Apparently, David Cameron looks like a Prime Minister…

The Wonderful Juli @juxtaposed, has written an excellent analytical piece on the weird workings of the media as the relate to the reporting of Politics – This time The PM



Apparently David Cameron looks like a Prime Minister – which must surely be based on the fact that he is the Prime Minister rather than on any notion that he’s actually any good at it. Not that I’m claiming that Ed Miliband necessarily would be a good Prime Minister either but, really: Call-me-Dave is no leader, is he, not by any measurable means. He can’t command the loyalty of his troops, he’s really terrible at negotiating, he’s crap at strategy and he thinks in puddle-deep box sets. And as for his policies: they are ridiculous, petty, ignorant, cruel and extortionate. What Dave is good at, though, is insisting on the validity of tosh, pretending that he has had a coherent plan all along and reverting to the mob mentality of jeering and bullying when cornered. What he is good at is whipping out his serious face and reddening it on…

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7 thoughts on “Apparently, David Cameron looks like a Prime Minister…

  1. Looks like a Prime Minister? Looks like what he is to me, a toffee-nosed Bullingdon Boy who, together with the rest of his bunch of Eugenicists, is responsible for forcing thousands upon thousands into Poverty, Despair and Homelessness and the deaths of 10,600 who died within six weeks of having their Welfare Support withdrawn.
    He looks like a Murderer


  2. 100% agree with you BUT how does cameron get away with the feigning and the red face lol. There is no body in government that I would trust leaving a sweet in THIER view and telling them not to touch it, we all know that I would return to find all the sugar licked off and no one admit to it.

    God help us if we can’t trust those who are there to protect us, then who can we trust?


  3. Not so sure about People Power anymore. When I was at college, back in the Sixties, we’d have been out on the streets 2 months into this government but now, just apathy. People seem to have lost sympathy for those less fortunate than themselves. Ever since Thatcher it’s become a “Me, Me” Society. Sod the Poor, they deserve all they get. Sod the Disabled, most of them are just parasites. Sod the Environment (I Want my 4×4). Sod the Green Belt. In fact, the Majority don’t even seem to care about their kids and future generations. Let’s build Nuclear Power Stations, even though they produce the most Toxic Waste ever known to man.. Waste that could well remain deadly for thousands of years, we just don’t know. Waste we have no way of destroying but what the Hell? Wrap it up in concrete blocks and leave it for the kids to sort out! Profit, profit, profit.


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