can be made to answer on the issue.

    Any representative in this position should then attend the Tribunal with their client so as to expand upon the facts and if necessary cross examine the decision – maker as to the phone call conversation.

    My guess is the DWP would back down. Regardless, I would still further the complaint.

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  5. If you really want to piss of the DWP request an Subject Information Request form. I did and requsted every single piece of information that they held on me from the day I started work upto the present day and I mean every thing. Every payment of NHI contributions, sik pay, child benifit and every note and working out calculation ever scribbled on a fag packet including audio recordings of every phone call made.
    I kid you not. FedX delivered a package of A5 fanfold computer pritouts that literally needed 3 trips with a sack Barrow back to the van. It now keeps the grand kid in drawing paper and maybe their kids as well.

    Tommaz jay,
    Still drowning in the shit that politicians produce.

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  7. Reblogged this on markcatlin3695's Blog and commented:
    I agree with Jayne on this 100%
    If those DWP employees Just said NO when asked to implement the draconian measures put in place and resigned en masse maybe then something might change. Until that happens if you’re an advisor, decision maker or whatever for DWP JCP etc then don’t come crying to me for mercy, because people have died because of measures implemented by those staff!! Enough said!!


  8. If anyone else is on the receiving end of one of these calls from weeping decision makers, make sure that you record the call. When you go to Tribunal, the court ought to be given the option of hearing the evidence that the DWP are using such immoral tactics.

    You can transcribe the recording yourself, but you must include the original recording along with the transcript before the hearing. Probably none of us can afford the fees of an independent professional to transcribe the call. If the original recording is with the transcription, the panel can compare both items for accuracy.

    Make sure that the call copy is submitted along with the rest of your evidence and not produced out of the bag at the Tribunal, where it may be rejected by the panel.

    As a rule of thumb, never agree to anything proposed over the phone by the DWP or their agents such as the WP providers, always ask for it to be put in writing. Be polite, be firm, end the call.

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