Poverty Journalism and the Media Patronisation of the Poor

Poverty StreetAn excellent post taking my discussion on the Media watching the poor further

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W.M. Thacheray’s The Book of Snobs (Alan Sutton 1989)

I’ve just reblogged Jaynelinney’s article criticising the media’s use of the poor as a kind of zoo, who can be patronised on camera by visits from ostensibly well-meaning celebrities and TV producers, expressing concerns about their plight. Her piece was inspired by the article, to which she links, in ‘Independent Voices’ in the Indie, about how the middle classes have been regularly traipsing into slums and working class poverty to see how the ‘other half’ live for almost 200 years now. That article mentions, amongst others, Henry Mayhew, the author of London Labour and the London Poor, and George Orwell’s classic, The Road to Wigan Pier, as well as more recent works by Polly Toynbee. Orwell comes in for something of a bashing as he undertook his journey to the heart of industrial darkness as a journo in search…

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Iain Duncan Smith interview (Sunday Politics, 9.3.14)

IDS desire to be Head of the Church….A Must Read from SMILING CARCASS


I could write quite a bit more about Iain Duncan Smith dismissal of official statistics in favour of his own; I could write a fair bit about his denial of the truth.

I’ll limit myself to the comments below, which show what a megalomaniacal nincompoop he really is.

Archbishop Vincent Nichols, the most senior Catholic in the land says Iain Duncan Smith’s reforms are punitive to the most vulnerable in the land.

Iain Duncan Smith says ‘I wish he’d called me before he made those attacks…’

He goes on to say ‘I don’t know what he thinks welfare is…’

So, maybe Iain Duncan Smith thinks HE should be deciding Catholic dogma, questions of faith and sin and not an appointed Archbishop, appointed by God’s infallible representative on earth, the Pope.

Or maybe Iain Duncan Smith thinks he should be Pope and those that do not worship him are heretics, to…

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