Who can help Benefit claimants when Charities are no longer Impartial?

There was a spate of example towards the end of last year where Charities were warned they were at risk of closure, or at least sanctions, for acting ‘Politically

  • the chair of the Trussell Trust was told “he must think more carefully otherwise “the government might try to shut you down”.
  • The Global Warming Policy Foundation were advised ‘concerns were raised that the charity was promoting views that were of a political rather than an educational nature’.
  • Oxfam was been rapped by the charity watchdog for not taking sufficient steps to avoid appearing politically biassed in a social media campaign which criticised the Government’s austerity programme earlier this year.

These are only examples, of how a breadth of Charities are experiencing this, what I feel is bullying.

This behaviour by the powers that be, is despite Government guidance which states:

Can a charity carry out campaigning and political activity?

The short answer Yes – any charity can become involved in campaigning and in political activity which further or support its charitable purposes, unless its governing document prohibits it.”

Although since then the Government’s introduction of the Lobbying Act has resulted in a report by the Commission on Civil Society and Democratic Engagement (CCSDE) stating “The law makes it almost impossible for charities and campaign groups to work together and speak out on politically contested issues in joint coalitions”.

Given the above, how does this affect the people needing help from the very organisations established to meet their needs? I have received today an example of precisely this; the situation is a benefit claimant who is also a disability activist, at tribunal

“I ended up saying all the things in the tribunal that I was warned by the CAB not to say. They kept saying they were not allowed to have a political opinion. I replied that I didn’t think it could be seen in other than a political light. I ended by telling them that if it goes against me I will be likely seeing them again shortly as my six months is up and I will reapply right away and that’s how ridiculous the system is. I was sent outside while they deliberated. When I was called back in I was asked if I was likely to top myself if the decision was negative. I replied that that was always an option but I would be much more likely to kill one of the oppressors. I was actually quite surprised to have won as I figured I may have gone too far”

So, here the Citizens Advice Bureau is advising people not to have an opinion about the Welfare Reform regime and how it affects them! Our experience at DEAEP is the Tribunal panels ASK questions that require such a response, they usually understand it is the process established by Welfare Reform that has created the problem; and they recognise that Welfare and Disability issues are by their very nature political, something CAB don’t appear to understand.

This reluctance by CAB to appear Political might be as a result to ensure they maintain their funding, and this is a real issue when it comes down to giving appropriate support to individuals, further I believe this is eludes to a greater problem -the morality of the voluntary/3rd sector in general. When community organisations begin they usually are in response to need but…as they grow to be successful, there is a shift from the ‘need’ to a want. The project then spends much of its time searching and bidding for money to allow it expand and employ people; thus begins a vicious circle where workers in fear of their employment, are forced to focus their energy on justifying and gaining financial support for their existence. Hence the original purpose becomes skewed if not lost.

This is an issue I’ve witnessed hundreds of times in my professional life, and it lies at the very problem of the ‘voluntary/community sector’, whose very ethos should be, to work itself out of existence; and it becomes an even greater issue when Government interferes with the actions of these vital projects.

It is an issue we directors of DEAEP are experiencing now, how can we finance the necessary expansion of our service, when any ‘funding we might access, comes with such boundaries? Our response was to set up as a social enterprise, aiming to sell bespoke training the other companies in order to continue to fund our peer support element; this prevents us accessing many funding streams and means we are growing very slowly, but at least we are able to offer truly impartial support  to those we work with.

17 thoughts on “Who can help Benefit claimants when Charities are no longer Impartial?

  1. Hi Jayne, I think you’re well aware of my opinions regarding the CAB as i said many times people are coming to me for help AFTER going to them, they advise roles such as “appeals workers” yet seem reluctant to represent, cronyism is rife, and the desire to play it safe, I try and help but not sure if you follow dpac, but someone wrote some pretty disgusting things about me on it

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  2. Hi Jayne, the government document quoted saying it’s permissible for charities to engage in political campaigning/activity is from 2008. Since then, the Coalition has passed the Lobbying Act (known as the Gagging Law), which makes the situation far more difficult and complicated. The impact is explained here. http://www.ekklesia.co.uk/node/21407 The Act was sold as something which would stop unfair corporate lobbying, but has in reality silenced charities and campaigning organisations. It needs to be repealed.

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  3. It would be interesting to know what the CAB’s total Government income is via Gift Aid perhaps they too should be hit with an information request if it was possible which I don’t think charities can be as they fall into private business

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  4. How can they be charitys when they themselves take government’s monies and slaves they bought into this now leave em get out of it has the slaves rebel against them leaving these so called charitys without nowt cab take monies from dwp and bow down to the m when they should have all said no shamefully

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  5. I think CAB are a much needed a brilliant organisation, however when any charity gets that large it does start to cause issues about funding and politics. CAB do a lot of campaigning on our behalf and do make a real difference. I think part of the reason CAB often seem to be less helpful is they are one of the most realistic charities out there. They don’t start any campaigns or offer advise that is too unrealistic. They realise you have to keep the government somewhat on side to ever help make a difference, un like some charities who distance themselves to the point nothing ever changes.

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  7. Unfortunately, CAB are far from impartial – they also have their snouts in the trough, benefiting as they do from the government’s Community Work(fare) Placement programme, where JSA claimants are forced to spend 30 hours a week working for nothing, under threat of sanction.

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  8. The excellent Benefits and Work advice website has come up with a cunning plan.

    A way to get the so-called big parties out of power, that are causing so much threats to life to so many people in the UK, of all ages.

    The poor, sick, disabled, old, young, families, all have more power than they have had for a century today, in the 2015 general election.

    Don’t think this is not possible. SY.RIZ.A (yes the dots are right) is made up of a getting together of lots of socialist parties and left wing greens and they have just won a landslide victory.

    The pundits say we are headed for another coalition in a hung parliament.

    See how the poor could change government utterly in 2015 for a fixed term 5 year parliament.
    See how on my personal website at:

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