Labour have stolen my Right to Vote

As anyone who reads my blog will know I’m a lifelong socialist, which so far in my life has meant being a Labour supporter; and like many others over the past decade this has become more difficult.

For me being a socialist means giving a damn about people – especially those that need support; and this was the case long before I became benefit dependent, so yesterday’s Commons voted on a Benefit Cap, was for me the last straw, to use an old adage.

I a LIVID, I feel betrayed and I want Labour to know it; my twitter friend @juxtaposed summed my feelings up beautifully with “Oh Labour” and specifically one line  “What’s the point of you if all you’ve got To offer is that Labour will be tougher?”;  this is exactly what I’ve been asking as many Labour MPs I can, generally to no avail.

In a nutshell, what this means to me is a lose of choice, who can I vote for next year – the Toxic Tories and The Ludicrous LibDems do not count for me any more than UKIP or any other Right wing Party but…if Labour are planning to carry on with the exploitive and discriminatory policies introduced by the Coalition, then I’m truly stuck without a  real option.

What I can do is continue to contact as many Labour MPs and give them real reasons why this is not good enough; if only in the hope that the honourable 22 – listed below, who voted against the Cap last night can use this to persuade more to join them.


Abbott, Ms Diane

Campbell, Mr Ronnie

Connarty, Michael

Durkan, Mark

Edwards, Jonathan

Galloway, George

Hopkins, Kelvin

Jackson, Glenda

Llwyd, rh Mr Elfyn

MacNeil, Mr Angus Brendan

McDonnell, Dr Alasdair

McDonnell, John

Mudie, Mr George

Riordan, Mrs Linda

Ritchie, Ms Margaret

Robertson, Angus

Skinner, Mr Dennis

Watson, Mr Tom

Weir, Mr Mike

Whiteford, Dr Eilidh

Williams, Hywel

Wishart, Pete

Wood, Mike

Labour must turn and fight now – or give up its electoral hopes altogether

Shame we don’t have Doncaster North people to take this in BY HAND !!

Mike Sivier's blog

Struggling to make an impact: Ed Miliband must reject the Tory Party's narrative about the need for austerity and bring forward a vision for the future that really does make us 'One Nation' again, rather than hanging on David Cameron's neoliberal coat-tails, as many former Labour voters believe. Struggling to make an impact: Ed Miliband must reject the Tory Party’s narrative about the need for austerity and bring forward a vision for the future that really does make us ‘One Nation’ again, rather than hanging on David Cameron’s neoliberal coat-tails, as many former Labour voters believe.

The political debate is all about the Labour Party again today – as it has been since the Budget.

The newspapers and websites are full of advice for the party, which is now clearly seen to be struggling to gain any kind of a foothold with electors who have become disillusioned at what might best be called the Party of Very Little Opposition.

Labour “must adopt new principles” according to an alliance of thinktanks and party intellectuals who have written to The Guardian; Ed Miliband has been told “don’t play safe” with the party’s manifesto according to an article on…

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Russia ready to annex Chelsea Football Club, Nato commander claims

Having listened to this NATOS guy on R4 this morning – this is a MUST SHARE!

Pride's Purge


Nato‘s most senior military commander said on Sunday that Russia had amassed a large force of oligarchs on the border of the City of London, and warned that Chelsea could be the Kremlin’s next target.

General Philip Breedlove, Nato’s supreme allied commander, described the substantial numbers of Russian oligarchs that have occupied the City of London as very, very sizeable and very, very ready to move into and forcefully take over any other part of the country they want.

There is absolutely sufficient force postured on the eastern border of Chelsea to move into and annexe Stamford Bridge if the decision was made to do that. That is very worrisome,” Breedlove said.

Following Russia’s annexation of Crimea last week there is deep uncertainty in NATO as to whether President Vladimir Putin will decide to expand into other areas of the world with Russian speaking majorities – such…

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Michael Moore Interviews Tony Benn – from the Documentary ‘Sicko’

It matters Not whether you loathed Been r loved him – Forget that. This post shows precisely HOW the NHS is being sold. Please READ before you judge, its a Blinder!

Beastrabban\'s Weblog

I found this clip of America’s Capped Crusader Michael Moore interviewing Tony Benn about the NHS on Youtube. It’s from Moore’s movie, Sicko, where he laid into America’s private health care system. Benn points out that it came from the experience of having no unemployment during the War. After the War, according to Benn, people began to wonder why there should be any unemployment in peace time either, when people could be employed building hospitals. Moore wonders that the NHS was built as far back as 1948, and expresses his admiration for the way the British all pulled together to build it. Benn states very clearly how popular the NHS is, to the point where even Thatcher had to say that it would be safe in the Tories’ hands. When Moore asks him what would have happened if Blair had tried to privatise it, Benn finishes for him by…

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Atos Accused of Misleading MPs to Get Government Contract

Another blogger disgusted by the Governments decision to award ATOS with yet another contract

Beastrabban\'s Weblog


Atos were in the I newspaper again yesterday following accusations by MPs that the company got the contract through deliberately misleading statements about providing access for disabled claimants in the tender document it submitted to the Department of Work and Pensions. Atos claimed that over 700 healthcare providers, including 56 NHS hospitals, had agreed to provide accommodation to claimants at the place of assessment. This would create a ‘hyper-local’ network, which would mean that no claimant would be more than an hour’s journey away from the assessment centre.

The Public Accounts Committee, however, were told that in fact Atos had contracted less than 100 hundred healthcare providers to provide claimants with the accommodation they needed. As a result, since the scheme was launched, 40 per cent of all claimants had been forced to travel for more than an hour to get to an assessment centre.

The company, naturally, claimed that…

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New Childcare Contract for ATOS – WHY

I know from the number of press articles, I’m not the only one astonished that ATOS – the now infamous IT Company with more trading arms than an octopus and renowned for both its part in the disastrous Border Agency computer meltdown in 2012 and its failure to administer the equally beleaguered Work Capability Assessments (WCA) for the DWP, have now been given the contract for delivering the Coalitions Childcare Voucher scheme. What I don’t get is WHY?

Before anyone tells me about the links between ATOS, and the extensive range of links – I’ve seen the speculation; but what I don’t understand is, given the recent scathing reports from both the public accounts committee, and the Work and Pensions Select on ATOS; WHY has the Treasury backed NS&I decided that ATOS are a suitable company to deliver anything?

I find the Government outsourcing any contract worrying enough, as it removes even more money from the UK into offshore accounts but even with that; what is particularly disturbing about ATOS with its proven inability to deliver and, is that it indicates this Government believes itself above its own scrutiny?

The whole point of having a democratically elected Government is to hold those in power to account, and within Parliament this is undertaken by Select and other Committees, these are the scrutiny groups composed of cross party membership and exist to “hold to account individual departments and the Government as a whole“. The Committees do this through undertaking 10 core tasks which include the investigation of documents and reports, and via interviewing relevant Civil Servants and Politicians; the findings are then reported to Parliament.

ATOS have featured negatively in a number of reports from Committees, and in a copious number of Early Day Motions all offering hard evidence of the company’s ineptitude, which brings me back to the question of WHY, against evidence and advice of Select Committees and despite the concerns of so many individual MPs, have they been appointed yet another contract?

To this end I’ve decided to send this to Mr Andrew Tyrie MP, chair of the Treasury Committee, who apparently “played a major role in the examination of bank bosses over the banking crisis in 2009“; maybe he’ll be able to answer why one of, if not the the most, incompetent companies fleecing the nations money via outsourcing has received yet another lucrative contract.

I’ll keep you posted, but if you fancy asking the same question – Mr Tyrie can be contacted at, but please don’t just forward this or else we’ll be accused of being vexatious!

ATOS tentacles


Juli Excels Yet Again – a Genuine MUST read – This deserves to go VIRAL;


What do we want?
When do we want it?
What are we going to
Do about it?

Just get through today
Keep the vultures at bay
Got the Man’s bills to pay

Oh, when, then?
But when, then?

“Tomorrow! Tomorrow!
And after I’ve borrowed”

“What do we want?
When do we want it?
What are we going to
Do about it?

War’s here to stay
We have battles in play
Better kneel down and pray

But when, then?
Oh, when, then?

“Tomorrow! Tomorrow!
And after the sorrow”

“What do we want?
When do we want it?
What are we going to
Do about it?

Time to obey
Still the Will
Kill the way
Shed your say
Blindly follow
The madness of men

When, then?
Oh, when, then?

“Tomorrow! Tomorrow!
And after the hollow”

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Poverty is driving people to sell their internal organs on the black market

Reblogging this post from UNEMPLOYED IN TYNE & WEAR in the hope this isn’t accurate…but – Do you know better??


> At one time I’d have maybe filed a story like this under ‘Urban Myth’… nowadays, who knows ?

Britain today – everything is for sale.

Cash-strapped Britons are lining up to sell a kidney on the black market, a Sunday Post investigation has revealed.

Advertising organs for sale is illegal in the UK and anyone caught attempting it can face a three-year jail term.

But a Sunday Post investigation found people across the country so desperate for cash they were willing to flout the law.

Our reporter posed as the brother of a woman desperately needing a transplant and placed an advert on a Facebook page specifically set up to buy and sell organs.

Within a week he had received 11 offers from desperate people worldwide willing to risk their lives to drag themselves out of poverty.

Many of the black market operations take place in India, Pakistan or…

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Most jobseeker agreements ruled unlawful – and the DWP doesn’t care

ESSENTIAL reading for all JSA/ESA-WRAG claimants – “Any jobseeker who can demonstrate that s/he has taken 3 steps a week to find work has complied with the law.” Share this widely for all our sakes


A reader of my blog has written to me with an update about a case that I referred to her for her expert help some time ago. The appeal against draconian sanctions that she helped our mutual contact to conduct was successful, with the judge ruling that the ‘conditionality’ imposed on a jobseeker was unreasonable – and that the benefit sanction (immediate stoppage) used to punish the supposed miscreant was therefore unlawful.

But the Tory-led government is so single-minded in its determination to penalise benefit claimants for failing to find jobs that don’t exist that it is knowingly ignoring the judicial ruling and the precedent it sets, in order to continue what can only rightly be called persecution of the disadvantaged and vulnerable.

Here’s what she wrote to me:

I am a keen follower of your blog and thought you may be interested in this story…
I have recently helped…

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The Unemployed and Disabled Need an Elected ‘Guardian and Protector’

Excellent Idea from Beastrabban – Do We Need An Elected Official for Unemployed and Disabled?

Beastrabban\'s Weblog


I received this interesting comment from Gay Mentalist to my post on Kenneth Mackenzie’s book on Parliament as a vital resource in this time of constitutional change, and the Coalition’s contempt for representative democracy:

Really interesting post, as you point out, there has been more of a presidential theme in British politics for some years now. I’m often struck by how sometimes people forget that a general election is a series of local elections rather than just 1 national election. Quite often you used to hear people saying “I’m voting for Blair” in the past. They weren’t generally voting for Blair, Brown, Thatcher, Major, Cameron or any of the other leaders, they were voting for a local candidate, with these tv debates, I fear that is something that is getting lost even more. If they want that style of politics then maybe we should have an elected PM? In fact…

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