Pass the sick bag not the pop corn: US verdict on DWP’s privatised sick note service

Thought #DWP could get no worse? Think Again – This is Terrifying!

EVERYONE who has EVER been Sick MUST know this

Westminster Confidential

Last week I revealed how Lord Freud, the welfare reform minister, had awarded a new contract to Health Management Ltd, subsidiary of US multinational company, Maximusto take over from doctors  to decide when you should return to work if you claim more than four weeks sick pay.

The programme is to be rolled out from November to next May aims to save up to £165 million a year by getting people back to work faster as part of Lord Freud’s welfare reforms. Effectively it will mean you will get a telephone consultation  from a call centre and be emailed when you should return to work. If don’t co-operate you will lose your benefit.

The company’s press release reveals the 63 month contract will be rolled out first in Wales, the Midlands and the North before it hits the more affluent South.

Richard A  Montoni, the multi billionaire chief executive…

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3 thoughts on “Pass the sick bag not the pop corn: US verdict on DWP’s privatised sick note service

  1. First they came after the ill and disabled, now they come after the workers, in a way I feel “told you so” because we have had the abuse and vilification from those workers in various press articles who thought they would be safe and untouched this shows that is not the case and this evil Govt as I always thought is after us all so now is the time to unite whether you are unemployed, disabled or a worker as no one is safe from this evil bunch of politicians.

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  2. Onwards the UK marches towards becoming the 51st State of America, except with only the WORST of its qualities! How exactly a call centre can decide if you are well enough to return to work? Lord Freud and the DWP don’t care for worker’s wellbeing, only that they keep flogging themselves, to death if necessary.

    Another insidious side to note from this: Maximus state: ” Adapting online banking and shopping technologies already embraced by consumers for use by a public programme presents a significant paradigm shift – one with multiple paths for implementation.”

    In other words, the push will be to ensure the majority of any benefits received will be in vouchers for food, clothes etc via businesses/products approved of by Maximus, and undoubtedly marked up and monitored. This, like TTIP, is a very anti-democratic, controlling route. Effectively pushing further the agenda to make all “wage slaves”.

    As usual touted as a way to save money (it won’t), but in reality another measure of Tories twisted Nazi ideology. This needs to be distributed widely. Cheers for keeping us informed Jayne!

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