Could claimants choose the next government?

Interesting post on the likelihood of we ‘Skiving’ lot determining the next Government? Over to you


5 thoughts on “Could claimants choose the next government?

  1. I can’t remember the names offhand, but one tory MP said that the rich such get more votes than the poor and another said the unemployed shouldn’t be able to vote at all. I just ran a check on google (Hallelujah for google) and found this info:

    Tom Bursnall said:
    “It would be terribly ‘unfair’ of you to give equal representation rights to the chap who contributes 50 times more than the next person. In the same way as if you own 60% of shares of a company, you’ll get 60% of the voting rights at the Annual General Meeting.”

    I can’t find the name of the other MP that said the unemployed shouldn’t be able to vote, but with a bit more time to search I would find it.

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  2. So many things have changed since this was originally posted. Lib/Dems have sold themselves right down the river and I can’t imagine many Lib/Dem MP’s in the next Parliament.
    The Cons have been found out in so many lies and have failed miserably to get any of their promises delivered as they never meant them in the first place.
    A far right party called UKIP has neatly charmed itself into the “good old working classes” whilst being more right than the Cons, and consisting of a lot of Con MP’s – a lot of *ahem* “stupid” people are saying that they are the best party to vote for – as one man said as he voted at the last by-election, to vote for the UKIP candidate who had just gone over from the Cons, “Our Tory candidate didn’t do a thing for us here, that’s why I’ve voted UKIP” – *rolls eyes*
    We then have the situation in Scotland with the Scottish Labour Party and their “Westminster” leaders instructing them what to do and what way to vote for in the Independence Referendum, and then backtracking on the so called promises – that went down like a lead balloon and thousands of Scots have now left Labour and joined the SNP, (which is the only party in Scotland that is for the people of Scotland).
    I just hope that the idiots who vote for UKIP realise that they are going to end up with a Con/UKIP coalition if Labour don’t get enough votes. There again, I believe that Ed Milliband is not the right leader of the Labour Party, Ed Balls needs to go and the whole party as a whole needs to beef itself up and stop cow-towing down to that evil idiot Cameron.
    Oh, and I still believe it should be one man one vote!


  3. George Iain Duncan Smith, yes his first name is GEORGE! has done the most damage to the people in living history and certainly since the conservative party started in 1834.

    The person who said “allowing people to vote on how other people’s money is spent — if they don’t contribute — is dangerous” was Alexandra Swann of UKIP she was backing Cllr Tom Bursnall who made the remark


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