Claimants Tricked Out of Benefits, Says Jobcentre Whistleblower

So yet another DWP staff member comes forward – The TRUTH will Out please Tweet/Share this

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This is another video from the Guardian’s Youtube channel. It’s an expose of how the DWP has set targets to get people thrown off Jobseekers’ Allowance. These revelations are made by a whistleblower, whose face is naturally shadowed and voice disguised. He states that there is competition between departments and offices to have the most people thrown off benefits. According to the Jobcentre employee, the staff have two option available for getting someone off benefits: either find them a job, ‘which is really difficult’, or have them thrown off benefits ‘which is really easy’. He states that the DWP deliberately targets the young, because of their lack of maturity and experience, the under-educated, and those with problems reading and writing, such as sufferers from dyslexia. They will not try to remove the tough and experienced from the benefits system.

Mike over at Vox Political has described Atos and the Coalition…

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7 thoughts on “Claimants Tricked Out of Benefits, Says Jobcentre Whistleblower

  1. and we have got another year of these bullying tories so things will only get worse unless we the people of this once great country makes a stand,lets stick together and boot them out before they put more people in poverty


  2. Great post but the topic is appalling. Reminds me of Zimbardo’s experiment of role-playing students creating a ‘prison’ (really a prisoner of war scenario for the military). They had to abandon the experiment because the ‘guards’ became too violent and vicious.


  3. The revelation that DWP are targeting young and inexperienced claimants comes as no surprise to me. My son was sanctioned after he found a job because he didn’t do enough to find work in between finding a job and starting it. He was naive enough to think he would be seen as an honest person, both wanting to and capable of finding work.

    More experienced claimants already know they are considered ‘scroungers’ who don’t want to work and the way to receive benefits is to meet DWP rules. Logging in to Job Match site 7 times fortnight is more acceptable behaviour than finding a job!!!

    Sanctions do not help people into work – they teach folks how to claim benefits.


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