What are the Parties real plans for benefit claimants post 2015?

The people responsible for the excellent Benefits and Work site ask “What do the parties really have planned for claimants after the next election?” for their November newsletter; as inspiration they offer their findings – the Ministry of Justice  are refusing to release how much they have raised  charging benefits claimants to appeal to tribunal as apparently it would cost too much to collect and collate the data. They also ponder how long before ESA and JSA claimants are also forced to use prepayment cards, to prevent them spending their benefits on anything other than “essential” items?

This got me thinking and I can’t help feel that short of a miracle, all benefit claimants will lose the right to full Housing benefits for anything other than a room/s in shared accommodation; this will be an extension on the existing rule for single people under 35?

Disabled people will continue to lose benefits until we are all forced to become house/room bound and with free limited internet only to DWP/official websites?

Hospital beds will be rented out by the hour, with benefit claimants being treated separately?

Benefits claimants who work less than full time will lose the right to vote?

I know these ideas are extreme but – we’re witnessing our rights to freedom being removed when we protest, we already pay to put our cases when we’re wrongly treated by civil servants, and our hospital are being privatised day by day, what is to stop Politicians furthering the aim of social control?

As you’ve no doubt guessed my mood is currently dark, so over to you readers, let me have your ideas or even better post them to benefitsandwork.co.uk, tweet them to @benefitsandwork  or leave them at: https://www.facebook.com/BenefitsandWorkPublishing?fref=ts.

Please copy me in – I’m intrigued 🙂 either leave as comments below,

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19 thoughts on “What are the Parties real plans for benefit claimants post 2015?

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  2. I fear that in at least one sense you are right about everything. Namely, with the possible exception of the last point, each item on that list is being implemented now, has been implemented or is being considered for that now. In the Netherlands, Sweden or both.

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  3. Hmm . . . A tad bleak – but I’ve spent the last few years predicting worse and I still feel I’m likely to be proven right if the Tories get back. And if the Left doesn’t get behind Labour, Tory Lite pillocks though they are, we WILL get the real Tories back, and likely with a majority (or worse, UKIP or a Tory-UKIP coalition – and that’s a prospect that should keep any sane person awake at night).

    A Tory majority will, I believe, see the chronically sick and disabled housed in vacant military camps or disused hospitals, fed, clothed, and medicated by the lowest bidders because, it’ll be claimed, that’s all the state can afford (unless they have family to support them – a lot of us don’t). And it will be swallowed whole by one of the most ill-informed electorates in the Western world (if you doubt that, spend some time every day on the comment pages of the right-wing press – Moron Central!). And frankly, these days, even the Guardian isn’t much better – the days when the intelligence of CiF commenters was palpably higher than that of the hacks are long gone.

    Why do I think it will happen? Because the government has spent the last four years making the sick and disabled into official, state-sanctioned, hate-figures – it is now almost a criminal act to be sick and disabled – and all that effort wasn’t for nothing, it was to lay the groundwork for something even worse, the perception of us as Untermenschen – less than human. A view popularised in mid-1930s Germany, only with Jews as the main victims (along, of course, with the disabled, the mentally ill, homosexuals, and gypsies (hey, I’m one-eighth Romany too – I’m screwed!), and we all know how that ended.

    I’m not saying the Tories are about to build extermination camps – but only because they’d never get away with it. I’m sure the temptation must be almost irresistible for some of them.

    Still, looking on the bright side, there’s a very good chance I’ll be dead by then. I’ll be the lucky one.

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  4. Well, two points. Some high-valued Dutch politicos have been talking about internment camps for der Arbeitsscheu, sorry, workless, for several months. Both the Dutch and the British have had them, but at different times. So did the Americans, and the Swedish military had lists of people to be interned, *in case* the Nazis invaded Sweden. So nothing new there. Today’s novelty is that camps are no longer necessary. Stepwise marginalisation of all sorts of supposed Untermenschen is all you need. That is happening today and will most likely continue.


  5. Hi Jayne, once again, a very good post. Although i’m really lost as to what to say, the situation is bleak I think whichever of the main parties gets in, and if UKIP get in the mix that would be a disaster. I blame feral middle England, as it is them who ae usually to blame. All the best

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  6. A good post Jayne – powerful!

    A tad depressing (as one of the other commenters said) but only what most of us (including me) are thinking/fearing!

    I’m yet to be convinced that Labour would be much kinder, but anything has to be better than the heartless regime we have now!

    Take care, Kimmie x


  7. Reblogged this on Christopher John Ball and commented:
    As ever Jayne hits the mark – we are sleep walking into a future devoid of humanity. With human beings seen, not as individuals, but as commodities to be exploited. Lord Freud and others already talk about us as ‘stock’ and here is our future. We are no more than cattle. IF WE LET IT HAPPEN. It is up to US.


  8. Reblogged this on Jay's Journal and commented:
    I find everything to be the same as Jayne and Ron’s thoughts. We the people have to fight back, and we the people have to take over the media so that the news gets through to the masses! It’s all been done before so we know it will work – we’ve taken a government down before and we can do it again.
    We have to think of our grandchildren and theirs as well – do we really want them as slaves? Do we really want them seen as less than human?
    Personally, I am waiting for the next referendum here in Scotland, there will be one and I think it will happen sooner rather than later. The so called promises that haven’t appeared have turned many, many thousands against Westminster and with already over 1.6 million Yes voters they are growing exponentially.
    The SNP are the third largest party in politics and they can’t be ignored any longer.

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    • Thanks Jay, personally I’d be loathe to see Scotland leave the UK, the rest of us would be so much lesser without you but… I Do get you. Better the UK divorce Parliament and the 1%? xx


  9. Reblogged this on markcatlin3695's Blog and commented:
    The feudal system comes back with a bang. By removing peoples benefits, housing etc they will in effect take us back to a time when poor people scrambled over each other to survive, bosses held life and death in their hands, “do as you’re told, there’s plenty more want your job”. Whilst the rich do as they please. If this continues, some will have nothing left to lose and then crimes rise, along with disease and poverty. Those who believe politics is boring need to WAKE UP before it’s far too late and we’ll lose forever those things we took for granted. The Welfare State and NHS what comes after that? I shudder to think.

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