An ex Civil Servant’s Take on Owen Jones’ “The north-south divide is a myth – and a distraction!”

Totally agree with this excellent analysis It would be difficult to imagine anyone would disagree with this….but lets not forget how many of us, ‘victims’ of the Coalition’s demolition of Social Security do struggle to exist in the South.

The ramblings of a former DWP Civil Servant ...

I rarely have sufficient time to read all the interesting pieces on The Guardian Comment is free website. I do not have to go to the site to know I am missing so much. People in my Twitter timeline regularly Tweet links to interesting articles, along with material of similar quality on other sites.

I have today, at Owen Jones’ urging on Twitter, taken time to look at his piece entitled, “The north-south divide is a myth – and a distraction”. Where I sometimes take issue with such pieces is the lack of solid evidence used to back up an individual’s assertions. Comment may be free, but facts are so sacred that it often seems that they must be kept hidden, well away from public gaze.

I rarely bother to read Simon Jenkins’ fact free pieces for that reason. Mr Jenkins makes a virtue of his ignorance about a…

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