IMAGINE – All disabled and young people Voting?!

Imagine if  15 MILLION disabled people and young people all registered and voted in May 2015?!

That’s the aim of Two different campaigns, Operation Disabled Vote has set up a web page aiming to ensure as many of the 11 Million disabled people in the UK are registered, ready to participate in Election 2015. If you need more reasons to refister/vote visit  DISABILITY COUNTS

The TUC are working with Bite The Ballot to reach the 4 Million UK young people, eligible to vote next year but who are unregistered.

FIFTEEN Million people, all who have been discrimnated against by the current regime. ready and willing to participate in electing the next Government; what would the outcome be?

My guess, is Not another Tory/right wing Government?

I don’t know what the make up of a Parliament elected in disadvantaged people will look like, but it surely would be more democratic, fairer and willing to engage; particularly as MPs would know, we won’t tolerate more of the same.

If You are not registered or you know someone who isn’t Visit  Operation Disabled Vote / Bite the Ballot   DISABILITY COUNTS   or pass the message on today….

…Go On Imagine??

9 thoughts on “IMAGINE – All disabled and young people Voting?!

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  2. Women who turned 60 from 2013 are coming off the electoral roll as no party offers them anything but a penniless old age, after half a decade of loss of state penson payout
    when MPs are having the same money as an 11 per cent pay rise in 2015

    13 million people struggle to make ends meet each and every day, according to Oxfam.
    The majority reason over 50s not in work is due to being disabled / chronic sick, losing benefits more and more, even to War Veterans already getting military pension / state pension,
    when before got a Life Award.
    Half of over 50s are within the working poor, in amongst the majority of those on benefits again being lost more and more. (97 per cent of benefits bill is those in work / poor pensioners).
    There is around a 50 per cent unemployment rate of over 50s / over 60s outside of London, and around London about 20 per cent.
    2.6 million pensioners are far far below the bread line and just on it.

    I am disabled, chronic sick, unemployed, no benefits of any kind, not permitted to increase my National Insurance credits because my elderly parents passed away 2 years ago and I did not need the extra NI credits until the flat rate penson raised the needed NI contribution years from 30 to 35 years. Works pension, as is the average for women, within 4 per cent poorest income.

    Some or all of this is shared by millions of people, that even The Times now say is causing … ‘Predictable and entirely avoidable impoverishment’…

    Some say welfare reform is the root cause of the 70 per cent rise in starvation, needing a huge rise in malnutriton hospital admissions as stated by many doctors again and again in England and Wales.

    It cannot be coincidence that the near 70 per cent rise in many months long benefit sanctions that can hit a person 60 with health issues just as much as a young mother with a new baby, does not result in starvation, as it takes a month to die of hunger.

    The Greens have a unique new set of policies that help the poor of whatever age, by replacing the cruel benefits regime, that is actually ADDING to national debt by the £25 billion overspend from all the benefits admin of all the benefit changes:

    – universal, automatic Citizen Income, non-withdrawable
    to the level of the basic tax allowance
    with a supplement for the disabled.

    – Full State Pension for all citizens, irregardless of National Insurance contribution / credit history, instead of now leaving citizens with NIL STATE PENSION FOR LIFE
    and The Greens also giving a supplement for the disabled.

    The Greens need to address other parts of their policies around the poor, but as people are facing total lack of food and fuel money, we, the poor, cannot look to any other party for help. Labour’s Mr Balls states againand again that Labour would even harder on welfare reform than the Tories.

    Such as the new socialist party, Left Unity Party, voted down in their Spring Conference, having a Citizen Income.


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