It’s time to unite, not to advocate more boundary changes

I’ve called for disabled/sick people to come together regularly through my blogs; this is a great summary of the reasons why we should Unite and Not allow the rhetoric of Gov or anyone else to divide us.

Making rights make sense

A quick reply to Sue Marsh’s important post earlier today.

People cannot exist, let along get on in life, while enduring grinding poverty. And one needs only look at levels of poverty and material deprivation among disabled people to recognise that in the UK and internationally the right to live life free of poverty is rarely realised.  People are absolutely right to oppose the reforms underway because they are not doing anything to alleviate or eradicate poverty.  The current programme of welfare reform is in fact making matters worse.  That – in my personal view – is not a matter for debate.

What is a matter for debate is setting out a viable alternative and how to win the political and public argument for it.   A few principles that I suspect – hope – we all agree on:

People with impairments and health conditions:

  • Have the right…

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One thought on “It’s time to unite, not to advocate more boundary changes

  1. Disabled people have become the victims of a vicious and unprecedented attack by the political elite in Westminster. In terms of inclusion we have been driven back into the dark ages by a political elite who have cut benefits, created the bedroom tax, have dismantled the services that disabled people need access to. Disabled people have been vilified as benefit cheats and scroungers by these Westminster politicians and their friends in the right wing press. It seems they do not think disabled people can make no positive contribution to our society as a whole. Disabled people are being deliberately impoverished, disenfranchised and marginalised by Westminster politicians and their policies. Whilst our human rights, and our very right to exist in an inclusive society is being eroded on a daily basis. What disabled people need is a political party, one created by disabled people to fight for the rights of disabled people in Westminster. If UKIP can do it for the right wing then we as disabled people can do the same for disabled people.


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