Is this the DWP’s latest statistics fix?

Another excellent post from Mike at Vox Political on another DWP counting scam.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to monitor the vast range of statistical fixes by this unelected Government.
What do people think about setting up a central site where all of this evidence is collated; this would then allow one huge campaign – Thoughts ??

Mike Sivier's blog

According to the DWP, and dutifully repeated by the BBC, more than 3,000 people who were subjected to the government’s benefit cap have now found work.

But have they?

This statistic – and the basis on which it is worked out – seems very suspicious to us here at Vox Political. That is why this site is appealing for anyone whose benefit cap has been removed because of it to contact us with their story.

Here’s what the DWP is saying: “Over 8,000 households who had their benefits capped have since found jobs, reduced their benefit claim, or had another change of circumstance – with 40 per cent of these finding work.”

Lord Fraud – sorry, Freud… although it seems likely that he is living up to his nickname in this case – said: “It is encouraging to see that people who have been subject to the…

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