After yet another series of posts demonstrating how IDS and the DWP are continuing to Lie about the impact of Welfare Reform on disabled people; I decided it was time to take action, and along with Debbie Sayers,  we’ve started another petition.


Use the full Powers of the Commission and investigate Iain Duncan Smith Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, for his regular use of untruths and the persistent deception misleading of The House of Commons, Select Committees and the Media.

The Commissioner is responsible for  investigating  complaints about MPs who have allegedly breached the Code of Conduct or related Rules and we believe IDS has breached at least TWO of the Principles. Most of these principles are concerned with finance and expenses but, we argue IDS persistent use of distorted statistics, causes a breach of Accountability and Honesty; this is especially the case as The Government in their response to the Work & Pensions and the Public Administrations Select Committeesagree that “Government statistics should be presented in a way that is fair, accurate and “unspun” .

To this end, our petition  is worded:

” Iain Duncan Smith continues to ignore his Government and persists in misusing statistics, and it is for these reasons we believe it is time for the Powers of the Commissioner for standards to be exercised, and for Iain Duncan Smith to be independently and openly investigated for breach of Conduct”

If YOU agree that it is time for IDS to be made to pay for this ongoing assault on disabled people, please SIGN, SHARE, BLOG, & TWEET about this Campaign –

We may have started it but…it belongs to YOU.

Thanks Again for all your Support

Jayne & Debbie

Tweet- #IDSTimeForTruth  #NOWPetition


24 thoughts on “IDS – TIME TO STOP THE LIES

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  2. IDS’ biggest lies:
    Q: People are dying after being sanctioned?
    Duncan Smith says he does not accept that. There have to be good reasons for someone to be sanctioned. And this is a contract; people have a duty to look for work. He says Abrahams is “almost being ludicrous” on this. She seems to think that the whole idea of sanctions is wrong… rules imposed leading to people losing benefits were fair, he said in tetchy exchanges with the Labour MP Debbie Abrahams. He said only between 4% and 6% of claimants were subject to sanctions every month. Abrahams said people were dying as a result of losing money, and she questioned whether the regime was actually getting more people into work.

    Q: Some 2.8m left JSA last year. How many were sanctioned?

    Duncan Smith says he has written to Abrahams. The figures she raised at DWP questions in the Commons recently were wrong. Sanctions run at a rate of between 4% and 6% per month, he says. Some 12% of adverse decisions are overturned on appeal.

    Q: Are there delays with processing DLA (disability living allowance)?

    Devereux says there is an issue here. The DWP is addressing it.

    Q: What are the stages for rolling out universal credit?
    Duncan Smith says the DWP does envisage it being fully rolled out by the end of 2018.
    It will be rolled out nationally from February next year, starting with single people, then moving onto couple and families.

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