Thief stole trolley-load of shopping after his dole was stopped

Lots of Regional FOIS due I think???


> DWP – getting you off benefits and into a career in crime…

A thief snatched a trolley-load of goods from a South Tyneside store because his dole had been stopped, he said.

Thomas Hay was spotted by a store detective putting £131 of goods into a trolley and leaving Morrisons in Jarrow on January 21 without paying.

The 30-year-old was detained by security staff outside, and the goods were recovered.

Paul Anderson, prosecuting, said: “The defendant was seen putting items in a trolley and went past all points of payment. He was detained outside.

“He was arrested and, when interviewed by police, said he did it because his dole had been stopped.”

Michelle Stonley, defending, said: “He was going to sell the items to pay for rent and food.”

Hay, of Perth Road, Sunderland, was given a 12-month conditional discharge.

He was also ordered to pay a…

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2 thoughts on “Thief stole trolley-load of shopping after his dole was stopped

  1. Considering all the reports that the supermarkets throw a huge amount away, I don’t see why in cases like this where the person is obviously desperate they can’t allow them at least part of what they took. Lots of it’s going to waste anyway! Very sad. All the best


  2. Although I am totally against theft, I can understand how desperate a person can be 😦
    I’m with AGM – totally agree that some of the stuff could have been given to him so he could at least eat. Hunger can lead us to do desperate things.
    In the year 2014, no-one, and I mean no-one should be starving and without money to pay for the essentials like rent, water, heat, and electricity. It’s against everything that I, and many millions, believe in!


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