Unfair Policies, a result of Government denying the Truth? #ImpeachDWP #NOWPetition

Two very different articles in my inbox this morning,  epitomise the way Government purposefully Selects what information to use and,or misuse at will; this (mis)management of data hides the Truth and unfortunately appears to underpin the current behaviour of some MPs.

At a recent Scrutiny meeting of the Public Accounts Committee,  the Head of the Major Projects Authority (MPA), John Manzoni confirmed the  ‘reset’ Universal Credit Project budget is still un agreed, this was one of several revealing disclosures about UC; Manzoni, in the final minutes of the hearing stated “I am not actually sure that DWP has set out Universal Credit budget at the moment“. This statement is alarming, particularly as it comes  four month after The Minister for DWP Iain Duncan Smith. informed the Work & Pension Select “We understand that DWP has now submitted the Universal Credit Strategic Outline Business Case to the Treasury for approval and expects to receive a final response in mid-April“.

This is yet another situation where a Minister of State appears to make claims, without any underpinning knowledge of the facts.  For the people the reality will presumably be, another few Billion pounds of our taxes being wasted on this ill thought, untenable project; and thousands of jobless, or part-time ‘customers’ of the DWP,  continually forced to comply with the ill conceived demands of the seemingly unworkable UC project.

The second article is a life story of 27 year old David, who since losing his job in February 2013 has experienced what can only be called, a catalogue of errors from the current Government favourite, the multi-agency approach.  In David’s case agencies seem to have included DWP,  Justice system, Probation, Housing Depts,  out of which came a situation described by David as “ if you went 24 hours without food you will shoplift“.

David’s story is well documented by the author Ann McGauran, and I urge you to read it; In her conclusion Ann says “The government is still arguing that there is no link between welfare reforms and the use of food banks.  Is it equally convinced that benefits sanctions don’t lead directly to desperate people shoplifting to feed themselves?

This is a question I’ve asked before and appears to be paradoxical to the behaviour noted above; these actions have Government denying an abundance of statistical and other evidence, despite it coming from multiple sources, including members of the Scottish ParliamentTrussell Trust, the Government led Defra and, perhaps most interestingly  Kent County Council, which was later suppressed.  These examples along with many others demonstrate  direct links between Welfare Reform & Foodbanks.

Denial of selected evidence, combined with a persistent misuse of other information, results in uniformed Policies, Projects, Reforms and Acts, with both participants and recipients experiencing what can be deemed as unfair and unjustified treatment by their elected Government.

It is for these reasons we have launched our Campaign for the Truth which challengesGovernment denial and misuse of information.

The Campaign  is currently at stage three, and includes a petition demanding it is time Government STOPS The SPIN and accepts the recommendations of the third report from the Works & Pensions Select.

This is NOT the End of the War merely the battle for the moment #NOWPetition #ImpeachDWP