‘Making it up As we Tory Along’

Ever Voted #TORY or Failed to Vote – THIS is YOUR Legacy! Thanks 😦


We are the Tories
And this is our song
It’s called

‘Making it up as we Tory Along’

And whether we’re right
Or whether we’re wrong
We believe we are right

So, come on..

And support your local conservative man
If you think publicly owned stuff’s a nanny state scam
When you can just purchase a privatised plan
If you like that a school can make up its own rules
And you think that the poor are just idlers and fools
That the sick and disabled are burdensome cheats
And you want undesirables cleared from the street
If you’re full of resentments regarding your tax
And think working on welfare will ever fix that
If you still are deceived about who is to blame
And think finance and markets remain a fair game
That the City’s unfairly achieved a bad name
That the regions all benefit by London’s gain

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One thought on “‘Making it up As we Tory Along’

  1. Now where did I leave my pitchfork?

    A few weeks ago the plutocrat Nick Hanauer appeared on the Channel 4 News programme (and also had an article published in Politico magazine). He stated that ‘no society can sustain this kind of rising inequality’ (between rich and poor) and that he feared the arrival of ‘peasants armed with pitchforks’.

    Sadly, though, I feel that his fears are groundless; despite the suffering of the poor arising from the cruel and vindictive policies of the current government I see few signs of a new Peasant’s Revolt.

    When did we become so compliant and submissive?

    Where is the Wat Tyler for our generation?

    Without action, nothing will change.

    Me? I’m sharpening my pitchfork. How about you?

    John Costello
    Activist for ‘We Are Shadows’


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