McVey’s latest Psycho-babble project is a Ploy to divert Public money to Private Sector?

Last December Sue Jones and I  wrote an article, The Just World Fallacy, considering the purpose of the Governments Nudge Unit; therein we demonstrated how unemployment is not caused by psychological barriers but by Governments failure to invest in appropriate growth projects, and how the aforementioned Nudge Unit works to spread the Tory mantra- the fault of worklessness lies firmly with the claimant.

Yesterday Esther McVey announced the latest ‘ psychological test’ for unemployed people, an attitude profile of their ‘psychological resistance to work’;  an assessment to identify if they are  “determined”, “bewildered” or “despondent” about seeking employment.

This latest scheme well named the  ‘segmentation programme’, as it will determine the future hoops claimants must jump through to access benefits, is based upon the work of Australian Therese Rein, founder and Managing Director of  Ingeus. Ingeus, in partnership with Deloitte, also happen to be, the “preferred supplier for seven of the DWP ’ 11 Frameworks for the Provision of Employment Related Support Services”  with contracts worth £150m a year , according to the FT.

Claimants in three unidentified Jobcentres are currently being interviewed to assess their attitudes, norms and self belief regarding work; this along with a  ‘background profile’, reported to determine if they come from a ‘troubled family’, the likely support of any partner in looking for work and their job history; will decide the ‘segment they are directed to.

Having undertaken the assessment, it appears claimants will directed into one of the WorkFare programmes, or for those being deemed less ‘mentally prepared” for work, they’ll become subject to intensive coaching, most likely to be claimants physically spending 35 hours a week in the Jobcentre learning how to write cover letters and sit interviews!

The DWP are initially aiming to expand this Pilot to a further 27,000 claimants, and as McVey expects these tests to become a “de rigeur” part of the signing on process, it is likely this programme will then go Nationwide. Given the collusion between McVey & Rein, I wonder if Ingenus will find themselves providing the national ‘segmentation programme’ ?

The programme concerns me on several levels, it appears to have no real bearing on assisting claimants access work, it provides the DWP with yet more ‘sticks’ with which to bully benefits claimants, and ‘tests’ deeming an individual be ‘less mentally prepared’ may well have a negative psychological affect on their self belief; thus becoming a self fulfilling prophesy. Therefore I fail to see any benefits to claimants?

Further we have a ‘new’ programme, costing an unknown amount of money, devised in conjunction with a primary beneficiary of the programme (Ingenus), designed to feed claimants directly into the very company that helped design the programme initially! it is also worth noting Ingeus Deloitte, “will pocket £773.5million if it meets targets on cutting jobless figure”, precisely what this programme will assist it to do; this is cronyism at its best 

I believe it is Time this Government STOPPED playing games with the public purse, STOPPED developing programmes of no public benefit  and STOPPED LYING to the People – What do you think?


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31 thoughts on “McVey’s latest Psycho-babble project is a Ploy to divert Public money to Private Sector?

      • Good to hear that. It means a lot to me, as I despise torture and hidden nudging. A very ex friend was on one wrong side in the APA torture debates. He said nothing, did not vote or object. Later I asked him why he did that. He answered that “science must be objective.” We are no longer friends. When I saw Steve’s first post, I googled: Seligman torture APA, and got the PDF. I sent it at once to Steve. Within one hour he blogged as above.

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  1. Deloitte is an actuary/accountancy firm: their sole purpose in this new little scam can only be to further cook the figures. They need them cooked: Osborne wants the interest rates raised presto, while Carney has been clever enough to see this suddenly under 7% unemployment figure scam for what it is.

    What I want to understand is how, 9 months from a general election, this government thinks it can still afford itself the luxury of more empty schemes. Unless of course they know they are going to be ousted, and just want to make sure they transfer as much money out of the public purse to their cronies’ private purses as it is feasibly possible.

    In the end, Jane, what makes me very angry is that the money they have spent on contracts with these private leaches of contractors would have paid our benefits, afforded us ‘disabled’ dignity and assistance, and who knows provide us with retraining and mobility to go to jobs that don’t exist but would have been created.

    I hope someone somewhere computes all the money paid out to private contractors out of the welfare state purse since 2007. Me? I’m too ill, and I have just got my ‘brown envelope’ telling me that if I do not apply for PIP by the 26 of this month, the remainder of my DLA, awarded in tribunal until 16 January 2015 and in which letter they state it’ll only be up for revision in 2015, will be “temporarily suspended”. Just for this, I am going to kick out one hell of a stink, even if it kills me. Which if it won’t, at least it’ll leave me on my last dregs once again. And of course Iain and Esther will then be bale to say what a damn shameless shirker I am…

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      • Leon, I’m sure they can’t, but has legality/illegality ever stopped them since 2010? How many illegal/unlawful things have they done…? It’s one of those things: How much do I love thee, let me count the ways!

        My guess is: I don’t apply until the 26th, they’ll suspend it anyway, leaving me to battle to get the money I’m owed, retroactively, months or years on. On the other hand: I apply before the 26, and then they’ll do as they did in 2007: tell me bluntly that sending in a DLA renewal application would count in effect as a ‘change of circumstances’, as a different assessor would have a different view and my award would in all likelihood be suspended. Oh, and that as far as they were concerned I could well lay down and die, it was my problem, not theirs.

        Now, imagine someone lost in the depths of depression, and without any other income, being told something like this…

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      • Yes, I did, and I’ve been following the conversations. Needless to say that I’ve been hoping (gosh, I’d even pray!) for that to happen to me too, but my brown envelope letter (9 pages!!!) is worded differently, and it’s not from DWP per se as the last letter I received last January was, but from some office in Wolverhampton (which as far as we know is a novelty). What I know is it took me over 3 months to get copies of my medical records and everything for my appeal, how can I do it now in just two weeks? We told ourselves that they would be just postponing everything in order to pass the potato over to the next government, but now in light of this new centre we’re not so sure any more. We’re trying to define a strategy, hubby and I, which will probably include resending evidence from last claim, top it up with surgery notes plus letter from GP stating I deteriorated since last year… And since our MP is a Conservative and therefore co-responsible as far as we’re concerned, he’s going to hear from me yet again about these ‘new’ developments, and in no uncertain terms… 😉

        I was so humiliated last time, that I got to that place where the old saying applies, you know, when you feel you have nothing else to lose…? And yet I know exactly what it is going to do to me. I’m already all over with my sleep pattern and nightmares and headaches and tinnitus and blood pressure… Oh, the list is just too long. Do you think Mr. IDS — er… the DWP gets off on torturing and KOing us?

        Thanks for your care and reply, Jane. “Little things” such as these – that’s where we draw some strength from, isn’t it?. xxN.

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    • I suspect it is more than an auditing firm. It is one of the “big four” consultancies, the others being KPMG, McKinsey and Price Water house Cooper. For Example, KPMG UK and NL (Nederland) were acquired by Atos Origin (since 2011 Atos). They helped privatise Dutch care and most likely the NHS, via Mark Britnell. I describe that here: . The Big Four were recently involved in silencing dissent in Hong Kong: .

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  2. These tools have wasted £Billions of our money on play things to keep them amused but unfortunately they have only proved what we already know, they are the idiots and the tools that have destroyed our country and made us a laughing stock, they are still flouting every law in EU and those of the UN regarding their treatment of the disabled be it physical or mental.
    They seem to have forgotten that they will be unemployed come May 2015. Can’t wait.

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  3. There is also a union bashing agenda in this not Tory enough for us ? – Well , we’ll stop your benefits scenario

    Note the bit about team player , in my experience it’s just sugar to swallow 1t with and they tend to be crude , destructive and devise , i.e. Who went to the rep , who reported a serious H&S issue , who is off work at the moment ?

    In an attempt to sound ” fair ” and I stress the word attempt , McVey has contradicted herself by citing the Cait Reilly case , IDS went to town on her in the likes of The Daily Mail , the narcissistic sociopath was furious for her having the temerity to challenge the legality of his badly thought through scheme . It was a damn them for their impudence , how dare they get above their station and not their place article , to get brain dead Middle England frothing at the mouth .

    Definitely Corporate Welfarism – that’s how a proper parasite works , people not apparently being aware of them .

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  4. Reblogged this on UNEMPLOYED IN TYNE & WEAR and commented:
    Ingeus ? Oh dear… having experienced two years of them on Work Programme, I can only say that they couldn’t organize a… well, couldn’t organize anything much beyond diverting publish cash into their own coffers.

    While there, I experienced one of their psychological tests. It was a case of ticking boxes, many of which didn’t match my situation and there was no “none of the above” option.
    Answers were given points which, when added up, told you what kind of animal you were. Yes, what kind of animal… it seemed more like a test for 10 years, indeed might actually have been designed by 10 year olds.
    Just for the record, I was a Tiger… albeit only because I got fed up after the first two questions and thereafter just ticked boxes randomly. I’ve absolutely no recollection of what jobs tigers were supposed to be good at.
    I do remember that another possible animal was the Sloth. Presumably if you were one of them you got sanctioned on the basis that you must be lazy. That’d fit in with Ingeus’s simplistic worldview.

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  5. Then if people don’t answer these questions, especially about their background and to find out if they came from a “troubled background”, then they can suspend sanction everyone can they? I don’t think so.
    McVey is a disgrace to all women as well as a disgrace to politics. She’s very near the end of her “career” as it is, and has only been allowed to see how the bigger boys and girls get to play, without her being able to join in and told to sit “over there” on the naughty step 🙂
    McVey is doing this now to try and get some attention AGAIN – but if everyone refuses to go along with it then she’ll be out on her erse quicker than you can say “clean underpants”…

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  8. Reblogged this on SMILING CARCASS'S TWO-PENNETH and commented:

    Psychological manipulation; brainwashing, if you like.

    This changes the criteria for claiming JSA- to be actively seeking work- to actively seeking work ourway and changes it from an objective test of such activity to a subjective test of the methodology of such activity.

    If you don’t fit our profile of the subservient employee, then no money for you.

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  9. Just a quick addition to your piece, Jayne. Scuse the copy/paste from Wiki, but I’m in a bit of rush, but it’s always worth noting when Rein’s name comes up:

    ‘Rein is the wife of Kevin Rudd, who was the Prime Minister of Australia, holding the office from 2007 to 2010 and then again in 2013.’

    ‘In 2011 Ingeus UK was awarded 23 percent of the Work Programme contract by the UK Government. Some speculation has ensued regarding funds purported to have been given in support to the Employment Minister Chris Grayling.’


  10. We have austerity yet millions magically appear to pay for this nonsense. Why don’t they use it to provide some full time living wage jobs? I expect it will be all trick questions, damned if you do and damned if you don’t. Probably go on permanent record to use against you at a later date.


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