3 thoughts on “A Message From The Ghost Of Christmas Yet To Come…

  1. It’s no magical time for the kids of the poor,
    With dad out of work,
    And mother with thoughts, of becoming a whore,
    With his benefits sanctioned,
    And no jobs to be had,
    There’s no Santa Claus suit,
    For this out of work dad,
    No decorations or presents,
    Or trees with their lights,
    Only hunger and rickets,
    And very cold nights,
    It’s Christmas Eve now,
    With bailiffs at the door,
    They’re taking the things,
    He once worked hard for,
    He was kicked out of work,
    His job given away,
    To a poor young kid,
    Who now works hard for no pay,
    Boxing Day they are homeless,
    Bedroom tax done its job,
    Another poor family destroyed,
    By an uncaring psychoticTory KNOB.

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    • Why Thank you Jayne, may I take this opportunity to wish you, your readers, and commentators, Seasons Greetings no matter how humble and poor they may be, may the best of everything come to you all. with the hopes of a Tory free future.

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