Why is the Government Arguing for British Values?

I’ve already reblogged a gay mentalist’s excellent post “There are no such things as British values” this morning but feel so strongly about the Government’s Rationale behind this push for ‘British Values’,  here I want to add discuss the purpose. I find it amusing that the PM David Cameron has deigned these values to be “belief in freedom, tolerance of others, accepting personal and social responsibility, respecting and upholding the rule of law“, as I consider these to be in the main, the very ideals Government Policies are removing from the majority of the British public.

Definitions of Freedom include:

personal liberty, as from slavery, bondage, serfdom; It has been argued on numerous occasions that WorkFare, where people receiving benefits are forced into unpaid work or lose their social security is in direct conflict to personal liberty.

Tolerance of others for me refers to challenge of inequality and the ‘isms’ and enforcement of The Equality Act (2010); The irony of this is the Governments Austerity Measures have witnessed as rise in racism, sexism, domestic violence,  ill health of disabled people, homophobia, and poverty; all which indicate a growth in intolerance of others, as does the Governments own rhetoric on the adverse effects of immigration.

Personal and social responsibility appears to refer to an unwritten obligation we are all supposed to adhere to; as we ostensibly choose our own actions we are therefore responsible for the outcomes,  and that we all have a duty to act for the benefit of society as a whole. If this is the case, the actions of the Government which continue to ensure the 1% wealthiest members of the UK, prosper at the expense of the majority, clearly do not comply with this ‘value.

respecting and upholding the rule of law – The ‘rule of law  is a system of rules and rights that enables fair and functioning societies; Government Polices have seen reductions of workers rights, of right to appeal against deportation, and access of right to justice as examples.

The above are merely examples of precisely how the Government’s behaviour demonstrates its commitment to so called ‘British Values’ and given this, I contest the ideology behind this campaign is another attempt at Social Control. It is well documented where a society shares values, they quickly become the ‘norms’, the acceptable ways of behaviour; thus the adoption of these British values allows Government to behave in a manner that suits the rulers.

I do find it ironic that Cameron has ‘attached’ this campaign to the 800 year anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta.  This was after all the baronial uprising against the reigning king; is he really suggesting the Elite overthrow the  Monarchy or, and more likely in my opinion, reasserting that those not of such high birth are not worth of Right at all?


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25 thoughts on “Why is the Government Arguing for British Values?

  1. Like yourself, I think the ilk who are saying all this stuff about “British values” are saying it as a means of saying there are some more worthy of being supposedly “equal” than others. That was something I tried to get across in my post. And I do believe that many others also feel this is an important subject, it has certainly sent the viewing figures for the blog very high today, the highest on record, and higher than some months, in one day!

    I do think it goes to the heart of their ilk’s deception. The deception of being “civilised”, being “fair”, being “humanitarian” etc…. they make good soundbites, and many fools will believe them. Clearly not all however!

    All the best, and will share now


  2. I think we need to differentiate between “British Values”, which are in fact mainly those Shiney Dave listed, but they are OUR values, not those of the ConDems , upper class and assorted aristos, who fought tooth & nail against our freedoms and social security, welfare state, etc. It’s just another piece of “1984” speak, when the condems try & champion this. It’s classic nudge unit to make it look like these slime bags and new-eugenicists are associated with our triumphs AGANST them & their class!


  3. Reblogged this on Vox Political and commented:
    Why do you support anyone’s argument? It’s because you agree with what they’re saying and the thinking behind it – right? A lot of modern politics is about getting you to agree with what they’re saying, without considering whether any of their thinking actually tallies with their claims. Look at this article – Jayne is saying that David Cameron is pushing on us the exact opposite of the values he claims to exalt. She’s right; he’s a liar and the public will be fools to believe a word he says.


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  7. According to the latest (12-13 June 2014) YouGov/Sunday Times Survey Results, 79 per cent of those surveyed think schools should try to instil “British values” in pupils (91% Con, 97% UKIP), with 70 per cent supporting the proposition that there are distinct British values that schools can uphold and teach to pupils (86% Con, 94% UKIP). It is evident that the Tories are accentuating this issue (partly in response to events in Birmingham schools) to curry favour with their own supporters and UKIP supporters. It is not that they believe any of this nonsense but that they believe their existing and former supporters do.


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