Together We ‘Minorities’ CAN beat the Uphill Struggle for Equality

A new report from the uni of Sheffield has found Welfare reform reinforces growing class prejudice reminiscent of Victorian era –

” many people now attribute unemployment and poverty to the failings of individuals, rather than to structural weaknesses in the British economy and entrenched socio-economic inequalities. Worryingly, negative views around welfare were also extended to the physically disabled and mentally ill. The research therefore suggests that, in the aftermath of the recession, there has been a decline in empathy and understanding for some of the most disadvantaged and marginalised groups in our society

Today the Guardian have turned over comment is free to black contributors, this is fantastic and exactly what we need more of as according to FleetStreetFox  “it’s 2014 and we’re speaking about foreigners in much the same way we did 100 years ago, with just as much nastiness, stupidity and flawed logic“. Other reports have arrived at similar conclusions, both the British Social Attitude survey and the Archbishop of Canterbury have shared concerns about the rise in racism. As a white woman I can’t speak on what this means in everyday day, but I empathise from the perspective of being disabled; I also accept it is my responsibility to challenge any racist attitudes wherever I find them.

I can’t help thinking this decline in empathy and understanding has something to do with the lack of challenge from the Country’s’ leaders towards prejudice, instead the current Political discussion is full of ‘blame culture’. When comments such as “we’re like under siege’ from ‘huge numbers’ of migrants“,  “some” disabled people are “not worth the full wage”, “Women ‘to blame’ for being raped” or  ‘people getting really good benefits are going to charity food banks; not only go with out challenge but are also regularly justified by skewed statistics pulled from the ether, we as a nation, are  in trouble.

The ease with which we can find comments like the above, and blogs and posts from people experiencing not only an increase in prejudice, but also discrimination, is terrifying;  further it is hard evidence of the reality of life in Britain for many of us from the ‘minority’ sectors of society. Continuing to to accept our problems are the fault of other minority group members, and, or choosing to believe the bigoted hype of the elite ran main stream media, can only result in the continuing collapse of the society we’ve grown up with. Acknowledging our own prejudices and electing to view them from the other side  is the way we individually fight back.

The really crazy thing about this, is we the ‘minorities’ actually  form a ‘majority’, and the only thing holding us back, are our individual fears of difference and of change. As a long time community activist I believe in people, not in a notion that all people are good, but in the belief we are better when we come together. As a collective sharing our strengths, skills knowledge and experiences we individually grow more powerful; but together we become formidable and through utilising the diversity, we can create change.

It is only by using our collective strengths we can challenge the structural weaknesses and demand the changes to the existing socio-economic inequalities that encourages prejudice to grow, thus ensuring our children and grandchildren benefit from a fairer and more equal society.

Together We Are STARS shining in the  dark and fighting against the Capitalist Light Pollution



18 thoughts on “Together We ‘Minorities’ CAN beat the Uphill Struggle for Equality

  1. I submitted this comment to the University of Sheffield, in response to their superlative brief, and was thanked.

    The toxic public discourse that berates and patronizes those living in poverty must end. The poor have so many obstacles to improving their situation. What is important is to really fight these prejudices that are so entrenched in those who are better off and which are contaminating public policy. Policymakers are making policies on the basis of negative stereotypes that are not true.

    The right-wing media are responsible for creating a serious backlash against *genuine* sick and disabled people. There is an urgent need for a press tribunal with power to issue injunctions and fines alongside a rule-making commission.

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  2. The Department for Social Security used to pay out money to people who need it. Now it is the Department for Work and Pensions – straight away this has subtly changed the goalposts!
    Another change is that social security is called welfare!
    Thirdly, as long as the government lump in pensions when saying how expensive welfare is, no one realises what the real cost is.

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  3. In 2010. 500,000 people marched through London in protest against the Cuts, primarily those aimed at the Sick and Disabled.
    The Government’s response was to relax the rules controlling their own Expenses and allow them greater freedom to employ Family Members.
    Two years later Lord Harrington submitted his (Government Sponsored) Report into the Work Capability Assessment, pointing out that it should be made more Humane, less Humiliating and take into account much more of the Claimant’s own Medical Records.
    The Government’s response was to make the WCA even harsher!
    When ATOS finally threw the in towel declaring the WCA to be “out dated” and “not working” the Government’s response has been to seek a new provider and, by the look of things, one with an even worse reputation than that of ATOS!
    They do not listen, they do not care.
    Friends, come the General Election DO NO WASTE YOUR VOTE! Let’s get this Murderous set of Eugenicists out of office for good and pray one day, they will have to answer for their CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY!

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