People starving to death in the UK – on David Cameron’s doorstep

If there was Ever a reason to have Iain Duncan Smith, the Minister responsible for these disasters Investigated – it is THIS?

#IDS These Deaths are YOUR Responsibility

Pride's Purge

 (not satire – it’s the UK today!)

Austerity kills. It killed Mark Wood and it killed David Clapson. Both starved to death as a direct consequence of the coalition government’s austerity programme. Both were vulnerable adults who starved alone, bewildered at being punished by those they thought were helping them.

The two people closest to these victims will share a platform on 27 November in Witney, David Cameron’s constituency. Cathie Wood, the sister of Mark Wood, and Gill Thompson, the sister of David Clapson, will demand to know why their brothers died at the hands of the state. They are determined that other vulnerable people should not share their brothers’ fate, victims of an inhuman political ideology.

“We are sticking to the task. But that doesn’t just mean making difficult decisions on public spending. It also means something more profound. It means building a leaner, more efficient state. We need…

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3 thoughts on “People starving to death in the UK – on David Cameron’s doorstep

  1. Instead of signing a petition, you might care to share my petition’s information to tell women born from 1953 and men born from 1951 (the bulk of those left bothering to vote) of their impending penniless old age forever coming with the biggest con in UK history of the flat rate pension.

    Once you add the poorest 20 per cent income that also includes the half of the working poor who are over 50s / over 60s, and poorest pensioners, then government could change utterly for the first time in UK history.

    Labour could even do a u-turn and repeal the Pension Bills 2010-2014 brought in by the Tories.

    But The Greens have the solution that ends starvation for all, with their unique set of policies they seem reluctant to share widely:

    – automatic and universal Citizen Income, non-withdrawable
    to the level of the basic tax allowance

    – Bettered State Pension, giving all citizens a full state pension and
    leaving no citizen with nil or vastly reduced state pension which already is the lwoest of all rich nations bar poor Mexico.

    This replaces all the cruel benefits regime that is designed to starve, as benefit sanctions that are months long, threaten death as it takes a month to starve to death.

    Bearing in mind that loss of benefit means not universal access to the scant permitted 3 food vouchers a year to food banks, when in Europe there are free cafes providing free cooked meals and hot drinks to the working poor, poor pensioners and unemployed (the latter the least in number of the starving).

    I wonder at The Greens’ reluctance to make these unique and new (only brought about at this year;s Spring Conference) policies that once and for all end starvation.

    And end all the huge growing benefits admin, with managers with good pay, only to leave the bulk of the poor, in or out of work, and pensioners to starve. This has been the cause of the £25 billion overspend on welfare, not the starving poor within the 20 per cent poorest income.


    • I absolutely agree with your comments, and would urge all readers to sign both petitions; there are many battles essential to the survival of the poorer and the time has come for us all to work together and force Governments to Listen to the People


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