URGENT for ALL DLA recipients awaiting PIP

URGENT Information to ALL DLA recipients awaiting PIP


Back in March I received a notice from DWP, informing me of two thing:

  • I needed to claim PIP
  • My DLA award (ending this month) would continue until PIP assessment was complete

I duly completed and returned my PIP form; today I phoned DWP DLA section, requesting how to  manage the imminent renewal of blue badge/bus pass & car tax given the above; further I received a letter yesterday from the DWP office dealing with my Carer’s allowance informing this award was also ending at the end of August.

I was pleasantly surprised to be informed that due to the delays with PIP my DLA had automatically been extended for a YEAR – to Aug 2015 (subject of course to a possible PIP assessment in this time).

This is great news, but here is further evidence the DWP is not only failing claimants, but is in fact creating further chaos, with one section making decisions and failing to inform colleagues!  If I hadn’t have phoned I would not have known of this decision which, could have left me housebound and destitute;

They are now sending a letter with this decision not only allowing me to renew my mobility support with their supposed partners, but will also demonstrate to other DWP employees, I’m still entitled to Carers.

I strongly urge anyone in a similar situation to call DWP today and GOOD LUCK;

21 thoughts on “URGENT for ALL DLA recipients awaiting PIP

  1. I got 10 years enhanced on both on an assessment that lasted 40 minutes and four days to make a decision on, a total of two months from sending in the PIP2 to recceiving the decision letter. I even swore at the HP a couple of times the second time she ended the assessment closed the door and basically told my daughter I would get enhanced rate on both.

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  2. Maybe, just maybe a slight sniff of a tory vote from a party that’s running scared of being found out for what they and the DWP really are…………………………………………………………(Please feel free to fill accordingly, Maximum of 1,000 pages please)

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  3. My DLA was up on the 23rd of June I was sent a DLA renewal form but my claim reached Blackpool 6 days late and was informed by letter that I was not entitled to claim DLA and my form had been sent to Atos to be treated as a new claim for PIP. I contacted them and apparently a decision maker had decided this would be the case due to the lateness of my form! Despite trying to ring a permanently busy line at one of their call centres I’ve heard nothing, zilch nada and it’s really really frustrating. No car, no money to pay for my ‘spare’ bedroom, I’ve cut down on food and I’m exhausted just trying to manage the basics. I don’t think the right hand knows what the left hand is doing at the DWP they are making it up as they go along and many of is are caught in the crossfire. I’m glad that you have had an extension but I wouldn’t hold my breath that everyone will!


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