My letter to the Speaker of the House of Commons on the Universal Credit lies

As if you need any other reasons to Sign for MPs to tell the TRUTH –

#NOWPetition #ImpeachDWP

If WE don’t hold them to account No One Will!

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Yet again UK government ministers, having painted themselves into a corner, have tried to manoeuvre out of trouble by misleading other MPs and the general public.

Readers of this blog – and its writer – were disgusted (although not surprised) to hear Iain Duncan Smith protesting innocence on behalf of his absent employment minister, Esther McVey, in a statement and short debate on Universal Credit in the House of Commons yesterday (July 9).

We have all endured too much of this. It is time honesty – or at least, more of it than is currently evident – returned to the corridors of power.

With this in mind – in hope more than expectation – I have written to John Bercow, Speaker of the House of Commons, to request action. He chairs debates; it seems likely that he should be the one who puts and end to dishonest practices. The letter runs…

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6 thoughts on “My letter to the Speaker of the House of Commons on the Universal Credit lies

      • I do what I can Jayne , I recognise that it is not enough.
        I hope that you do not interpret my next phrase as sexist , religious or ” me macho man”

        I have a burning desire to help & assist those ,who cannot or do not know how to help themselves on the internet . I am not a saviour of any religious belief or concept except humanity.


      • I am delighted that we both serve some common purpose . I do sometimes feel that I am alone wandering in a desert without any realty of humanity. It’s not Jesus whom I am looking for to feed me. I am looking for someone to feed those who are unable to sustain themselves. I do hope I am not judged to be a criminal for having such radical thoughts in regard to humanity within the UK & Wales.
        Thanks jaynel62 .


  1. It is rumoured that at the beginning of next week GIDS head will roll as they try to sneak through a bill, Welcome 1 and oppose the other they need to be held accountable on both fronts!


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