Imagine – IDS On The Couch; his Anger and Lies

Two separate issues this week have apparently left IDS & co ‘Furious‘ and ‘incandescent‘ and rather then cover what has been brilliantly summarised by Nick at I suggest you visit the site.

The events leading to these outbursts also left me outraged and in my capacity as a qualified Counsellor, I decided to attempt a cathartic exercise and consider  just what would happen if IDS was a client.


Case Notes – Client IDS/07/07/14  Session – 1.

IDS is experiencing  frequent and severe Anger episodes; his job causes him to justify himself and respond to questions,  it is on these occasions he experiences these outbursts. (Video evidence is plentiful). He is responsible for managing vital projects with major outcomes for the recipients, and he believes those affected require punishment rather than reward to engage

I am concerned on several levels:

– the frequency of  the episodes are putting his physical health at risk – Dr Elizabeth Mostofsky, from Harvard School of Public Health, “Although the risk of experiencing an acute cardiovascular event with any single outburst of anger is relatively low, the risk can accumulate for people with frequent episodes of anger“.

– it is damaging his professional relationships; the anger results in him making statements that cannot be quantified (in deed there is evidence many of these statements are false). He displays a tendency to enter into Rationalization  and character assassination when challenged. (Is he a Bully?)

– the manner he delivers  these statements is further harming relationships with colleagues,  (he is prone to sarcasm and appears to suffer from denial when challenging with facts)

When probed IDS appears to believe what he says (supporting the early suggestion of denial) he refuses to accept all evidence to the contrary outright (the anger manifests immediately). He maintains people affected  by his work are at fault for requiring his services and is determined to penalise them into submission. (this ‘belief’ suggests attributional anger)

Conclusion – Given his position (and video evidence) I wonder if IDS is a Narcissist, (although currently incapable of  empathy); his persistent denial of facts and subsequent distortion of truth (supported by the well documented ‘creation” of his cv) raises the question of him being a pathological liar ?

IDS displays 5 of the 8 characteristics of  Antisocial Personality Disorder:

  • Unstable interpersonal relationships.
  • Disregard for the consequences of their behaviour.
  • A failure to learn from experience.
  • Egocentricity.
  • A disregard for the feelings of others.

which leads me to the opinion – Referral to Psychiatry as a matter of urgency.


If this post resonates with you – Join the TRUTH Campaign Today – #NOWPetition #ImpeachDWP



28 thoughts on “Imagine – IDS On The Couch; his Anger and Lies

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. Although I have no counselling experience, just from looking at his face, studying his behaviour and listening to his accusations of it “never being his fault”, as well as his God complex, has had me referring to him as having a NPD for over 3 years now.
    The man’s anger and his belief in himself is going to be the undoing of him, he believes that he is God or a disciple of his, and yet we are questioning him. We are daring to criticize him and this leads to more anger and more stress.
    There is only so much stress and anger that a person can bare, and he’s really starting to reach a high point in this. He’ll explode soon the way he is going on, and the sad thing about it? No-one will care. They’ll say they do, but they too will be like him, lying.

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  2. Wonderful article. IDS having may might give him a small insight into the mental and emotional pain he has put a lot of people through. Though if he is a psychopath (in my opinion), then it probably won’t


  3. It is so very hard to believe that any government minister of any political complexion could be as evasive and dishonest as IDS and get away with it. I have never seen the like. It is incredible. I really cannot understand it.


  4. Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    Jayne uses her skills as a counsellor to diagnose IDS as suffering from acute anger. He also appears to be a narcissist, pathological liar and with some of the symptoms of Anti-Social Personality Disorder.
    I defer to her medical expertise. I would say, however, that anger is one of the seven deadly sins, as is pride. For the good of his soul, I therefore prescribe frequent chastisement. He may not like it, but everyone else will.

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  6. Great article! I have been questioning ID-S’s personality and /or emotional/mental health for about 3 years. At first people thought I was over-egging my case. I even wrote to my MP to express my concern that ID-S is perhaps unfit for his job.More and more people are now becoming convinced that ID-S IS unstable, even Georgey-Porgey Osborne said of ID-S’s reforms “There is something wrong in the mind of the person responsible…”

    Given that there now seems to be wide-spread concern, how can pressure be put on the government to investigate whether ID-S is fit for work?


  7. Great blog post Jayne. IDS is undoubtedly in possession of some kind of personality disorder and when it is challenged is when he feels most under threat. When Salma Yaqoob tore into IDS on Questiontime recently I believe she achieved for a moment a real psychological dilemma in him.

    `Cognitive dissonance is a psychological phenomenon which refers to the discomfort felt at a discrepancy between what you already know or believe, and new information or interpretation’.

    This is the reason I place so much importance on CD for the activist. Salma Yaqoob was probably the first person allowed to challenge IDS’s behaviour and war on the poor to his face. It likely challenged his warped narcissistic view that he is a Christian person acting with Christian values.

    For a second the shock on his face was palpable. I’m sure he immediately rallied his defences, blamed her vitriol on her being a Moslem extremist female or some such guff, but the important thing is, she created a chink in the armour.

    I once got pushed out of a lift by the security people of an ex-Tory Minister. I was on the way to my office at the time at a well-known newspaper publishers – I didn’t do anything, I was just obviously deemed too common to spend even a short time with him in a confined space!

    Politicians, like pop stars and actors, live a life protected and cushioned from the realities of the everyday. They are surrounded by groupies and security who reinforce their ego-beliefs, which in turn allow them to believe they have a God-given right to abuse and misuse. That’s why your fight for the truth remains so important. IDS and the Tories can only fight the truth with more lies and the more that’s exposed, the more they are exposed for the wider British public to see.

    Thanks for caring enough to keep fighting. 🙂


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