The conscious act

A view I personally share…although with the behaviour of the Powers today I understand the Fear this generates also.

Excellent post Juli; Thanks lovely for speaking so eloquently for me (again) xxx


A plea; a call to heed a wish
when needed
an assisted death
to ease; to hasten in
the last breath out
the fear and doubt
hysteria and moral shouts
to pit strong will against Free Will
as though the Law itself
bequeathed a killing field
of State or Person
rather than the conscious act
of mocking and abusing it
before or after the fact.

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2 thoughts on “The conscious act

  1. Thank you, Jayne. Yes, I, too, understand the fear that this regime is generating but, like you, my wish for a good, sound law to enable assisted dying, looks beyond this administration and is based solely on the principle of Free Will. It most certainly is not because I am not afraid of this particular government! I am. To the extent that I’m anxious about every policy and law they put their grubby hands on. If I didn’t have hope for their demise next year, perhaps I might have written differently – or even, not at all! Or perhaps I’d even want the earliest assisted death possible, if I thought we were stuck with these bastards for the foreseeable! Albeit that’s tongue in cheek hyperbole but it is also a measure of how much this lot really frightens me.. However, my fear does not diminish my wish for the right to ask for assistance to die, should I ever be unfortunate enough to need it. xXx


    • Just to add – it is important to remember that this is not a law of compulsion and an individual would have to be able to make the request him/herself and prove they are capable of understanding the request they have made.


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