#Sanctions – #DWP Recruit over 1500 Decision Makers!

We’ve now suffered through the Lies from Esther McVey  Wednesday  04 February 2015 9:30 AM on “benefit sanctions policy” , with  her ‘assurances’ there are “categorically no targets set on how many claimants should be sanctioned”‘

Refuted yesterday offered more evidence that contradicts McVey with the DWP recruiting an extra 1600 Benefit Sanctions Decision Makers  since taking office!; They support these statistics with the comment “Whilst the DWP continually says it has no Benefit Sanctions Targets, despite irrefutable evidence, this view now seems even more implausible since today it published statistics that it show they nearly trebled the number of sanction decision makers?”


Lets not forget All these #Sanctions are made by unqualified people  there are no specific external qualifications required for the decision making role. All Decision Makers go through a training programme that supports the individual in their role. The Decision Maker consolidates this learning with mentor support” DWP February 3 2015.


SICK OF THIS SITUATION??? DEMAND #IDS ANSWERS FOR IT https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/investigate-ids-for-lies

14 thoughts on “#Sanctions – #DWP Recruit over 1500 Decision Makers!

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    If a claimant lied in the manner that Iain Duncan Smith and Esther McVey fine so easy to do, they would be imprisoned. A claimant can end up sanctioned and without the means to eat or heat in spite of telling the truth. This is a war against the people of the United Kingdom by sociopaths intent on exploiting and harming. This Coalition of Conservatives and Liberal Democrats are placing the safety net so close to the ground that they render it useless and simply cosmetic. This is not a Government, it has no mandate from the electorate for its Coalition Agreement. It is our moral duty to bring it down, and then pursue Iain Duncan Smith and Esther McVey through the courts, the UN and every applicable body.

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  4. Information from those working in the DWP leads me to believe that rather than actually recruiting decision makers they are forcibly redeploying staff from “non frontline” posts to take these jobs. Staff are still leaving DWP in droves under early severance packages designed to reduce headcounts in local offices ( but not Caxton House) to a minimum in preparation for the wonders of the IT based Universal credit miracle coming soon to an office near you.


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