If Labour said…

IF Labour Said…precisely (or even close to) what @juxtaposed write in this wishful post – They’d win #2015 with a Landslide

If you agree send this to your Labour MP/Cllrs today


“Dear Citizens

You are right: we’ve failed you. We have been letting you down for decades. We got so sucked into the machinery of modern establishment that we came to represent its interests first and always more than yours. We got so swept up in the glamour and excitement of Business, markets and competition that we didn’t notice how our obsession with outsourcing expansion to profiteers was shrinking your choices, your opportunities, your own standards of living. We became so dependent on the good will and approval of the televisual and printed press that we lost our heads to the purpose of self-preservation. We put our egos first and disregarded how Media was positioning both us and you. We realise, now, how you have been subjugated through a feedback loop of perpetual spin and hypocrisy; how your intelligence, wisdom and common sense have been treated with contempt; how we’ve made…

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3 thoughts on “If Labour said…

  1. Hi! Jayne
    I posted this on VP but I feel relates to this, so I hope you don’t mind my posting here as well?

    As a 63 year old I have never EVER voted Tory as I have never felt they have my interests at heart. As the 2015 election is now on the horizon I honestly haven’t got a clue who to vote for? my dilemma is: I do not feel that Labour has my best interests at heart either or the Country’s if it comes to that. I wanted them to come out and say categorically they will repeal the welfare bill AND all the other nasty policies the Tories have enforced upon us BUT they haven’t, the only Labour MP that I would trust to run the Country fairly & have our interests at heart is Michael Meacher but that won’t happen. I honestly feel that if Labour do win the next election we are only going to get a slightly watered down version of the Tories.. My other concern is that whatever Party wins next year they can say/promise anything in the run up to the election but once in power they can renege on their promises & there is nothing we can do about it. All I want is a government that is trustworthy & will run the Country in a way that will benefit ALL & not just the wealthy and one that will listen to the people, they seem to forget it is our money that pays their wages..
    This is the first time ever that I have got involved with politics but I just cannot sit by and watch the vulnerable being persecuted for the benefit of the rich, I have written FOI requests, written to my MP on numerous occasions, written to the BBC & other media, I also post on social media etc etc.
    I have always known which party I will vote for but not anymore, if I was truthful I would like a change of Labour leadership as I just do not trust the man, he does not come over as trustworthy or honest, in fact he doesn’t come over as anything.
    A very disillusioned confused pensioner x

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      • Hilary

        I replied to you over at VP, so won’t repeat it here

        But will agree that Milliband is doing some very silly things (The Hun stunt and today’s jaunt to scotia amongst them)

        He has, however, committed to abolishing the bedroom penalty tax. If he can be held to that it will give some respite to some very vulnerable people.

        Which puts his party way ahead of the nasty party, in my book

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