Tory Cuts KILL – perhaps it’s because they’re Psychologically disturbed?

Yesterdays news was full of the latest findings from Institute for Fiscal Studies demonstrating  the ConDems Changes to the Tax and Benefits system has cost households £1,127 a year on average, and even the Mail concedes this means “poor families have lost the most as a percentage of their income“; and yet despite this, the Government still maintained “UK income inequality is now lower than when this Government came into office“.

I doubt anyone will be remotely surprised at the Coalition disputing the data, this is another example of how this unelected Government has persistently and systematically Lied to the people.

There been countless claims on social and even occasionally in main stream media about the number of people dying as a result of Welfare Reform, and those of us involved in any of the campaigns to raise awareness, need no persuading this is an absolute truth. The situation where respected organisations produce solid date, which then gets refuted and spun by Politicians is the pro forma stance by the Condems.

Lucy Mangan in Today’s Guardian writes maybe the best answer I’ve read in the national media – “If you don’t understand how people fall into poverty, you’re probably a sociopath“, this is something many of us on social media have said on countless occasions, and it certainly seems to apply to Cameron, Ids and Co, but what does this mean in reality. A Sociopath is listed in the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5), as an Antisocial Personality Disorder, with a “propensity for violence, a remorseless mind, indifference to others’ rights and not caring about ethical behaviour or laws”; this suggests the cabinet at the very least is led by people who have a recognised psychiatric disorder.

If we accept this as an explanation as to why those in question behave the way they do it explains much, perhaps this is how IDS can laugh as fellow MPs relate tales of hunger and starvation from their constituencies, why vital cancer treatments can be denied because of a budget target, and precisely why The poorest were not hit hardest by tax and benefit changes by chance: it was by design. 

However explaining what is behind the behaviour of the Government doesn’t help us, what it can do is offer us another argument to demonstrate just how damaging the current Government is the the nation’s people. I expect I will now receive the popular refutation of Political parties all being the same, I do not concede with this . I do agree given the definitions above, all Parties do have certain members to whom this may be applied, but this is not reason to do nothing; we have an opportunity in May to rid ourselves of this dysfunctional group, and we Must, for the sake of the people take it.

If you accept any of the above argument, don’t sit on the proverbial fence of having no choice, reclaim your personal power and pass on the evidence – the unelected Party in power today are Unfit to Govern and MUST GO.

Join us in our campaign to hold #IDS to account and sign IDS – TIME TO STOP THE LIES and make at least one of the Sociopaths answer for his actions

29 thoughts on “Tory Cuts KILL – perhaps it’s because they’re Psychologically disturbed?

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  2. I wouldn’t say this any where else, but I had to move out of my small two bed house because of the bedroom tax, I am no longer able to my family and grandchildren,, who live some distance away to stay, this denies me the need for some family life. I’ve had my DLA Higher rate mobility cut and low rate care, to the medium rate PIP, This means I can no longer afford to run my car, and for me this is the only way I can get around and get out of this small flat . I’m sick of fighting. I have worked all my working life until I became ill, through no fault of my own. I’m sick of fighting, I’m sick of not having the life I’ve worked so hard for, I sick of being called a liar (they don’t use that world)…. by this government and their minions. I am battling depression on top, of mucular skeletal challenges, PTSD, and Fibro Myaligia, why don’t they just put me down, I can’t go on like this. Every time I try to pick my self up and accept and move onwhat life has thrown at me , they crush my spirit again…..


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  4. Yes the sooner we can be rid of these callous uncaring people the better. And let us not forget that they are a cobbled together,unelected government who did not have a mandate to carry out the awful policies on social security and our NHS that they have.For some of the consequences of these policies they should be held legally responsible.


  5. I agree with you Jayne, that people should vote and something I have been urging people to do for some time. Not voting only leaves the inmates in charge of the asylum and nothing will be changed. And I urge them to vote anything but Conservative or Labour. As for a democratically elected Government, in reality, with the First Past the Post electoral system, we have never had a truly democratic Government.


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    I agree with you Jayne, that people should vote and something I have been urging people to do for some time. Not voting only leaves the inmates in charge of the asylum and nothing will be changed. And I urge them to vote anything but Conservative or Labour. As for a democratically elected Government, in reality, with the First Past the Post electoral system, we have never had a truly democratic Government.


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    I don’t think you can refute Jayne’s charge that the present government are sociopaths. The author of the book, The Psychopath Test, that came out a few years ago made much the same point. He did not mention any particular party, but said that the characteristics of the psychopaths were surprisingly common, and could be found in politics and industrial leadership. Frankie Boyle also stated that he wasn’t surprised the upper class were like they were, given their upbringing, at the Guardian International Television Festival last summer. He pointed to their public school education, which was exactly like the Spartans.


    • The broader angle of most of the Elite actually fitting into this category is something I considered whilst writing and popped on one side for another day perhaps:-).

      Thanks Beast as always xx


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    Very sad that people have no idea that they lack any empathy, kindness, love and compassion and yet are able to create such suffering for those who are unable to help unfortunate circumstances.
    Sending much love to Julie – hope things improve very, very soon.

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  9. Now that we starve more and more, freezing to death in this cold winter, we face those over 60 retiring next year with NIL STATE PENSION FOR LIFE even after a lifetime in work, paying National Insurance or gaining NI credits for various reasons.

    See why under the below, in my Why this is important section:

    The present government are not sociopaths or in any way psychologically disturbed.

    They are the exact same aristocracy we always have had, with exactly the same views on the poor for a thousand years and more.

    We have forgotten that the workhouse and New Poor Law back in the 19th Century killed 5 million people, mostly vulnerable.

    That half of Ireland’s population starved to death in the Potato Famine in 1845. It took an English Lord to take it upon himself to break ranks, even against his own mother’s wishes, to go and see for himself and write up what was happening. The world, not England, came to Ireland’s aid. The Lord, upon his arrival, saw Irish men crawling on all fours in the street, in the last moments of starving to death. It is believed around about 1 million died in that famine.

    Today our starving in the UK are dying, conveniently out of sight, in a freezing cold house, with no food about them. Or homeless not found in death as died under a bush.

    We are the only nation in Europe that did not accept EU funding direct to food banks. The state spent it uselessly on benefit admin, delivering nothing to the starving.

    We are the only EU nation that does not provide daily free cafes, without food vouchers, to feed the working poor, poor pensioners and the unemployed, 7 days a week.

    The state subsidies energy from waste companies to burn still edible food, and not Fareshare, the supplier of surplus food from the food industry. So Fareshare only gets 5,000 tonnes, when 400,000 tonnes are available. Source – The Times. Yes The Times. Because the rich know the result of leaving the poor to starve throughout the world, historically.

    The energy from waste companies could collect millions of tonnes of rotten food direct from households, which now is just going to landfill, and save councils some of the budget for rubbish collection and landfill.

    The Times berates the Tories welfare reform as entirely preventable impoverishment, costing billions in admin to deliver nothing worthwhile.

    Because 97 per cent of all benefit is to those IN WORK or POOR PENSIONERS.

    Only 3 per cent is to the unemployed, and admin must be huge to deliver 1 million benefit sanctions, that then result in over 900,000 food bank referrals (even direct from the Jobcentre).

    750 Jobcentres nationwide delivering not finding jobs, since I asked back in 1977. I’ve yet to meet someone who got a job through a Jobcentre. TV programmes who set up a private recruitment shop next door to a Jobcentre, had claimants all expressing they had none of any of the help given by the recruitment consultants.

    The entire Department of Work and Pensions admin including Jobcentres could go tomorrow, if all the conditionality of benefit and state pensions ended.

    The employees of these cruel institutions are doing the bidding of politicians, like the workhouse owners, who sold the kids separated from parents into bonded servants like slaves in markets.

    Even men as old as 70 were punished for being poor and being in the workhouse, by doing the prison punishment of the treadmill, that a mis-step could crush your feet to pulp.

    So ask yourself, why are The Greens hiding away the one and only new and unique policy, that would wipe away all the billions spent on benefits admin and end starvation tomorrow?

    The Greens said they offer the Citizen Income, to the level of basic tax allowance, the same for everybody, so ending all need of benefits admin altogether.

    This would pour about £300 billion into the economy every year, creating youth jobs especially on the high street. Give a chance for young people to run their own business and thrive. Local shops to do well and bring more jobs for all ages.

    Ask your local Green candidate why?


  10. Found on another blog:
    Now for our next trick: making elderly JSA claimants grovel to use toilets at jobcentres
    Posted on January 24, 2015
    More on the sort of ritual humiliation people must now tolerate at jobcentres as a matter of course:

    Not given access to toilets when forced to stay at jobcentre session for hours, for man 60, sick. Had to grovel, but still denied a toilet break, in front of a group session of 12 strangers, claiming benefit but not permitted personal interviews.

    This will be the fate of many elderly, forever stuck on Jobseekers, as suffer NIL STATE PENSION FOR LIFE on and from 6 April 2016. See why, under my petition, in WHY THIS IS IMPORTANT at:

    Interviewed criminals by law have the right to regular toilet breaks in police station.


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