Time to Come Together?

I’m sure the majority of you are full aware of my personal Politics by now and browsing through the numerous campaigns I follow/am a member of, all without exception, are against one or more of the Policies/Reforms introduced into Law by this unelected Government; this is almost the same with my Twitter connections, blogging follows and followers & my Facebook Friends.

I follow a range of topics – Welfare, NHS, Freedom of speech, thought and action, Education, Justice, etc; and I have no idea of just how many people I’m ‘linked to’ via all these sites but it must be Thousands. Given this I couldn’t help think and do something I usually avoid – I assume many, if not most of you are in a similar place via your social media contacts; this probably means that between us all there are Millions of people campaigning on similar issues.

Any of you who comment here will know my regular way of ending my replies is – In Unity; and I am convinced if everyone of us came together under one umbrella we would be in a real position to make positive change;  not only getting rid of this Government, but replacing it with one brave enough to Act as we, the people want and need. Just for a moment, imagine the power we would have together – if every group fighting against this Government Policies and Acts worked together; that includes the millions of unemployed people, disabled people, redundant/retired ex Forces, Refugees & Asylum seekers, Older people, those against the dismantling of the NHS, those against the destruction of our Education System, people fighting for freedom of speech/Human Rights – I could go on.

I’m not suggesting the individual groups and campaigns should cease, the’re too important, but that their memberships should come together and recognise and accept the similarities – We are ALL estranged for Government and ALL striving for the same aim ultimately, a JUST & FAIR Society; ran by a democratic Government that was fully aware, we the people are scrutinising them.

This is my Dream, can WE make it a Reality?

We are all better as a group united
Then as separate groups who are divided
We’re more powerful in unity than alone
As we have combined power of all our souls

Chris Wayne – http://chriswaynepoetry.wordpress.com/2013/12/21/the-core-of-the-uk/

79 thoughts on “Time to Come Together?

  1. You can help me, Jayne, if you wouldn’t mind. I know your campaign has taken you far and it must keep you very busy, but would you please go to my page at tantalusredux.wordpress.com and copy and send the letter re the TTIP to your MEP? We share a view of politics and I know you will be more than aware of the overwhelming threat to democracy and to all individual campaigns from this Agreement. As you’ll see from the last post on my blog I don’t recommend ‘mass mail outs’ of the letter as we need to establish dialogue across the political spectrum rather than simply try and raise awareness of the public’s unwillingness to be dragged down this road. But letters to MEPS should come from their constituents or they are unlikely to be answered.

    If it’s too much to ask right now don’t worry, I understand competing demands on time!!!


  2. I’ve long wanted us all to come together to fight the common foe. Government is stronger because we are often fragmented and that is why it continues to divide and scapegoat. It is up to us to say NO to a ‘coalition agreement’ that has no mandate from the electorate – the coalition agreement was made behind closed door, by grubby politicians hell bent on serving their own ends, not the peoples or the countries.

    So, in answer to your question ‘Time to come together?’ I say YES.


  3. I fully agree with you. Many of the issues debated are already linked by common sense and the sense of right and wrong and justice that the average person in the street feels. There is not time to set up a new party.

    Can we not all throw our weight behind the established Green Party and ensure candidates to stand in each constituency and a real chance to vote a different party in who will represent the people the country and not the raping the NHS and allowing those with access to privileged information from lining their own pockets by selling off assets we already own!

    We can all campaign our issues under this wide, fair and forward thinking umbrella of the Green Party and stand a chance to make a change in the next election.


  4. Nobody voted for caMoron to be Prime Minister.
    Society trod in him,; and now it’s time for Society to collectively wipe this tory shite from its shoe.


  5. We are one and the same Jayne, and I agree with your ethos of “In Unity” and this could be the chance to set in motion some sort of group collective under that one umbrella.
    Why must we lose out on the support of a “union” just because we are either out of work, on long term sick or disability, or a member of another type of vulnerable group.
    Could we create such a Union? Would that be even possible? I’m prepared to help in any way I can.


  6. On the question of unity I think there is one thing we all should take seriously, and that is the dreadful tendency of the Left (us!) to factionalise at the drop of a hat. I do believe that the reason the Right is so very successful, despite its unpopularity, is that they can all have different points of view or differences of opinion on how to achieve their objectives but they never let them stand in the way of the objective itself. They just keep on going. Our main objective now must be to rid ourselves of this plague of locusts in government. Personally I want it to be before May 2015!! That seems far too long to wait…


  7. indeed the answer must always be yes just as it is in Egypt until the right government is in place the police will have to keep the peace
    this is never ideal but much better then a cheating government that got into power only to abuse their position

    the UK government need to be kept in check at all times and hopefully at the next election the public will reflect on the past 5 years and say themselves never again as to vote conservative again would spell the death sentence for many as we have all had to witness over the past 5 years with people slipping through the welfare reform process to their death


    • Whilst I completely agree that these Tory led scum need to be removed from power it beggars belief that many, if not most seem still to be under a seemingly naive conviction that the likely alternative, the Labour Party would be better. For forty years I’ve listened to this myth being peddled by the Trotskyite Left that, somehow, a Labour government is better than the alternative. Part of the reason we have an unelected coalition government is because people no longer believe that rubbish. The net result has been a disengagement with the political process, which, though disastrous for democracy and any notion of freedom, is a perfectly logical and rational reaction – if it makes no difference which way you vote, you still get screwed, why continue to engage? You’re going to get screwed anyway, so why reinforce that by voting?

      I’m an anarchist, and have only voted in previous elections to silence the critics who maintain that not engaging in the ‘democratic’ process is to deny my right to an opinion – voting is actually my way of thumbing my nose, and saying “There, I voted, and we got LaToLiDeb in power. Big Deal, things will stay exactly the same” More practically it, if with somewhat less principle, it avoids that inevitable stupid argument with friends who still believe that voting makes a difference.

      However, I do think that some kind of very loose and broad coalition of the Left should be formed, based around a core of values that all of us can subscribe to. This could include things like what being a citizen should entitle us to, e.g, a Citizens Income, and a universal right to a place to live, a right to comprehensive healthcare, a right to lifelong education and training and retraining based on the needs of the economy etc.

      I’m sure there would be huge variance on the detail, but this isn’t about the detail, it’s about the establishment of a broad coalition of people, which requires a ‘vision’; an imagined future. Of course, there would have to be some ball park costings provided: for instance the most likely reaction to the notion of a Citizen’s Income would be to immediately question the cost of providing that, as common sense would suggest that the cost of providing that would be huge – and that would be an accurate estimate. But, when compared with things like the cost of banker’s mistakes to tax payers are compared, would it still seem like an unattainable dream?

      Providing these kinds of comparisons is vital to grab the attention of those ordinarily not engaged, or indeed, actively put off by ‘politicos’. For most people, the very idea of being paid money as of right purely by dint of existing, which is what a Citizen’s Income actually is, is the kind of ‘absurdity’ that is only, if ever, dreamed of, and is never admitted to, avoiding the risk of being laughed at – yes, indeed the world is flat, and God created the Earth in seven days!

      What we are discussing on this thread is basically changing an epoch, disestablishing an hegemony set on course by the likes of Thatcher and Reagan all those years ago. To challenge and change that is going to take time, and a lot of education and debate. For the shorter term the Referendum on Scottish Independence is more likely to have a far greater impact than any poxy General Election in 2015. A Scotland voting for independence, (and I won’t entertain semantic arguments about the meaning of that word – words change in meaning, through time, dependent on context) would have far reaching consequences and would send shock waves through the British Establishment (and most of the Left in the UK are part of that, though they may vehemently dent it) whilst the result of the 2015 General Election will still mean we, the people, get screwed, though perhaps by a different set of abusers – ain’t choice great!

      An independent Scotland definitely won’t be a nirvana, but at the very least ordinary people will have more clout, as that is inevitable in small countries. It’s no accident that the Icelandic banks (and all Icelandic banks failed) were not bailed out by the Icelandic taxpayer. When you are a citizen of a country as small as Iceland (pop c 300,000) and half your fellow citizens live in the capital city your opinion tends to matter – and your nation’s finance minister is likely to be a relatively near neighbour and is in the phone book!


      • Ahhh – a breath of fresh air. I’m going to steal your reply and post it elsewhere. I will of course credit you. Well done.


      • I think that Scottish Independence would throw a huge lion against the pigeons rather than a cat! But, if that does succeed then Westminster will be shaken to the core, but it will give the rest of the UK that chance to change things.
        The only other way to get rid of this government, and the way that the Lib/Lab/Con parties are forever the winners is for the Queen to dissolve parliament which would then lead to people’s deputies, or suchlike. That’s as far as I am aware, but I am in complete agreement that we need a change to the way our politics are run and it’s far too long to wait until May 2015!
        There is a reason behind the police and councils calling for water cannons, and we have yet to find out what that reason is, however, we know it’s something that is going to set the people off and we know its got to be bad as the people have just sat back and taken what has happened this 3+ years.


  8. I agree wholeheartedly Jayne and have been thinking that for some time. Unfortunately, although I don’t consider myself one of the “sheep”, I don’t have the communication skills of you and so many other bloggers. I would gladly back and promote any such movement to get rid of the scum but fear that it is too late for a new party. It would not get enough of a following before the election and if the Tories get in for another term, RIP Britain completely. I’ve nothing against the Greens but I don’t know what their policies are, outwith environmental issues, and I’m certain they couldn’t muster enough support before 2015 either. I see no option but to get together as you say, back Labour for all its faults then use our combined efforts to try and remind Labour what they should stand for.


    • Joan – I agree wholehearted with you points, expressed very eloquently; & given this I have to add I think it’s a lack of confidence rather than ability to communicate 🙂 xx


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  10. I’ve long been banging on about this in various groups and many blogs. We all have at least one thing in common – get these opportunist gangsters out. However, most replies I get tend to deride the Labour party and argue for the Greens, Left Unity, or whatever! (I noted that Labour had dropped 2 points in the polls.) My argument is, if we rid ourselves of the ConDamns, we would have a better opportunity to form a cohesive left party, during Labour’s term, to challenge the neoliberal left. I genuinely feel that Labour would at least do more to slow the cancer of corporatism than the others giving us some breathing space to unite. The other issue I feel needs addressing is how we engage young people – for their own good! They are to be the next “easy” target for all sides, I fear, because they don’t vote! If they do get hit with cuts that will obviously have a major impact on families and friends. Does anyone know someone in the public eye who would take the risk like Paul O’Grady, or Rufus Hound, or Russell Brand? If we can (and hopefully do) unite, there would have to be some major, newsworthy event/person/ action that would distract young people from the X Factor! Great post, as always!


    • I wish I shared your confidence about Labour. Most seem to forget that all of the present ConDem governments policies are merely warmed up policies brought in by Labour in the thirteen years they had the opportunity to make a real difference, but chose not to.

      I do however, agree that getting ‘celebrities’ on side is hugely important, as is the role of popular culture in changing attitudes. There has been a lot of comment , (rightly so) about Channel 4’s portrayal of marginalised people, but it’s important to also remember the impact of Kathy Come Home, a drama broadcast by the BBC in the early 60s of the last century – which led to profound changes in housing policy – though it has to be said that the impact was probably magnified by the fact that there were only two TV channels available then, and the ratings ‘war’ infinitely simpler! But we do have YouTube and Vimeo, and a plethora of ways of communicating.


      • I think it could be used as part of the solution. The tools used to distract could equally be used to attract. Russell Brand, whatever people think of him, had 2 million + hits on his youtube interview with Paxo. People were suddenly interested and engaged. Paul O’Grady made a couple of remarks about ‘Benefits Street’ on the One Show and all hell broke out! I believe we should capitalise on celebrity culture to break through the apathy. Marx argued that there couldn’t be a successful revolution without a politically aware proletariat. How do we make people aware? I believe we should be using the tools that keep people ignorant. Am I wrong?


      • No I don’t think you are, my fear is if people will only rally around a ‘famous’ person – we’re doomed. We need for people to believe in each other


  11. Until the majority come together and take direct action by not working or not paying tax – nothing will change. Good luck, and if you manage it, I’m with you.


  12. Hi. I appreciate the importance of beating the Coalition, but I can’t agree that ‘unity’ is the best way to achieve that.

    The Coalition were able to enter government precisely because they were divided – with millions having given their ‘tactical vote’ to the Lib Dems under the impression this would give them a Labour government.

    Whereas the Labour Party served as a ‘united’ socialist and working-class party from 1906 to Tony Blair’s abolition of Clause 4 in the 1990s.

    The first result was that it stopped being very socialist – depending on your perspective you could justify dating this at 1914, at Ramsay MacDonald’s ‘New Socialism’ of 1926-29, with the first NHS charges (to pay for rearmament) in 1950-1, with Gaitskellism, with restrictions on trades unions in the 1960s, with the economically illiterate James Callaghan reinventing austerity in 1974 (“you can’t spend your way out of a recession”), with Kinnock acting as Thatcher’s bully in the 80s, or with Kinnock’s protege Blair – and his spiritual children Brown and Miliband to the present.

    The second was that it stopped being working-class. Or, more importantly, having any sympathy for working-class people. This process reached its total completion with Blairism and the systematic avoidance of the term ‘working-class’ in all Labour rhetoric (as an aside, nobody should have more rights or representation because they are ‘hardworking’. There’s even some evidence that being lazy can be more efficient and creative – Newton came up with universal gravitation lazing around in an orchard, and Einstein started working out relativity during long lunch breaks at the patent office). Few Labour MPs now work with, or even spend their leisure time with, working-class people (by my definition, people who are forced to define their lives by their work or the financial struggles that result from not having work).

    At almost every point that the Labour Party was electorally weak, the leadership has moved it to the right – whilst the left has moderated its opposition because of the perceived need for ‘unity’. The unions have also caved in before the idea of ‘unity’ – even when it has meant weakening themselves and workers’ rights. If ‘unity’ was ditched as a virtue on the left, and replaced by ‘diversity’ – or even by rancorous and ill-tempered debate over all possible means of destroying the coalition – we’ll have a far better shot at changing the things that concern us.

    Please don’t interpret this as an argument against organisation – it’s an argument for many more organisations, all taking action and demanding public attention for the debates and conflicts between them. If we speak with one voice, we only get heard once. If we shout with all our voices then it’s our noise that will knock down the walls.


  13. Reblogged this on Jay's Journal and commented:
    I’m all for it 🙂 Coming together as a large group has to be a good thing.
    We also have to hit this un-elected coalition in the pockets by not paying taxes, by not spending too much on other things, by refusing to pay fares on trains and buses etc.
    Another great thing to happen would be the people coming out together in peaceful demonstrations right throughout the country – the police would not be able to handle every city, town, village etc. The would be severely undermanned and the demonstrations and not paying taxes would go on for as long as it took to make this coalition collapse! Money is the way to get through to them, or lack of it coming in!


  14. Reblogged on Jay’s Journal and commented:
    I’m all for it 🙂 Coming together as a large group has to be a good thing.
    We also have to hit this un-elected coalition in the pockets by not paying taxes, by not spending too much on other things, by refusing to pay fares on trains and buses etc.
    Another great thing to happen would be the people coming out together in peaceful demonstrations right throughout the country – the police would not be able to handle every city, town, village etc. They would be severely undermanned and the demonstrations and not paying taxes would go on for as long as it took to make this coalition collapse! Money is the way to get through to them, or lack of it coming in!


  15. SORRY FOR BEING OUT OF CONTEXT but im looking for help for my friend who survived cancer but needs help she has an nine yr old child through the effects of treatment her skeleton ismalformed fused melted through nucular drugs she needs a scooter and her battery has gone shes been threatened over her sons none attendence from school . WE NEED A COMPANY TO GIVE HER A BATTERY. xx


  16. I’ve not long posted a blog saying much the same…bout 20 mins before I read your piece…totally agree, unity is the way forward, we need to organise mass events to initiate change – great blog!


  17. This is the problem – people are so focused on surviving plus the other more affluent middle class are happy with mortgages, houses, a quiet life and holidays, skiing and families to look beyond what is happening to the mass of folks. Then there is the corporate media who have been hammering on about immigrants and benefit scroungers for decades, plus throw in damning all conspiracy theories and everyone is on-message that all is well. Watch the news at 10 and go to bed. The puppet show of the left-/right paradigm is there to give us the illusion of choice and to keep us all divided and good little voting automatons. All is not well and there is a very unpleasant agenda being rolled out that is so different that most people cannot or do not have the ability to see it because of cognitive dissonance. And we are kept in the dark through the corporate media who only report on the things their corporate masters approve of.

    This is why I do believe the People’s Voice is very important even though you might not agree with all of it. It has a massive audience throughout the world and some very important speakers like Max Igan. You might like to check out his Full Circle project. He also talks about a People’s Mandate which might be very useful for you, Jayne in that the government is failing in it’s trust to the people and will be replaced if they do not alter their course.

    Please do not place any hope in the queen dissolving government as cameron is a cousin and they are all in this together. Do the research!!

    A People’s Party and a People’s Mandate brought about by the People for the People through crowd- funding!!!

    Let’s go!!!!

    Much love


  18. A few thoughts about your friends battery. There may be a way to get it cheaper but that takes time to research. Possibly the best way is to get it with a credit union loan which would have very reasonable interest rates or maybe none at all. Please don’t go to wonga or these other payday loans with 5-600% interest. By the way, the queen owns the land that wonga hq is on in London and this govt reneged on their promise to do anything about obscene interest rates.

    Good luck!!


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  20. Whole-heartedly agree with you Jayne. Many good ideas here. As a sufferer of ME I don’t have much strength to be active (do many of us!), but will help in any way I can. I do wonder, however, if there are not too many existing voices/organisations out there already with few of them making any difference.

    To the many other people who have commented about the need for a change in Government, do you really think a move away from the Tories will make any difference? Do you think a Labour government will reverse things? Or have the resources to do so? If yes, you are in cloud-cuckoo land (or perhaps bongo-bongo land). Take the so-called gagging law; I don’t hear Labour plans to repeal it and suspect that once in government they will find it a convenient law to have.

    And talking about the gagging law, anything Jayne and others set up will not legally be free to campaign after this April, although I personally would be very happy to go to court and stand up for my right to speak (although the standing up bit might be difficult!).


    • Brilliant reply, Dolly. Very sorry about the ME. Very nasty. My son is just recovering after 3 years of this with 1 year bed-bound. Fortunately we had a good dr and an excellent OT who was a great support to us both. Sadly, the CFS team in our local NHS no longer exists, just disappeared last August in the cuts. Really awful for young people now with no support and just lying on their beds. Tragic waste of lives. Regard changing the govt I agree that labour will carry on regardless. They may say differently now but we have heard it all before and once they are in it’s business as usual. The only way that hasn’t been tried is the Gandhi way of peaceful, civil disobedience with love. Julian Rose has a beautiful blog on this and Zen Gardner. The only way forward I believe is working through self awareness on meditation and learning to love yourself first and then channelling that out into the world. Cannot legislate against that!!! Check out the wonderful free event coming up on-line, the World Tapping Summit. Amazing and will help with ME. Have you tried turmeric – fantastic. Dr Mercola’s site good and GreenMedinfo.
      Much lovexxxxxx


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