Labour have stolen my Right to Vote

As anyone who reads my blog will know I’m a lifelong socialist, which so far in my life has meant being a Labour supporter; and like many others over the past decade this has become more difficult.

For me being a socialist means giving a damn about people – especially those that need support; and this was the case long before I became benefit dependent, so yesterday’s Commons voted on a Benefit Cap, was for me the last straw, to use an old adage.

I a LIVID, I feel betrayed and I want Labour to know it; my twitter friend @juxtaposed summed my feelings up beautifully with “Oh Labour” and specifically one line  “What’s the point of you if all you’ve got To offer is that Labour will be tougher?”;  this is exactly what I’ve been asking as many Labour MPs I can, generally to no avail.

In a nutshell, what this means to me is a lose of choice, who can I vote for next year – the Toxic Tories and The Ludicrous LibDems do not count for me any more than UKIP or any other Right wing Party but…if Labour are planning to carry on with the exploitive and discriminatory policies introduced by the Coalition, then I’m truly stuck without a  real option.

What I can do is continue to contact as many Labour MPs and give them real reasons why this is not good enough; if only in the hope that the honourable 22 – listed below, who voted against the Cap last night can use this to persuade more to join them.


Abbott, Ms Diane

Campbell, Mr Ronnie

Connarty, Michael

Durkan, Mark

Edwards, Jonathan

Galloway, George

Hopkins, Kelvin

Jackson, Glenda

Llwyd, rh Mr Elfyn

MacNeil, Mr Angus Brendan

McDonnell, Dr Alasdair

McDonnell, John

Mudie, Mr George

Riordan, Mrs Linda

Ritchie, Ms Margaret

Robertson, Angus

Skinner, Mr Dennis

Watson, Mr Tom

Weir, Mr Mike

Whiteford, Dr Eilidh

Williams, Hywel

Wishart, Pete

Wood, Mike