ESA – URGENT Call for HELP??

A comment left on my recent PIP post really needs answering; I’m copying it here in the hope someone can help Julie:

I am so confused. I had my pip form and have filled it in,waiting for my CPN care plan. Went to look at my ESA payment in the bank, and to pay a bill,I get it every two weeks(I am in the support group)It wasn’t there??????????? I have had no letter to say that they are stopping it. I thought they could only stop your payment,if you were in the WRAG..I just don’t know what to do now. I cannot phone them,as I have only got a mobile and can’t phone their Bull@@@@ 0800 number.

Has anyone else had this happen?

I’m sure this isn’t an isolated  incident and if anyone has any productive ideas for Julie PLEASE leave them here – I’ll forward them on

On a broader note – THIS type of situation arises because #DWP no longer have Free Phones in JobCentres – Where DO people Go???

  Let the TRUTH come out #NOWPetition #ImpeachDWP



28 thoughts on “ESA – URGENT Call for HELP??

      • I’m in the Support Group of ESA. i was told i’d be migrated from DLA to PIP in Nov/Dec 2013…i was sent the forms and returned them late Dec 2013.. a few weeks later I was informed my bank account was overdrawn and on checking saw my ESA had not been paid. After phoning them I was told sometimes PIP can trigger benefits being stopped something to do with computer ussues!! It auto triggers ESA being stopped. hmmmm !! it was a computer problem they are aware of and trying to fix.. or NOT as the case maybe. I posted this in several groups so people can be aware of it and keep checking their bank when they apply for PIP. I was told if i was desperate they could pay me within a few hours but would have to apply to a supervisor for it otherwise it would be 2/3 days.. ppfftt sorry love not my problem and don;t try to hide the failings of the stupid computer system.
        i hope this helps somewhat, take care
        Jan x

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  1. as she tried her MP?, once you do that you can raise it with the independent complaints examiner, I’m finding they are stopping payments in many cases even support group for some ridiculous decisions, it may be that she has been sanctioned, usually by someone who doesn’t know their own rules(the 365 day ruling for contribution benefit whilst on Support Component is a regular one, it could be that, but raise it with her MP(hopefully not a Tory)

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  2. Sometimes any adjustment DWP make to your claim can stop the auto payment being released. I think you will have to call them to sort try this no [03456088545] it is slightly cheaper from a mobile. Hope you get sorted. MC

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  3. Most mobile phone companies now give you the freedom to call on numbers, it may be worth contacting CAB once you have called the benefits office.
    I hope you can get things sorted very soon.

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  4. The time this happened to me was because I was due for reassessment (not that I knew it as no one had said how long my award was for) but no one had sent me any paperwork. I was thus classed as having failed to return paperwork and my payments were stopped without warning. A little later I received a P45 (I think) through the post and a few days after that a letter saying I had “failed” to return my ESA questionnaire.
    It took a lot of sorting out and the intervention of my MP. I don’t know if this is what has happened here though. If it is, action needs to be taken soon, as you have to put in an appeal for your case to be “reopened” (a decision maker decides whether you had good cause not to submit your form). Otherwise you have to submit a whole new claim and any backpayment will be based on assessment rate, not support group rate.
    I had the advantage of being able to call them through my landline to find out what exactly was going on. I don’t know what I would have done otherwise.

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  5. I haven’t had this yet on ESA, but it happened a few times on income support, literally a box not ticked by accident, an oversight, I’m hoping this is the case now, we all are so scared and nervous all the time we automatically think the worst. Contact has to be made though it wont be picked up as there are no checks

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  6. How long has she been on ESA? As someone previously mentioned, ESA is a timed benefit that is usually (not always) awarded for 12 months. There is no warning issued when it expires and the benefit is simply stopped being paid by DWP (computerized system!). This means you have to re-claim the benefit well in advance to prevent it being suddenly stopped. However, DWP are not the sharpest organisation in the world (no surprises their), and often a benefit is stopped in error due to a ‘clerical oversight’. I would contact them on the cheaper 0345 number and explain why and ask in the interim for a form J10 for a hardship payment in the interim if it has been timed out! If she is in the Fylde coast (Lancs) area, I can help her with the claim as I am an volunteer Advocate in this area. Ian

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  7. I have seen this happen in various places here and there on FB. The bottom line is that its unacceptable and of course causes extreme stress ,remember Christmas 2013 when thousands went without because the payments had not been paid in.Imagine the despair of those with no families/friends to help at that time I often wonder what happened to those poor people did some take their own lives I suspect they did as Christmas is a high point for Suicides..I have read all of the comments and people really want to help.Trouble is its like Ground Hog day because this will happen again and again Therefore I see this as a Crime because in effect the person left without any form of income is being stopped from eating ,washing, keeping warm.unable to clean their clothes , pay their rent so for that reason IMO its worth going in to the local police station and reporting whats happened and at least get a crime number if enough people did this then someone somewhere will do something to make sure it does not happen again….Get rid of the fear .stop feeling grateful for something that you /your family have already paid for its a crime…report it…

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  8. only thing I can think of the of is the CAB, they may have sent you a letter telling you they were stopping it, but often these things don’t turn up. Oh how horrendous, I’m sure though if you need care there would be someone who will help you from the CAB.


  9. Jayne

    I have just sent this twitlonger

    @Mylegalforum @newapproach_UK @TenPercent @crazybladeuk

    I am being informed by Jenny Clarke that those who make a new claim for PIP are having there ESA stopped without warning, she knows of at least 37 people this has happened too and the first they find out is when using there bank card in the wall.

    Jenny made a complaint about this to DWP back in April but it appears to still be happening and there must be an inherent fault in DWP systems for this to be happening and whilst she tells me DWP are quick to put this right on a case by case basis the fact is it should not be happening in the first place and DWP must take measure to check that there ESA Payments are not being stopped.

    I have a feeling this is another tactic DWP are using to reduce the ESA Budget and do think the Works and Pensions Select Committee should be made aware.

    Jayne Linney has touched on this too in her blog

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  10. I tend to go ape if they stop my payments, they didn’t pay me once in 2011 they authorised the same day payment. If the same happens next month when I change from DLA to PIP they are in for a four letter tirade that would make Roy “Chubby” Brown look like a family comedian. They won’t know that many offensive words existed by the time I am finished with them.

    If people are finding there is a fault within the DWP system and their ESA is stopped I would be inclined to say to them tell the DWP you want financial compensation for their errors.

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  11. This has happened to me. My ESA payment stopped just after making the PIP1 phone call in June. Upon ringing the gestapo to find out why my ESA hadn’t gone in as usual they informed my carer that it was a glitch on their system that seems to stop an ESA payment from going through as usual and they are relying on claimants to ring them and inform them of this. Payment went in 3 days later. They know this yet it’s still happening. The DWP really do ‘ignore people to death’. Morons !


  12. Any formal cessation of benefits, for whatever reason, must be notified to you in writing and the DWP must make you are aware of your rights to appeal. This is regardless of whether a claimant is in the Support Group, WRAG or Assessment Phase. A suspension pending the supply of information is different but again the DWP must let you know.

    A DLA/PIP review or application can trigger a review but you must be notified in writing of reasons why any ESA entitlement decision has been revised or superseded.

    You should complain and ask for your benefit to be reinstated with immediate effect or at least told of the reasons why the payment has stopped, it may just be a processing error. If you have no money the local council may be able to authorise an Emergency Welfare Payment and agencies may be able to help with Food bank vouchers and possibly top up on gas and electric pre-payment cards/keys. (these schemes very locally)

    I am hearing of far too many ‘decisions’ being made by the DWP which are not being notified to the claimant in writing. It’s not on and it’s not acceptable. I am beginning to wonder whether this is becoming a more widespread practice; it certainly shouldn’t be.

    Seek advice and get a letter in to them as soon as practically possible. An advice agency will have a link to the ‘Vulnerable Customer Lead’ at the local DWP office. Get the evidence chain in writing! If speaking to them on the phone, get it all backed up.

    I’ve not heard of problems accessing phones but know of stories that the DWP are denying disabled claimants access to toilets on DWP premises even in cases where the claimant has had to attend for several hours.

    Hope this helps & hope they sort this out. I’d encourage more people to use the complaints procedure as well as requesting reviews/reconsiderations it is important to highlight failure within the system.



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  13. jaynel62. I messaged Su24nna the admin manager on the fightback4justice forum ( and informed her of this when it happened. She informed me that she too had heard of this happening to others. Maybe if you messaged her you could get more a better idea of the numbers of people this has happened to ?

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  14. Just been reading Nick’s reference to the Vulnerable Customer Lead at the local DWP office. That’s helpful info for me to pass onto the food bank. Mark, whom I wrote about yesterday has had similar problems with JSA. He found the Welfare Rights Service, which is based at the local council, pretty supportive through a terrible time. But I know not all councils (in reality, it’s probably a dwindling number) will offer this. Finding an advocate – from council welfare rights, or a volunteer, or from the CAB – to help navigate the maze is key. That person can also help Julie and others this is happening to by making sure a complaint goes in, and that there is a written record to fall back on. As Nick so crucially says – get the evidence chain in writing.

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