One Rule for UKIP and Another for the Rest of Us!

Arriving home from my mums the first email waiting for me was “Ukip: Arrest people who call us fascists“; in truth I wasn’t sure if this was a satirical piece but NO – it was a serious post by Adam Bienkov in, reporting on a letter from three UKIP MEP candidates, who are formally asking “the chief constable to arrest any protestors who call our supporters ‘fascistsand accusing groups such as Unite Against Fascism and Hope not Hate of “deliberately targeting Ukip, its supporters and elected officials to deliberately intimidate and stop democracy.”! 

I’ll leave it to you to have a look at the organisations named above and decide if UKIP are correct in this charge; I certainly don’t and here’s why, Oxford Dictionaries define fascism as having “intolerant views or practices”; I consider tweeting to a man born in Dudley he should “emigrate to a “black country” an intolerant view, as I believe is “#ThingsAsianBoysDo groom and rape underage white girls, stab and rob innocent old white people, bomb innocent white people #EctEctEct [sic]”? How about Rape becoming tolerated as a practice, or Homosexuality as “not being a lifestyle worthy of valid equal respect” as Roger Helmer believes? These examples as merely the tip of the iceberg as far as intolerant attitudes go.

Further a definition from dictionary describes fascism as “any ideology, movement, programme, tendency, etc, that may be characterized as right-wing, chauvinist, authoritarian, etc“;  does “Repeal the Human Rights Act” / abolition of Workers Rights, feel authoritarian, or how about making everyone – irrespective of income pay the same tax rate, ? Again these are a small sample of the ideals of UKIP.

 Finally from me. check out the irony of UKIP’s Safeguards against Crime Policy which states  – Free the police force from the straitjacket of political correctness and ‘targets’; it seems they don’t want the Police helping people being ‘targeted’,  unless of course it’s THEM.

I’m off for a shower – feeling filthy having viewed the above  links, but take a look at Vox Political’s latest piece if you want more convincing

28 thoughts on “One Rule for UKIP and Another for the Rest of Us!

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  2. Really good blog. This makes my blood boil and thanks for bringing it to attention. The Irony is that UKIP is attempting to use hate crime laws, meant to protect vulnerable minorities like the disabled and gay, to protect themselves from being challenged about their insidious hate agenda!

    More disturbingly this is an attempt by Janice Atkinson, UKIP MEP candidate for Kent, to curb free speech and debate, a cornerstone of any true democracy. I looked at the original document here

    Usefully her twitter addy is at the bottom. 😉


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  4. Ukip might not enjoy the consequences should a prosecution actually take place. For the defendant would undoubtedly take the opportunity to examine, in court, they details of the party’s policies.

    Indeed they may have to shell out a rather large sum in compensation, for there is unlikely to be a conviction.


  5. Update. Gosh if only we all had the energy of Janice Atkinson (nee Small) UKIP MEP candidate for Kent. Not only has the ex-Tory UKIP MEP candidate been calling for the police to arrest UKIP dissenters, she is also likely responsible for UKIP’s famed disappearing Welfare Policy
    Useful short biog here:

    This “Ordinary Woman” until 2012 wrote a hate-blog for Tory Toilet Paper rag the Daily Mail and co-runs an anti-feminist women’s think tank. I kid you not.

    She disappeared off Twitter earlier saying it was too “toxic”!! If you don’t like the heat, stop causing fires I reckon!


  6. Squaring the Circle
    First they came for the Disabled, I did not speak out – because I was not Disabled .
    Then they came for the Socialists , I did not speak out — because I was not a Socialist.
    Then they came for the Muslims , I did not speak out — because I was not a Muslim.
    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out– Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out– Because I was not a Jew.
    Then they came for unemployed Welsh , I did not speak out – because I am not unemployed or Welsh .
    Then they came for me–and there was no one left to speak for me.
    Copyright VM Hunt 2014.


  7. Reblogged this on vicmart009 and commented:
    A fascist is a fascist even with a boyish grin or smirk! All have one charismatic leader who makes all the decisions and decides upon it’s leadership members. UKIP is a Fascist Party supported by Charles Windsor the next appointed monarch and leader of the Church of England and shall be the largest land owner in the United Kingdom. His created public image is as a warm paternalistic grandfather. Harry knows different though.


  8. Ukip make me sick – and I honestly believe that they are racist and are hiding behind colours and different faiths, for now…


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  10. Tide of purple filth

    UKIP are a laughing-stock, the butt of all our jokes
    Whether blaming gays for flooding, or European folks
    For bringing skills and culture to Britain’s drizzly clime,
    Farage sends a barrage of abuse – ‘cos “foreigners cause crime”.
    Regardless of statistics, science or commonplace
    Sense, their leaflet goes on, till purple in the face
    It runs out of insults and expletives. Explodes in a rant,
    A putrid purple shower of racism and cant.
    Nick, the con-man, not the common man, fiddling Brussels’ expenses,
    A millionaire stockbroker, with views I find offensive,
    And the cheek to claim that he’s anti-establishment.
    Sometimes I wish he’d met his end in that plane accident.
    No – that’s too harsh – just let his neurons be rearranged
    To make him less xenophobic, bigoted and deranged.
    We need to counter UKIP’s propaganda and deceit.
    You see, their policies are designed specifically to cheat
    Us of our hard-earned cash, rip up human rights,
    Privatise the NHS, rob us of the power to fight
    Back against austerity – stop this tide of cuts
    That’s swamping public services, threatening to shut
    Our libraries and schools, turned into academies.
    Tired teens trundle through education factories.
    They don’t want us to think, just give UKIP a big cross,
    Vote racist, angry, malevolent – do the bidding of the boss.
    The working class need to find a common cause
    To unite us, across disparate cultures. Otherwise, it is our loss.
    Build a new party, to give us all a victory
    Something to cheer about, not racists and their bigotry.

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