Will there ever be poetic justice in this world?

This is a joint post with Chris Wayne; who like myself, as  I’ve previously disclosed  suffers from a range of illnesses, including depression and other mental health disorders; this results in our moods being erratic (at least).

And …

Some days I feel like sunshine
Some days I feel like dirt
Some days I live life to the max
Some days my head just hurts

I also have a range of physical disorders and these seriously impact on my mental health, which is summed up wonderfully…

Some days I feel I’m floating
Some days I feel I’ve crashed
Some days my mind feels very free
Some days my mind feels trapped

Add the above to the reality that as mental health sufferers, living in the UK today with an unelected Coalition Government who have decimated our Welfare State, we are very concerned that …

Services in the UK 

Are slowly being cut

But Cameron and his chums

Just don’t give a f*ck

Although they provide the public

With a vital need

They’re being sacrificed

For the government’s own greed

They give the country

A much needed stable core

They help those who struggle

Like the vulnerable and poor

So it’s no wonder we and thousands of others are feeling

Anger’s an explosive emotion

That’s the physical embodiment of wrath

If unable to be controlled

It destroys everything in its path.

Having said this, we recognise the power of such feelings and..

 if harnessed in the right way

We can use its energy

To bring positive changes to all

In this squalid society

This acknowledgement doesn’t however stop the frustration that

Yet while it’s now so obvious

How government policies have caused hurt

Most people still ignore it

And deny that it’s occurred.

This is despite the vast amount of information and hard evidence this Government is repeatedly lying, cheating and basically using this short time in Power to rob the Country and its people of all resources possible; therefore we both feel…

Though more people are becoming ‘awake

It still isn’t enough

When will people stop sleeping

and bloody well wake up

Anyone know the answer??

14 thoughts on “Will there ever be poetic justice in this world?

  1. Brilliant post, thank you for sharing on the page. You know what I think about the feral sorts by now. I believe they are in a majority in England, and I honestly don’t believe they want to wake up sadly. Sorry to post such a negative comment, but it’s genuinely what I believe as you know. All the best


      • I have to agree with you on this, have lost much of the hope I did have, especially in regard to the rest of the population. I also feel that for myself all the negativity and hatred aimed at us, what’s being done week in, week out, is having a detrimental effect on physical&mental health.Thanks for the post Jayne and Chris, this poetry really spoke to me and I’m not that keen on poetry! I think because many of us read so many blogs, news articles etc., it’s nice just to read something doen in this way.


  2. I think it’s too late for the people to wake up – they haven’t woken for years as a huge portion didn’t even vote in the last election, which enabled this un-elected coalition to sneak in the back door!
    Many thousands are awake and are crying out for help, but still so many just slumber on as they haven’t the guts to actually wake up and do something, anything!
    They call it apathy, I call it not giving a damn…
    However, I do feel that something is a coming…


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