The REAL Agenda behind Benefit Fraud Campaigns – With Spending -UPDATE

In my original post on the topic I argued that given the DWP admit “It is only a small minority who commit fraud“ Freud 03/01/2014; so surely these campaigns, which given the fairly constant level of estimated fraud don’t work, seem to be a case of overkill? That is unless you take a slightly more cynical view of the whole situation – If the Government was truly concerned with fraud,  wouldn’t a different, more efficiently way of managing it, have been designed by now; and, wouldn’t we have actual statistics, rather than than over 8 years of  ’around £1 billion’  estimates??

I also discussed how much the DWP had spent on these campaigns over the past 3+ years, and how much the budget for this latest reinvention is; I’ve now received a reply to my FOI request :

Expenditure for campaigns                                       Year Campaign Total amount

2010/11 Targeting Benefit Thieves                                                     £26,118
2011/12 Targeting Benefit Thieves                                                     £82, 605
2012/13 none                                                                                      Nil
2013/14 Benefits. Are you doing the right thing?                                £188,003  (forecast only)

So from the FOI we presume in the past 3 years the coalition have spent £296,726?

Well No! The February edition of Touchbase the DWP Newsletter for ‘advisers, intermediaries and other professionals’ has this announcement “The Government has announced the launch of a single fraud investigation service (SFIS), to tackle all welfare benefit fraud…  investing an extra £140 million to deliver savings of over £2.3 billion by cutting the amount of money that is loss through fraud, error and debt”.

This is on top of the current forecast of £188,003, as the DWP was expressly clear this amount was for the “Are you doing the right thing” campaign only! Which, in REAL terms means an extra £140,000 over 18 months (Oct 16 -Mar 16)

This is a huge amount of money from a Government who persistently tell us, we as a nation are broke; so remember when you read in the press or the  internet, hear on the radio or watch on TV how this is to SAVE £1 billion ‘lost’ in the past year because other people are ‘cheating Stop & Think –  might this the is the same £1 billion that’s been lost for the past 8 years or more??

CHECK OUT the latest Data from  ‘Fit for work or fit to drop’, Over quarter of a million deaths relating to sickness benefit claims?

28 thoughts on “The REAL Agenda behind Benefit Fraud Campaigns – With Spending -UPDATE

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  2. Reblogged this on wheelsofpoliticalsteel and commented:
    Is this the right way for a Government to find benefit cheats? Does the cost justify the 1% of fraudulent claims? Most people are caught via their own greed or due to others reporting them. So is the SFIS department necessary at the cost? Anyway check out what this fine blog has to say & do the sums yourself. Thanks


  3. Some one close to me works on the Tax Credit Helpline, the frontline people we all speak to know who are committing some sort of fraud. Be it claiming they are single when the boyfriend/husband lives with them, or claim extra on childcare costs or the amount of hours worked. However, they are not allowed to action any of their concerns. Instead, they have to complete various forms which get passed to a very small team in another office, they then target the ones with the biggest amount of potential fraud as they are all on targets to reach. There is no point trying to work on 10 cases of small amounts, when one big one will do. Furthermore, the amount of ‘Compliance Officers’ has been reduced by 50%. HMRC & DWP are getting their act together, they have actually started to communicate with each other, so if you are claiming from both, you will eventually be targeted.


  4. This is money well spent from the Government’s POV, because catching ‘benefit cheats’ is only a side issue. The real reason to spend this money is to reinforce the perception people already hold about fraud being a huge problem, and in doing so further undermine support for the welfare state. This is a long term plan, and is probably what the Tories actually mean when they talking about making a long term plan for the economy.


    • We saw much the same method used when the “Disabled” were constantly the target of stories alleging most of them were fit and able.The culmination of the governments campaign against the Disabled reached its inevitable nadir when they closed down REMPLOY thus destroying the employment of thousands of seriously handicapped people in their quest to help them!
      I am used to be being ashamed of Britain as the last 16 years or so have been one long nightmare of illegal wars and bombing campaigns against anyone who sits on an oilfield and doesn’t want to sell it to the West for increasingly worthless US$, but to actually smash the employment of THOUSANDS of seriously disabled people simply to shave a few coppers off the price of an office desk is beyond despicable.


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  6. As stated above, this is money spent by the government to reinforce the public discourse that a large percentage of people on benefits are using the system fraudulently, which could not be further from the truth. However, even if the government’s intentions were genuine, why is this not backed up by a real concerned effort to eliminate tax avoidance and also help people find actual jobs, not workfare and handing them zero hours contracts.


  7. As the average Care Assistant earning minimum wage pays more in taxes on their “profits” than many household names such as Thames Water do on theirs then it follows that regardless of whatever financial acrobatics their Chief Accountant performs the end result can not be FAIR!

    I do not mean that the result is not LEGAL,slavery was once legal,so was child labour,selling opium and Rotten Borough Parliamentary elections but that did not make them FAIR nor DECENT!

    If our society is to flourish it must be governed by what is FAIR rather than just PROFITABLE! History is replete with examples of societies which have put the needs of business before fairness,profit before decency.It is not entirely coincidental that the most profit driven societies have ALL ended up in bloody revolutions with the Rich always wondering,just before their own execution,why the Poor got so excited over the last turn of the screw when they accepted all the earlier ones without complaint.

    But the real truth is always that the Rich never listened to the complaints of the Poor,not then not now.The present batch of Super Rich have enjoyed creating mass immigration ,slashing wages and conditions and buying ever longer yachts yet stridently insisting that British Workers are lazy and that the Banks,THEIR BANKS,must be supported by people who never enjoyed any of the profits simply because they claim now to have made a loss.And despite claiming to need OUR money because they claim to have made a loss THEY still insist on being paid a BONUS for creating CHAOS and making a LOSS!


  8. Reblogged on Jay’s Journal
    They know no bounds when it comes to “catching” the poor and the benefit cheats, who we all know are below 1%, yet they can’t get their act together and close the tax loopholes? Typical tory trash again!


  9. Hi Jayne, they could save a fortune if they clamped down on their own “errors” (they call claimants fraudsters, they say “oops, we made a mistake”. Hmmm, as we all know that is much much higher than any supposed claimant fraud. Even in that category i’m doubtful that some of that could be classed as fraud by a claimant at times. All the best


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